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Ancient Time Cycles On The Edge Of Tomorrow

in esoteric •  11 months ago


Spinning Cycles Of Time

The purpose of this post is to display the cyclical nature of the universe and how this manifests within every facet of human history, civilisation and consciousness. As I have previously discussed I believe that the knowledge of the ancients was stolen in order that it be used as a tool of power. Part of this knowledge relates the cyclical nature of reality and humanity, what goes around comes around. Whilst many of us speak out about the Cabal’s nefarious plan for the subjugation and enslavement of humanity have we taken our collective eyes off the ball? Is there an awareness and a knowledge that by relinquishing the last large scale vestiges of self reliance in the pursuit of convenience the fall of humanity is simply a waiting game?

Much like children waiting in line to be fed have we been relegated to cogs in a machine that was built to break? Has the world we see being built around us never been about the now but rather the rebuilding of tomorrow?

The ancients seem to have possessed a knowledge that enabled them to map and plan for cyclical, cosmological and energetic events. There was a deep understanding that the universe consists of complex interlocking generationally synchronising cycles of time. Indeed the entirety of the universe and every organism within it operates on a cyclical basis. This is evidenced from the biggest celestial events right down to cycles and patterns of consciousness.

I believe the world we see being built around us is one that will take advantage of a coming cyclical event. This is not so much about how they intend to mould the world but rather how they intend to rebuild it. This coming cycle will be related to the cyclical nature of the suns energy. Each cycle of time incorporates within it an aspect of a dark age followed by a renaissance. Some cycles are small and simply operate within the psyche of humanity whilst others are much larger and also affect the physicality of the earth.

This is an entirely natural process and it’s also a fundamental doctrine of natural law. The Cabal are aware of this coming cycle of change and want to synthetically halt the renaissance and keep us locked within a dark age. They want to usher and manipulate us into building their new world. A world of control and an energetic prison from which there will be no escape.

Throughout this post I intend to show the interconnected nature of celestial time cycles. I also intend to show how these universal cogs are in the process of powering and empowering this time of great change and opportunity. Welcome to the time cycles of the ancients!

The Cogs Of Time

To start with I’m just going to include a couple of paragraphs from a previous post that briefly touched upon this subject.

The concept of linear time is a relatively new thought process. I believe the very nature of reality, matter and life work within a series of interlocking cycles, indeed our very bodies are an embodiment of these universal laws. If the natural order of the earth indeed universe works within a cyclical construct, why should time be any different?

Time Cycles

It’s easier to understand time if you think of cycles within cycles, kind of like the inner workings of an expensive clock i.e cogs within cogs. We have cycles that can be observed with the naked eye i.e cosmic day and night cycles, monthly lunar cycles and yearly seasonal cycles. Within these observable time periods we have tighter time cycles and also much larger ones. The larger time cycles are referred to as precession, the precession of the earth is caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon and it causes a wobbling effect. If you think of a spinning top that is slowing down and giving a (perpetual) wider circle then this is probably the easiest way to understand the cycle of precession and indeed the movement of the earth. A full precessional cycle takes 25,700 years which equates to one degree every 72 years.

Although a full turn of precession is often looked upon as the largest of time cycles the Veda’s had an understanding that universal cycles can play out over potentially billions of years. Interlocking time cycles powering and empowering the seeds of change that grow and die within every facet of the universe. Now lets take a look at some ancient knowledge relating to these vast epochs of change.


Slaves To The Cycles Of Time?

I highly recommend the book Holy Science by the Vedic scholar Swami Sri Yukteswar. Among many other insights Yukteswar talks about precession and the great cycle of the ages. He discusses how the rise and fall of civilisation is profoundly and eternally linked to this great year. My own personal belief is that within this great year there exists a window of opportunity for humanity to transcend this principle. Once this opportunity is missed we must once again travel through the great year. We then remain trapped within spinning cycles of time until we learn from the mistakes of the past. I equally believe that certain interests want us trapped within this perpetual time loop, but that’s a story for another day.


