@offgrid-online Weekly Curation #6

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@offgrid-online Weekly Curation #6

Welcome to the sixth installment of Offgrid and Outdoor Living content post exploration - Now on Thursdays. Every week I am amazed to find people on Steemit that I had not seen before - creating excellent offgrid and outdoor living content. If you write posts that you feel should be featured in the weekly curation, be sure to leave a comment - @offgrid-online would be happy to follow your posts :)

Offgrid and Outdoor Living Posts:


"Farmer and musician living in Taos, New Mexico"

Grow food in ALL seasons: A simple and FAST way to build rowcover and shade for your garden!

+ Reducing plastic waste on the farm - how can we do it!???


"All Original Content!!"

Cabin progress. 4

+ Cabin progress. 3


"----------------- Retired and living an off-grid lifestyle ----------------- Hans Jurgen: favored by God, tiller of the ground"

Multi purpose building update #2


"Franco-American Traveler, Artist, Homesteader and The Permaculture of Things with Anarchist Tendencies"

Our First Days Living OFF-GRID!!!


"nature lover and philosopher. rabbit dog"

Rocky Mountain Camping - the photo essay


"recipes, poetry, permaculture, nature, recording engineering, rare disease/endocrine research, freethinker"



"I'm a lifelong tinkerer, and technology enthusiast. My aim is to empower others with knowledge to take care of your health, wealth, and self actualization."

Vision for My Homestead


"Artist Obsessed with Truth"

Going Off The Grid 2


"@ecoTrain Driver. Supporting people who make this world a better place!"

The Unspoken Revolution: High Tech, Automation and AI may be about to take your job! It's time to get off-grid and self sufficient!


"Anarcho-agorist, Writer, Researcher, Zero Waste Coach, Raver, DJ, MC, Producer, Documentarian, Proponent for Psychedelic Medicine"

M19 Hangin' with WHO 🎙 S2E15 ft. White Walking Feather @wwf, ❤️ ☮️ 🕉 ✡️ ☯️.


"Crypto Follower"

An Inside Look At My Solar Power System

+ Hacking Your Way Through Firewood

Thank You to all the above Authors for sharing their Off-grid and Outdoor Living knowledge and experiences.

Contest: Favorite Hand Tool or Combination :: 6 SBD

  • Entries accepted until 6PM Eastern time Sunday, Results will be posted after the contest has closed.

A surprise from @mountainjewel - 50SP delegated to @offgrid-online. We are very grateful for the trust and will continue to promote quality Off-grid and Outdoor Living content. Many other individuals and groups have been very supportive - it's great when we can work together to achieve our similar goals. It has been a pleasure, we Thank You.

Other Groups and/or Curations:




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yay! some really excellent posts here (ehem) some friends i know and others who are new!!! love seeing the different building plans people have coming to fruition!


It's inspiring for me to see people building things and making big life changes. A few people I know are having steemit blues - i'm convinced that it's because of the Spring season and they just need a good dose of the outdoors :)


So inspiring, all of it... I am having a hard time spending time on steemit these days too. The spring, the dream, the build and having fun outside in general!

AWESOME! Thank you so much. A few of posts I'm certainly going to read here. Some familiar names, some new. Good work. Keep it up!

You've chosen some really good blogs to feature on your curation this week! I've been following Torico and Phedizzle for a while now, but some of your other choices are new to me.

ooh yeah, some Great nuggets in here.. lovely curation this week.. i think im really interested in them ALL!

in fact.. yes you know whats coming: ;-)

Congratulations @offgrid-online your post had been selected for an upvote worth ~$1.86 as part of the @ecoTrain minnow support project. Your upvote will come soon!

I hope this encourages you to keep curating amazing posts and making this world a better place!.



Thanks @eco-alex and @ecotrain - very much appreciated and will surely be paid forward :)

So awesome and so happy to be a part of this movement! Thank you so much for the feature... going off to read some really cool posts. You have done it again, these are really great.

Thank you