Why 🙁 😭!?!?!?

in philosophy •  5 months ago

deep-thought-1296377__480.pngWhy do we ask why? Why ask why when you don't know why-why means why! Why is a question when we don't understand something. Why does a question need asked. What will why change? It will only set up the next why when you understand one why. What if we didn't ask why? Will it make why disappear? Will why save us or will saving why ensure for the survival of why? If a word could survive would it be living? Or would that only mean it has no choice but to survive? Is why our prisoner? Does why not change with time? Does why only change when our understanding of something does? silence-2054839__480.jpg

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What if we didn't ask why? Will it make why disappear?

That is a good question. Do we sink to apathy in the absence of seeking, or does the lack of searching produce solace?


Yes, I catch myself asking these things all the time! But they are questions that are followed by more questions !


Haha, so true.

but... why?



Why mom...... Whyyyyyy 🙁!!!!!!?????


Why? You know why! Because... this...

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This might help (it probably won't though) lol

my happy holiday's take - on the serious philosophical issues facing us today...

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