Vedic Time Cycles

The ancient Vedic understanding of a precessional timescale was that of 24,000 years. Although within this time period it was noted that the great year was observed to both slow and quicken, hence in reality both the Vedic and our current timescales are remarkably similar. With the Vedic understanding offered by Sri Yukteswar the last golden age of humanity peaked around 11,500 BC. From then onwards (although this time period is recognised to contain several peaks and troughs) civilisation fell in consciousness, physicality, spirituality, and morality until it reached it’s low in 500AD.

From 500AD humanity began to awaken from our collective slumber and start our often painfully slow ascension. We began to regroup and create thriving cities that became increasingly filled with great works of art and literature. The ascension incorporates the slow rediscovery of our place within the cosmos and the interconnected nature of spirituality and reality. As I’ve already alluded to this long and slow process will contain several peaks and troughs and these are marked within Vedic and Mayan calendars. Again as difficult a place as the world often seems it’s important to note that we’re speaking about incredibly large timescales that can’t be observed by a single human life.

Kept In The Dark

I suppose from a simplistic perspective we’re moving from the winter to the spring of the great year. But equally as with the first faltering steps of spring the winter can still bite back and indeed this can be a dangerous period. Within the great year the return of winter can last for potentially decades at a time but from a much larger perspective things are changing.

If you had looked back in time even 600 – 700 years ago you would have seen plagues, disease and wars raging across the entire planet and average life spans would have been 30-40 years. The concept of human rights would have been laughed at. Many things are changing, but as already alluded to the problem is the cabal understand the cyclical nature of our history and consciousness and are intent on dragging us back to the dark ages.


The Kalpa

Now lets take a look at perhaps the largest time cycle ever conceived by humanity. This timescale is written within Hindu scriptures and mythology and it speaks to how the universe is destined to pass through four huge epochs of creation and destruction. This divine cycle is known as a Kalpa. A Kalpa is comprised of a thousand cycles of four Yuga’s (A Yuga basically means an age) each of these ages is profoundly different to the last. A single Yuga of four ages is said to take 4.32 million years and a Kalpa is said to consist of 4.32 billion years. These are mind boggling numbers but remember we’re now talking about universal cycles.

Now there is some conjecture relating to the timescale of these epochs of time. Personally I believe this is related to some confusion between universal and earthbound precessional timescales and as such both interpretations are correct. One interpretation relates to the belief that each Yuga is made up from 1200 divine years (a divine year is 360 earth years) the other belief is that each part is 12,000 human years. As I did with the divine Kalpa, for the purpose of time I’m going to give a rudimentary explanation of this concept. Basically the 12,000 year Yuga contains four sub Yugas/ages, this Yuga principle states that the full Yuga cycles always come in pairs and have a short transitional period (Sandhis) in-between the two cycles.

So within this understanding we have 12,000 years of ascending light followed by a further 12,000 years of descending light. Including the Sandhi this would equate to roughly 24,000 years which is basically one turn of the Vedic precession. Indeed when you look at our 24 hour day you will see that it is a microcosm of the Vedic understanding of the great year. Our 24 hour clocks contain 12 hours of ascending light and 12 hours of descending light, once again micro cycles within cycles. The huge divine cycles can also be broken down into sub Yuga categories that will begin to incorporate precessional timescales. This is a very complex process and is a subject for another day.


Mayan Calendars & Long counts

From the ancient Mayan perspective we are now living in a new age/cycle of time and the beginning of our ascension. Their calender began in 20,236 BC and this understanding incorperated five ages/epochs of man. Depending upon your calender interpretation this time period is fairly close to a turn of precession. The fifth sun of man rose in 3114 BC and set on 21st Dec 2012 AD. Within this time period (much like the sub Yugas) we can also think of twelve sub ages, each one profoundly different to the last. These ages relate directly to the twelve constellations of the zodiac. Indeed the equinox falls upon a different constellation roughly every 2160 years and from a time perspective twelve turns/constellations mark a full cycle of precession. The belief within the Mayan culture was that each passing age or constellational movement affects not only the planet but equally the energetic, electromagnetic resonance of earth and indeed the psyche of humanity.

Consciousness And The Celestial Cycle

When looking at the smaller diurnal cycles of day/night and annual cycles of the seasons and passing years we see many links. We see how all these patterns are linked to the earth’s changing position and it’s relationship with the suns electromagnetic spectrum. These changes affect not only the earth but every organism that inhabits it. Even from the observable cycle of the lunar month we see that this process controls both human metabolism and the physicality of the tides. Bearing this in mind I have absolutely no problem in understanding that larger celestial cycles affect us on a far more profound level than many of us could begin to contemplate.

