"Fly On The Wall" - Some of the Greatest Song Lyrics Ever Written and a part of it Analyzed with Personal Perspective

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Few weeks ago @durzo recommended me the song Fly On The Wall by Thousand Foot Krutch from their album The End Is Where We Begin. It's one of the greatest songs ever written. I didn't say composed or sung or created. I used a very specific word: Written

Fly On The Wall is not that remarkable when it comes to music or singing. It's actually pretty mediocre in pretty much every department except for lyrics. The lyrics are other worldly and it carries the song to monumental heights. It's a lot like The Raid. The sequel had more than 4 times the budget of the original. It was such a high budget that you could actually film an average quality TV episode with it in USSA. If you are thinking Game Thrones, the $4.5 million USD budget in't sufficient for a proper battle scenes. Yest they delete the following scene because it was getting in the way of pacing.

It's because the action was so good in The Raid and the sequel that they were able to simply delete a scene this good from their movie. They were extremely good at the one thing thy did. Fly On The Wall is simply the best lyrics I've seen about the society.

Individualists, Free Thinkers, Objectivists, libertarians are going to love this

The other night
I had a dream
It was a world full of kings and queens
But it was cold
Dark as the night
We were the fire on the moonlit skies

The term "kings and queens" means that there were no slaves. Each person a king/queen means each person was a sovereign individual. World was cold and dark and that's just not a problem. These individuals ("kings and queens") were their own fire. They lit up their own world. They made both the cold and darkness disappear with their own being.

We weren't divided
We were the same
And we were free
But we all wore chains
We couldn't see it
But we created
A place between truth and overrated

This part is the the most open to interpretation part for me. So I'm not going to drop much definitive remarks on this part. The place between truth and overrated is pretty much just anything that is overrated. Take democracy for an example. Take government protection, take laws & regulations or baseless trust in institutions................ basically any dream somebody is goin to sell you in return of something from you. Whether its communism, fascism, ponzi scheme, Bitconnect, some worthless product or even some worthless crypto project; they all sell you an overrated dream.

6 moths ago I wrote about Bitconnect: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@vimukthi/trevon-james-vs-vitalik-buterin-in-depth-analysis-commentary-on-bitconnect Some ignorant punks like @godcomplex who disappeard few months ago kept telling me how wrong I was. Here is a real comment I received:

Bitconnect is an unregulated exchange and a virtual bank. Watch the video, there are real people from poor countries getting rich. Why is this something bad? We will have to wait and see what happens.
BTC-E is like Bitconnect but BTC-E was shut down because it was centralized while Bitconnect is less centralized.

In case you are curious about Bangkok, allow me to present you these Gems

When people's lives get destroyed, it's not really the lies that get them. It's these overrated pipe dreams fueled b ignorance that lead them to terrible predicaments. The Matrix isn't that far removed from reality. After all the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Giving up freedom in the name of security builds a world that is stuck between the truths and reality that can be dark and cold. At the end people end up with neither the truth or their overrated Utopian delusions.

If I could just see it all
Just like a fly on the wall
Would I be able to accept what I can't control?
And would I share what I saw?
Or just sit back and ignore
Like nothing never happened
I haven't seen you before?

The song itself is like a retrospective monologue that looks back in the society. We have a person sitting on the fence seeing both sides; a person with a view that goes beyond some dualistic view of one or the other. A person that is out of this duality, a person who has transcended these two sides of the argument is the one who can see things for what they are. In a political world think about those people who understand both the Left and the Right very well. People who can see both sides are Libertarian/ Anarchist types who truly understand things for what they are. And those that see face a problem: What are they going to do with it?

That is the question for the "Fly On The Wall". You can't control the ignorance of the masses. There is a saying that a man could take 100 horses to the river but 100 men can't make a single horse drink that water. Ignorance is self-sustained. You can't change people's understanding of the world. You can only do 2 things.

You can share your wisdom

That's what great intellectual/spiritual leaders did. Here is one exemplary person; Jiddu Krinamurthi: https://steemit.com/quote/@vimukthi/10-philosophical-and-spiritual-life-lessons-from-jiddu-krishnamurti-my-own-commentary-and-personal-insights-regarding-them There have been many such people in many different areas and there will always be such people. Hideo Kojima shared his thoughts through video games: https://steemit.com/gaming/@vimukthi/the-genius-and-the-prophecies-of-hideo-kojima-and-metal-gear-the-works-of-project-itoh-must-see-video-collection here were other people like Ludwig von Misess, Arthur C. Clerk, Gregg Braden, Ayn Rand and countless spiritual leaders from all sorts of backgrounds. Mae Chee Kaew is one great recent example: https://steemit.com/buddhism/@vimukthi/10-lessons-from-the-spiritual-journey-of-mae-chee-kaew-and-the-inspiring-story-of-life

Obviously this sharing part won't get you the best of responses. Jesus for an example was crucified and his message was institutionalized and commodified. Tesla faced the worst levels of opposition. People were killed for being too politically incorrect or worshiping the wrong god or saying that the Earth wasn't flat and that the Sun was the Center of our solar system. These kind of no good deed goes unpunished type of responses and nobody bothering to care about the real truths rather than overrated delusions drive some people to pick the second option.

Sit back and Ignore

Some people just deny the truth. Some people just go to the NEO meets Morpheus part and pick the Blue Pill. Some just understand te truths and just keep it to themselves without bothering to enlighten other people. Some just take their realized truths to their graves. You can come across the truth and choose to act as f you have never even seen that (A metaphorical way of saying that you didn't recognize the truth). You can pick this option. But is it the right one.

