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Excellent catch of flight, even without the perfect setup :)

Thank you.
We're getting more snow today/tonight, so hopefully it will be suitable for another walk tomorrow morning. :-)

That is nice try @viking-ventures, you got nice pictures of birds, i wish my camera is not broken LOL. how are you my friend?

Thank you.
Broken cameras are no fun. I slipped on ice and landed on my camera three winters ago. I was less upset about the knot in my leg (which took weeks to heal) than I was about the cracked viewscreen on my camera!

I just got some new bits for my new camera, so maybe my next walk will be more productive. (I do have some more pictures to share starting later...)

So, I'm doing well enough. Snowy and cold outside, but I'm writing and listening to Latin music inside.

What a nice thing to do when snowy, writing while drinking a cup of coffee or ginger tea and listening classic Latin inside, I love to hear Classic Guitar so much.

I hope you won't break your camera again this time my friend, have a great day there... :D

I listen to lots of different kinds of music. Yesterday it was Norwegian pop music, lol. Tomorrow? Who knows?

Yeah, I slipped on ice under the snow where I was living at the time. Camera stays firmly around my neck now. Less risk there.

Have a great day!