The work put forward by Dr Valerie Hunt (former professor of psychology at UCLA) has given a tantalising insight into how consciousness could be affected by the celestial cycle. In several studies Hunt has shown that subtle changes in the earth’s electromagnetic field can dramatically alter the mental capacity, cognition and perceptual awareness of humanity.

Consciousness & Light

Consciousness certainly appears to be profoundly influenced by both electromagnetism and subtle changes within fields of light. Indeed as stated by quantum physicist Dr Armi Goswami “consciousness prefers light”. I believe that the cyclical nature of our history is based upon the suns motion through space. This movement synchronises with the earth’s precessional wobble and this results in rising and falling stellar field interactions with the earth. I believe this process is directly linked to the mythological rise and fall of civilisation, perhaps over huge expanses of time.


2012 Doomsday Predictions

There was much attention given towards the various doomsday predictions that were supposed to occur on the 21st Dec 2012 AD. I believe this to have been little more than a distraction and a capitalisation on a lack of understanding. Equally due to the changing nature of our calendar it’s difficult to pin this time down to a specific day. The focus of the Mayans was never about a climatic disaster but rather the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. This is time of great change and upheaval but equally one of even greater opportunity. An energetic change that will become manifested in the collective psyche of humanity.

If we think of the twelve turns of the Mayan precession much like the twelve months of our year then we begin to understand that each turn/month has it’s own unique characteristics. These twelve turns/months can equally be broken down into four clearly defined seasons/ages. Again as we move from the long dark winter, much like the first tentative days/weeks of our seasonal spring this is a time of tumultuous change.

The Mayan’s spoke of this change beginning around 2012 AD and the Vedas speak of 2020 AD. Interestingly the Vedas spoke of the fact that the first part of this change will not be complete until 2100 AD. Until this date humanity will be in an intense period of transformation. This period of change will incorporate literal mini dark ages and this is a state of flux that the elite intend to capitalise upon.


The Milankovich Cycles

Now let’s step away from the ancient cultures and take a more scientific look at the nature of the Milankovich cycles. These cycles derive their name from the Serbian astronomer and mathematician Milutin Milankovitch. The combination of these cycles upon the earth can be observed through the cyclical nature of glaciation. The three main cycles are eccentricity, axial tilt and precession and as you can see from the diagram above they occur over huge expanses of time. Within this understanding there are also cycles within cycles within cycles all empowering each other and affecting the earth in a multitude of ways, including cyclical weather patterns.

The earths precessional cycle is still at perihelion and as such is very close to it’s winter solstice. I believe this has a direct connection with our current solar cycle and the approaching grand solar minimum. So we have precessional cycles, energetic cycles, Milankovich cycles and solar cycles, all coming together at this time of great change.


The Grand Solar Minimum

A fresh solar cycle occurs every eleven years. It follows a repeating pattern of fluctuations in both the number and size of sunspots and solar prominences. You basically have eleven years of a solar minimum followed by eleven years of a solar maximum. Within this cycle the earth seems to react with certain weather patterns. Alongside this alternating solar cycle there is another 22 year magnetic cycle. This magnetic cycle follows follows the eleven year solar minimum before reversing polarities and following the subsequent solar maximum.

Outside of these eleven year solar cycles are grand cycles that operate over decades, hundreds, thousands and perhaps even millions of years. Evidence is pointing to the fact that we’re heading towards a larger cyclical grand solar minimum. I believe this is both known and planned for.

Agenda 2030?

The previous solar maximum ended in 2013 and it was observed by NASA to have contained just half the sun spots observed in the previous maximum. Obviously our solar minimum then began in 2013 and has thus far been observed to be the quietest in over a century. This solar minimum has a great potential to become a grand solar minimum and as such could last 30-40 years. Alongside the larger scale solar cycles I believe this grand minimum will be caused by some of the cyclical factors I discuss in this post and many more I will revisit at a later date. This event is said to peak around 2030 onwards although it’s effects could already said to be noticed through falling crop yields, most noticeably in Europe last year. The date of 2030 is especially interesting when you look into the UN’s agenda 2030 and the super cities initiative.

