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Pimp Your Post

Pimp Your Post is Back for the 14th installment. To help encourage more engagement when there is extra Voting Power it will be used to reward those who are engaging with the posts featured here. To let @pifc know you have engaged please leave a comment as a reply to the entry comment of other people saying that you visited their post, what you thought of it, and what level of engagement you did (comment, upvote, resteem). This will help us to know who to reward with extra votes.

Those who are here just to collect a Bounty, that is fine but you are missing out on the opportunity to build up relationships with other active bloggers. Finding real people who are active and trying to grow their accounts is critical to your long term success.


Rules for Pimp Your Post:

This is the easy part and hopefully one that will bring you some added eyeballs to your posts. Remember nobody is forced to vote on your posts so make sure they are quality. Also don't even think of including stolen content.

  • Leave a comment with the Link to Your Post, but also "Pimp It"...that is sell us one why to visit your post.

  • Support Others by Visiting their Posts and leave a reply to their comment that you did so.

  • Post needs to be 3 days old or less when you add your comment

Naturally we love your support and appreciate your votes and resteems!

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As an added bonus a @steem-bounty of 2 Steem is being set on this weeks Pimp Your Post. @steem-bounty is a great way for @pifc to be able to reward everyone at a higher level without burning up to much Voting Power or taking a ton of time to send out rewards for entries. This payout happens automatically just after post payout to all entries @pifc upvotes.

If you like what @steem-bounty is doing helping engagement on steemit set steem-bounty as a witness. In order to do so you can go to: and enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote. @knircky is the brains behind @steem-bounty and he does a lot to help boost the contest posts allowing for higher rewards.


@pifc has set 2.000 STEEM bounty on this post!

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Life always gives us the opportunity to make a living from it. But we sometimes free that we are not worth what we really want. This post motivates you to step up and do that thing you fear most to do

@afolwalex @ammyluv

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I think you are a valuable employee no matter where you work after seeing this post.

Come check a few nice photos taken at the Tsaritsynskiy Park.

Further Deep into the Tsaritsynskiy Park, in Moscow (Russia)


Great post! It's always good to see parks and such - including people enjoying them.

Very nice post about the park and your walk. I hope curie finds you :)

I like to see the calm river and as I said, I remember what I did few days ago my friend

I love this post. So much fun.

That's great! ;) ahah You're welcome!!! :-)

As I said in my comment at your post:

You caught the worried and scared look of an anxiety ridden lunatic very well. Great job!

Here is my post for this week:

Monday Minnow Tips for Everyone from @fitinfun

This is a summary post of all my minnow tips to help people do better on STEEM when they are new here. I believe it will also help others that have been here longer. This is my re-start of the Monday Minnow Tips I was doing for a few months and will carry on with now.

I am hoping for feedback from STEEMers if it helps them, or if they have more tips. I have a long list of other topics for tips and they will come soon!


You guys should be here too!

Great you will do that again. I am sure many people will have benefit of it

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I visited your post and it has excellent content so I "Pimped it" with an upvote. 🤣🤣🤣

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Thank you very much, @wonderwop. I am so glad you like the post and I know you will soon be a dolphin with these tips!

Here's a couple of snow pics the eve before our next storm...

Maybe @cendrinemedia would like to add a post here somewhere.

I love your snow shots and the birds in flight are wonderful :)

You had really nice shoot, even with many noisy distract, I believe that your kids and the dog enjoy your adventure as well @viking-ventures

My latest post about how to get your business found online for local search’s on google and bing -

@steemityourway pimp one of your posts

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This is a great post and very helpful for local businesses. 5 stars :)

I would love to try those ribs. Very good bilingual food post. Check out This place to post food:

Maybe for next week :)

This restaurant was voted best in San Antonio, try not to "Pimp it"

Who doesn't love Pad Thai @wandrnrose7 & @aejackson?

Nobody, that's who! 🤭

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I looooooove all Thai food!

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You hit me at one of my weakest spots! I absolutely love this dish. I would love to come and give that one a taste! Thank you for the tag!

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I really never knew anything about investing but I do know that I want something to look forward to in my future aside from Social Security, if there is any of that left by the time we retired. Here's a way that I learned to invest in myself. I hope you enjoy! I think
@maryinnovation may agree on futere investment.

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it is nice initiation @pifc, it help more people to know each other, I would like to share my post as well if you dont mind;

Hello guys! I just wanted to share my journey on how I started in the crypto world

-10 degrees, sleeping bag and no tent..did my father survive ?!?

Climat changes are talk off the day and talk in world politics, I know and I am concerned, I do My thing to obey the rules to do better But Look at the beauty of nature in Our winter.
Pictures by yours truly


Ha! I've been torn about the self-upvote vs. no self-upvote. For some reason I thought of the Dos Equis commercial and and a meme.

Dear my friend @pifc, i need some advice because right now no one gave me a solution of my problem...:((

I got started with using Actifit yesterday with this post thanks to the support and advices that I received in this post

@burlarj @xawi @oclinton

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Steem to the moon!💪🌚🚀

I invite @crypto.piotr to pimp his awesome posts!!👍😉

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Duplicate post. Not an issue, just making note so I don't accidentally upvote the duplicate.

Hey🖐 I didn't notice I posted twice Lol🤣 sorry!😳😁

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