I've been told a lot of things and I've burnt a lot of bridges. I've been spoken against many injustices and have gotten replies like "You're not better than the people you are accusing". I've been laughed at for saying certain truths and I've been told that I'm an idiot for speaking against certain things (where I was actually proven right down the road) and many more things have happened. But that's not a reason for me to just sit back and play pretend

So which option are you going to Choose?

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It was quite enjoyable to read ,sharp and refreshing perspective .
Between the options :share or sitback and ingnore I would choose
share ,if I have a message that can impact a lot lives to the better ,I would share it glady.

Obviously this sharing part won't get you the best of responses
That problem could be solved ,you make your own cult and recruit more followers to share your glorius message eventually you will get so big , those hostilies responses won't bother much .if gets bothersome your send some of your acolytes to let the problem dissappear. As example eventually the protestant got so big that the catholtics couldn't much to them . I watched many tedtalks about the cults quite intersting.

seriously the gangwar part of the raid was so epic ,
if they didn't scene for the film ,how epic is the film?
and btw welcome as the first citizen of the realmofdurzo ;)

The greater and more valuable the message is, less people will understand it. With internet and efficient communication it's easier to form sort of a phyles (https://www.caseyresearch.com/doug-casey-phyles) Even STEEM blockchain is mostly infested by people with classical liberal/anarcho-capitalist tendencies. One thing I know about Evil is that it is self-destructive. gathering enough good people together (even if they have some miner differences) and liberating themselves from the collectives via technology is the best we can do. This is the main reason I'm so interested in Blockchain and similar technologies.

if they didn't scene for the film ,how epic is the film?

Best martial art movie ever made. Only few other movies come close:
Raid: Redemption
Sha po lang Trilogy (The last one is called Paradox and the second one is the best one)
Man of Tai Chi
The Legend of Drunken Master (1994) - This movie had the greatest 2 V 1 martial art battle ever made until Raid came out.

I was reading the link you send me ,I have encounterd this

Most of their revenue goes to warfare and welfare, which are destructive.
I get the first part but the second part implying that welfare is destructive ,I don't get that,But really it was a good read ,interesting perspective . A stateless future ,the collapse of nations-state .But basically he saying eventually we will split apart and form kind of tribe not related by blood or the same ethnic group but ratgr we group together by the people how like the same values/mindset.I'm little conflicted about where I stand regarding this topic.He says some interesting stuff ,
A phyle could exercise far more control over its members than any government today is able to do.
that doesn't sound tempting

and this

There would be phyles of all types, including those that value strict control, regimentation, and limitations
So it's highly likely there is a phyle that doesn't have any contact with the outside world and only the ringleaders will be the only source of information for them .I would want to think what religious figut=rs would do in their on phyle.Stricter control even some punsihment and wasn't possible before the creation of the phyles. A big no no against a splinter humanity. I prefer it more centralized ,altough it could use some improvements .

Btw I have Raid: Redemption , It was literary one of the best movies I have watched .I was watching that movies ,there was so much action ,I thought the film is ending but no I wasn't even half way.I will watch the sequel as soon as possible. Force nature characters ,the fighting was amazing.You know there was one liite scene bugging me ,The dirty cop/luitenant when he had the big boss of the flat at his custody ,that bigboss was uncessary provoking him , while the better option would have been stall time until he got the right opportunity . That may have saved his life

Welfare is like medicine. It is needed at extreme situations. But when we build nation where welfare is a big part of it we are basically making something similar to a medical industrial complex that make people sick to sell them new drugs. The only way a civilization can be built is by consuming less than we produce and saving the difference and investing those savings wisely. When welfare is a last resort, it's like treating an illness (which isn't normal). When welfare is an integral part of the society it waste resources and takes away he incentive for people to be productive. If 1984 about surveillance run amok Atlas Shrugged is welfare run amok. Give it a read or watch the first movie.

Vít Jedlička (President of the Free Republic of Liberland) said that the goal of Liberland is to take over the world and leave people alone. Phyles having control can go both ways. They are much like cryptos. Some phyles would enforce privacy and freedom to a level where taking socialism/fascism/surveillance seriously is considered treason while others turn into fascist states. Some of my personal thoughts are expressed here: https://steemit.com/philosophy/@vimukthi/government-as-a-service-a-new-perspective-on-governments-and-taking-the-best-of-the-two-worlds-of-anarchy-and-minarchy

I will check it out , I will give you ofcourse a elaborate reply



I loved the Raid btw. I haven't seen the second one. And what a deleted scene! It's better than what most movies keep in!

The lyrics of the song, like the song itself, I find quite trite. But I like the first verse of the chorus: "If I could just see it all, like a fly on the wall, would I be able to accept, what I can't control?"

I think that's deep, and it's a thought I've often had when something happens that deeply troubles me, and I'm thinking, "But how many of these things happen every single moment in the world and I'm just not aware of them? And what if I was? Would I suffer cognitive overload? Would I just explode, knowing how many terrible things are happening that go against my values and which I can't do anything about (control)? Are we only sane because we're ignorant of all the things that are happening and have happened that go against all our core values?" etc.

And I think we're moving toward a world where everything will become known. People in the future will be connected, probably, and there will be absolute transparency, like a steem kind of crypto as opposed to a monero.


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I can't say a word against this post is absolutely perfect.

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