As far as I can tell this is a genuine Pentagon video obtained via a freedom of information request.

The Little Ice Age

Again if we refer back to the universal engine of cycles as akin to the inner workings of an expensive clock(cogs within cogs) we begin to understand the cosmological nature of cause and effect. The ancients profoundly understood this pattern and left behind clues and information for subsequent generations. I believe has been stolen and is being used to keep the upper hand in this age of great energetic resonance.

Glaciation can be used to track certain weather patterns, but from a modern perspective previous low sunspot activity occurred in the middle ages and is referred to as the maunder minimum (little Ice age). It occurred again to a lesser effect during the 1800s and this is referred to as the Dalton minimum.

Food Production

Now lets take a step back and look at the finely tuned machine behind our worlds food production. In doing this it’s easy to understand the devastation and potential worldwide starvation that such an event could trigger within a relatively short period of time. Indeed as the saying goes “we’re three meals away from anarchy” and when you take a look around there are other warning signs all around us. People have traded self-reliance for convenience and have given their power away through free will. As I have extensively written about this process is a fundamental doctrine of esoteric law. We reap what we sow.


Is The Earth Is Waking Up?

Scientists have only recently spoken out about the possibility that the little ice age was caused by volcanic activity. Whilst I believe this analysis holds a degree of truth what they fail to notice is the historical correlation between grand solar minimums and an increase in seismic activity. One idea I’ve had is a possible correlation between grand minimums and the synchronicity of gravitational pulls upon the earth? Indeed alongside solar cycles are lunar and gravitational cycles.

The lunar cycles obviously start with our lunar month/spring tides and then build into larger generational cycles and beyond. The strongest lunar cycles appear to occur every 18 (dimishing every 9 years) 72 and 230 years although they also expand far beyond this. These numbers can once again be broken down into precessional movements and remember one degree of precession occurs every 72 years which is 4 times eighteen year lunar cycles. I believe the largest lunar cycles have a far more dramatic effect upon the earth than simply causing high tides. Indeed look around because as we approach this grand minimum the planet seems to be seismically waking up.


Within these solar/lunar and gravtitational cycles the earth experiences cycles of warm and cold water pulses. These cycles seem to operate on a nine year basis but the larger pulse cycles once again appear to directly correlate to one degree of precession. The last warm water pulse peaked around 1999 which ties into scientific analysis relating to the high tide mark of global warming. Indeed if you subtract 72 from 1999 you will get 1927 which was the era of the American dust bowl. I believe the information I'm literally just brushing over in this post is understood to a far more profound level than I have time to discuss here. It's this knowledge that they are using as a tool of power to manipulate the public perception of global warming, but that's a subject for another day.

From a larger perspective the post glacial warm period peaked approx 7000 years ago and from then onwards the earth is on a very slow period of cooling. Within this vast timescale there are several periods of both warming and cooling some of which can last hundreds of years. Grand solar minimum cooling cycles occur approx every 230 years and the last one began around 1790. On this basis the next cycle is due to commence around 2020 (give or take a few years) although we may not feel the full effect until around 2030.


Preparations Of The Elite

In recent years amongst the rich 0.1% there has been a huge increase in the purchase of luxury underground bunkers. Many of these luxury bunkers are selling out faster than they can be built. Alongside these purchases there is a vast increase in the installation of luxurious panic rooms. The elite are buying island hideaways, the aforementioned bunkers, private runways, water aquifers and building fortified properties in extremely remote locations. Those in the know are digging in and preparing, but what are they preparing for and what’s behind this sudden rush? The builders of these structures say the elite are increasingly concerned about some kind of societal breakdowns and natural disasters. Equally could they be concerned about both happening at the same time, have certain individuals been tipped off about coming food riots?

Doomsday seed banks have been built along with vast expansive underground cities. Many laugh at the Chinese ghost cities but do they know something most of us don’t? Are these cities being prepared not in some kind of folly but as a sanctuary for people that are seeking refuge?

What To Do?

