My Crush to the Moon🌚

in #cryptoartlast year

Is my crush Steem or @ned ?😍 Well both crushes my soul!💙🤣 So I just made this Crypto cartoon to celebrate we recently heard about Ned at Discord then Steem started rising! Thanks👏😁 and relax gurlz!

This is my entry for @sndbox "Let's get artsy with Crypto" [#cryptoart Contest 6] 👍😃🍀

Steem to the moon! 🚀🌚

Remember to Upvote, Comment or Resteem if you like my posts! 😁 Thanks for your support🤗

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Haha!! Awesome!!

Eheheh😃 Thanks!!!

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Love your art and your smile!

Great🤗 big hughes!

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Ned gets wwwaaaaaaaaayyyyy to much love from you! I'm starting to feel like you don't care about me anymore, you don't even tell me my jokes are funny like you used to.

Its all ned this and ned that! Bleh!


The crush is on...😉 carefully you got stalker too 😋 congratulation for the @sndbox prize

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Oh my god. So good!

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Ahah Thank you😊 Hughes!!🤗🌼🌻🌺🌷🌹

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You are cute like a moon

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Ahah Thank you so much!🌼

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Lol he will like the Hairstyle of course : )

Nicely done and yeah Steem to the MOOON !!

Ahahah lets ask @nedshair 😉
Thank you Steem On!💙💓

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I checked Coinbase and it's $ 0,37 now!😁

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Love you, 🐶 HARF HARF! 🐾

I love you too cute dog!😄🐕

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Ahah we're laughmates!😂😂👍🤣

What a fun post! Great art too.

Ah ah thanks so much I'm glad you liked! the nice thing is that Steem is rising! ;D

Yes, and ahead of Bitcoin from what I've been hearing... Good news indeed.

you always manage to put a huge smile on my face with your drawings @jenina619

thank you for that :)

I'm happy 'cause that's my goal! :D

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Thank you so much!😊

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You caught the worried and scared look of an anxiety ridden lunatic very well. Great job!