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This is the current vision I have for my 4.5 acre homestead I'm planning to move to from the city, and the dream of where I want it to go.

I intend to make this property a working permaculture farm and homestead. I have already planted 32 fruit and nut trees to include: figs, peaches, plums, pears, and pecans.


To earn a passive income I plan to build a couple glamping cabins and list them on Airbnb.


I will then develop hobbit houses, with the concept as a getaway and vacation spot, transporting you to the Lord of the Rings realm of the shire of Middle Earth. With a flowing creek and ponds. Possibly a spot where folks can come get married with a community center pavilion by the large pond.


My property is right down the road from an RV park so I plan to set up a trading post if visitors would just like to just look around the property for the lolz. I'll have some goodies they can buy to bring more passive income into the homestead.


I plan to mass manufacture resiliency kits and have a maker space in the shop. I'll be like the shop dude in World of Warcraft, or the medieval blacksmith dude, where you buy your wares. I plan to use resilient permaculture practices to minimize running and keeping up with the farm. I'll make some homemade blueberry brandy and custom longleaf shire pipes so you really think you're in the shire :) I'll play my guitar on a porch of my tiny home every night and welcome migrant farmers to come do work stays on the land.


Thank you for your time if you gave this a read! Let me know what you think about my vision, and let me know if you'd like to come party in the shire :) Upvote, follow, and share with all your peeps if you're down to follow me on this journey.

Peace and Joy to all y'all beautiful Human Beings


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Awesome. Looks like such a great vision. Im so glad to see so much innovation with the younger generations in terms of fully sustainable lifestyle (something Im really just discovering the full potential and size of this new wave). Id definitly visit a place like this, if I was around! Good look with your project man!!


Thank you! @innerspace, you bet more and more I see others in my generation rejecting traditional living and wanting to live more on the land and learn new skills.

Permanculture has always interested me. You vision looks awesome and I hope it happens. I am still in the early stages just saving up for land and deciding where to buy it myself.


Thank you! its happening piece by piece :) Grab yourself as much EOS as you can muster and make it happen! I found my land for a great deal on craigslist, and I know there are more and more people starting to accept crypto for land. Let me know if you'd like to come visit AL in the future :)

This post has been featured in the @offgrid-online Weekly Curation. Thank you for sharing your plans for your property out of the city. Be sure to keep us updated - and please keep makin stuff :)


Awesome! Thank you @offgrid-online!

awe man.. talk about setting yourself up for a long, prosperous and joyful and ethical life!! beautiful!! i think you are gonna be one happy man from start to finish! congrats on being awesome


Thanks @eco-alex I'm starting to set aside negative distractions and build my focus to be in a position to make this manifest. My plan is to save up enough to give me a buffer, start living off the land, and putting the homestead vision together.