I believe these events have led to the fall of many great civilisations over vast epochs of time. I don’t think this is an end of civilisation event but I do think it’s a cycle of time that could be capitalised upon in order to weaken us further. There will be good and bad years intertwined with this weather cycle and on a smaller scale we will still be able to grow food and crops. The main problem is our complete reliance upon this huge mass food production chain/machine and that is the focus of my concern.

I believe this machine could potentially collapse and this would cause starvation and civil unrest. This may be a difficult period of time but it could equally be seen as one of great opportunity. This is an opportunity to reclaim both our humanity and sense of community, to build and work together. This is the duality of universal law, what is taken with one hand is given with the other. The hand we choose to feed from is our decision to make.


My main advice to anyone reading this is to reclaim control over this aspect of your life. To rediscover the empowerment and satisfaction derived from growing your own food. If you’re unable to do this become active or at least aware of community food growing programmes. If the elites of this world have a seedbank then build your own, it's easier than you think. The cabal want us divided for these coming hardships and you can see this division all around us. Now is the time to join together and rediscover our sense of community, if you don’t discover it then build it. My Grandmother lived through the blitz of London during WW2 and I always remember her telling me that it was the best of times and the worst of times. Indeed it’s often not until people are faced with hardships that we see humanity & empathy rise to the occasion. Now is the time to pre-emptively rise to that occasion.



As I’ve extensively written about I’ve come to believe that there is a synthetic EM field (Schumann Resonance) being built all around us. This will be a false reality and one intended to keep us a in a controlled and contrived brain state. A state that will suppress us from interacting with the higher states of consciousness that are gifted to us via cyclical changes in the EM field.

The cabal are holding us back in order to lock us into a permanent dark age. But in reality the pain, anger and hatred that has pervaded our society is akin to the dying gasps of those that seek to hold us within the power structure of the old world. Maybe this current state of insanity is needed in order to awaken us from our state of collective slumber. Maybe from a larger perspective evil has it’s own part to play, indeed without hate could we fully appreciate the beauty of love? Can there be good without evil? Do these dualities both power each other and empower those with compassion in their hearts to rise higher than they ever thought possible? Is evil the fuel that's needed to kickstart and drive forward the engine of collective love.

Until next time I will leave you to ponder these questions. Equally once again I will leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws. Thanks for reading.





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The PTB know what is in our near future and have been preparing accordingly, I suspect for a very long time.
Agenda 2030 is evidence of this and the newer elites have been tipped off by the ruling 'families' that are doing the same. We live in a world of unreality where most walk around oblivious to the misery that will soon surround them.
The insipid plan to blame us for our own demise with the fake 'climate change' meme is disgraceful as a targeted approach of development of technology to guarantee food supply with an international approach would have been possible. The problem is the elites and their government lackeys don't want to share the wealth and would rather subjugate and cull the masses to ensure their own future. The electronic prison being built is quite probably closer to completion than many would ever believe and those who are dependant on the state will be the first to disappear into its mechanism. Is there hope? I guess there's always hope however I doubt we have ever had a more evil group of overlords or a more dumbed down, distracted populace in world history so I'm not confidant the masses will wake up before its too late for most of them.
This is a great post buddy, I'm sure those who take the time to read it to its conclusion will start to question their own realities if they haven't already.
I hope that's the case as there isn't much time left before they enact their plan to enslave us all.


Hey my friend, as always thanks for the great comment and all your support! It's much appreciated. Yes I completely agree in relation to Agenda 2030 and you can really see how they want to usher us into mega cities where our every move and transaction will be monitored and controlled. They don't care about the environment, in fact it's their lust for power and money that's destroying it. From that perspective you can see that the Agenda 2030 re-wilding programme is simply double speak for turning the countryside into a rich mans playground. A feudal system, us and them.

The global warming attachment of guilt will have certain people celebrating when our reproductive capabilities reach near zero, indeed they've dropped 40% in a generation. This will also be used as a back door into every aspect of our lives and once they have the programme fully operational they will literally be able to charge us for everything we do.

Unless the planet is blown up there is always hope because like you, I believe that in our distant past we have reached this point before. They give the impression that they're all powerful when in fact they fear the inherent power they spend billions propagandising us to give away. As such the world can alter it's current trajectory with a mere change of perception, who knows what will galvanise humanity to make this change? One thing I do believe is that we're down, but never out. Thanks for the thought provoking comment @tremendospercy I really enjoyed reading this!

Thank you for the great article. I did know a lot of things but I didn't see the connections until you pointed them out. You are right that we should focus more on growing our own food, but gaining the knowledge to do so is a lot of work... Thank you very much for taking the time to write this down.


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment @rafine I really appreciate it. Gaining knowledge is indeed hardwork but the best advice I can give is trial and error, indeed I'm certainly no master gardener but each day gives the opportunity to learn a little more. No problem at all, thanks for reading and lending your support.

Tt is uncanny that I would fall upon your words at such a time of strife.
I have been pondering all evening, about the powers that seek to enslave, it's intent and the coming reckoning and what should be done.

Wondering if there are others out there who may see the magnituge of what is to come the way that I see it.

Alas, the universe answered accordingly. After reading your post, I am certain we are kindred brethren from very different angles.

May I point you to my post : Bitopian Values

God Speed Brethren, for the reckoning is on the horizon.


Hey @bitopia thanks for taking the time to read my post and leave such a thought-provoking comment, I really appreciate it. I think those that have learned to trust and follow instinct can indeed feel an invisable pressure building all around us. Whilst I'm fully aware that society is constructed to keep us in a state of fear/pressure this is different.

At times it's so palpable you can almost feel it in the air. It's like the advance warning signs that are given to animals before impending natural disasters. We have the same ability but have forgotten how to use it for this is the age of the great sleep. But to awaken from the sleep is to be freed from the shackles of control. This is a cycle of time through which we must collectively pass, but it's always darkest before dawn. I'm glad my post found you at the right time and Ilook forward to reading your work. Thanks again my friend.


Yes its always darkest before the dawn.....thats perfect @perceptrualflaws )



It is amazing that I found your post. Very informative. Will wait for your other posts as well.

Tic Toc goes the grand clock, time is in our hands!
Will we all understand that what was left to us from the past?
Many more are now I think.
Totally great post and pictures @perceptualflaws
resteeming for others to see👍👍


Hey @shasta thanks taking the time to read, comment and lend your support. Yes I agree, for equally I believe the keys to our future lay hidden in our past. We tumble through history without ever truly understanding our place in the cosmos and this has damaged the collective psyche of humanity. We need to rediscover our history and take back the power we have spent generations giving away. Thanks again my friend!

What an incrediblle post @perceptual flaws ! The incredible yet totally pertinant theories and their connection to the madness we see right now ! Great stuff indeed ! Your illustrations are breathtaking too !! What a post !! " one degree every 72 years."this is the same period used by the Egyptians to calculate the true east to which the sphinx should face ! it took them 144 years to discover the principal of earth wobble, or the erratic wobbling of the earths axis around the sun !! As they noticed that every 72 years the sun would rise one degree noth of east and then 144 yrears later the sun would rise 1 degree south of east !! Knowledge of the Ancient Builders !!


Hey @gomervibz thanks for the support my friend, I really appreciate it! Yes you're entirely correct, many of the ancient cultures had these precessional numbers built into every facet of their architecture. I did have another part of this post written out that delved into all of this but as it was already really long I saved it for another day. Here is a little taste of something I wrote in another post:

The Mayan pyramid of Chichen Itza is a nine level pyramid, during equinoxes the shadows create an illusion of the great snake Kukulcan travelling down to the base of the pyramid to touch a representation of it’s own head, that has been carved into the wall. The Hebrew letter Teth (T) means serpent and represents secret spiritual intelligence, interestingly this number is transcribed by the number nine.

The number nine is also a precessional number and this directly relates to many of the cyclical events I describe in this post, lunar cycles and warm/cold water pulses etc etc. It's fascinating stuff and equally fascinating that they held all of this information. Thanks again my friend! :)


No thankyou @perceptualflaws ) this is an amazing post )

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I've learned about cosmic cycles reading Buddhist literature and from a common sense stance we shouldn't centralize our food grids, Mao starving millions of people is an example. I know how to garden and preserve food, hunt, and build shelters because that's how I grew up! I also have a seed bank😁 Excellent post!


Thank you for taking the time to read and lend your support @reddust and equally thank you for the wise words! I added a sentence regarding personal seed banks after reading your reply because equally that's absolutely imperative. I fear the centralisation of our food grids is not going to end well. It's an experiment that has become so interwoven with our society that when it breaks down it's ripples will be felt across the earth. You're doing an exellent job at keeping the birth right of power firmly within your hands. Too many of us have freely given it away and now is the time to take it back. You're one step ahead and over the course of the next few years I'm sure your skills will prove to be invaluable. I'm currently looking into wild food sources, it's amazing how many foods and medicnes surround us on a daily basis. Thanks again!


I've thought of taking course work on living on wild food, I know all the edibles in the Western Cascades woods of near Mt Hood where I grew up but here in Oklahoma I do not know how to live off the wild land. I was thinking of contacting someone in the Cherokee tribes that teaches wildcrafting. We can easily start seed saving when we buy fruit and veggies that have seeds, like tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, they will grow in colder climates up north. But during the winter fruit and veggies are hard to come by...that's why buying bulk grains and legumes are important. I learned how to hand mill my bulk wheat, rye, oats, and buckwheat, all grow really well in cold climates too! I learned how to make all sorts of bread from scratch, I mean real scratch living. Learning all this stuff is so much fun, I am so glad I stopped by and read your article and left a comment.

Also learning how to trap and hunt with a rifle is really important. Learning how to disappear in the woods and defend oneself is really important too. I grew up handling firearms and hunting so this is second nature to me. But I've never had to shoot at a human or fight one off so I haven't been tested, I hope I never will be tested this way. When I tell most people how I grew up they look at me like I am a freak when I talk about hunting with a rifle when I was 12 years old. Learning the body language of livestock and wild animals, how the woods sounds when different animals walk through it...different presences and energies that live in the woods....I keep thinking I should write a book growing up in the wilds of Oregon but I don't like writing ... hahahaha


Hey you have some great advice here @reddust I think we will have to rediscover to concept of seasonal foods. In fact there are many of these highly nutritious seasonal foods that have been forgotten about in our rush to but watermelons in January. We can synchronise our bodies with these foods and they have many benefits for us during the winter period, I'm a big fan of oats throughout this time.

I'm in the UK and have been reading up about edible foods for some time now. I also have several fishing rods just waiting for an excuse to be used :) I grew up on a smallholding in the countryside so I do have good understanding on self reliance. I have no problem hunting but I imagine like yourself I would only ever take what was needed. Indeed it's the wholesale slaughter and mass production of animals that I find offensive, not the hunter that has a deep respect for the animals that are feeding his/her family.

You say you don't like like writing but your words has already enthralled me so give it a go I'm sure many people would love to hear your story! Thanks again :)

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Thank you @steem-buzz I really appreciate the upvote! :)

I began reading the Bhagavad-Gita. Amazing article.


Hey @chey thank you for taking the time to read and lend your support to my post it's much appreciated. There is a vast amount of knowledge within the Bhagavad-Gita, indeed many elements have become interwoven with modern quantum theory so a great choice. Thanks for the comment! :)

Upvoted and resteemed. There is a lot of great content here and it's been very well thought out and presented. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.


Hey @boodles thanks for all the support my friend I really do appreciate it and I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks again :)

Excellent post

I'm really excited for what is to come. It will be difficult, yes, but we are changing, growing. Deep down I feel that this 'cabal' won't be able to stop our evolution. :) :)


Hey @lyndsaybowes thanks for taking the time to read, comment and lend your support as always it's greatly appreciated! We are growing and changing but I liken it to a birthing process and as such it's not easy but I feel the rewards will be more profound than we can imagine. I completely agree that they won't stop our evolution, in fact in a strange way I feel as though they might be the catalyst that starts it. They will overstep their mark and the mask will slip to such a degree that people will begin to see the reality of this world. Thanks again my friend :)


Yess!! Their pushing will be their own undoing...

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Great read! I am assuming you have heard of Phillip K. Dick's "Black Iron Prison" but I sort of think a Cabal is too easy of an answer. It is simple to blame a fungible group for what we have done to ourselves. I believe we have a tremendous shipwreck looming because the rudder is flapping away and nobody it at the wheel. Not convinced either way, but lack of leadership seem more logical in reference to history. Sadly the human race does well under the cruel hand of tyranny, look at Imperial Rome or Nazi Germany.