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Don't expect a novel or anything of the sort tonight. I wasn't really in the mood of writing anything at all but so be it...

So, unless you've been living under a rock or something there was a Steemit update yesterday by @steemitblog. You can read everything you need to know about the upcoming changes that will take place sooner rather than later. And I got to tell doesn't look good. As a matter of fact it doesn't look good at all...

All you got to do is to have a look in the comment section and you'll easily understand that winter is coming for us all.

Are you even serious @mindtrap?

Well, there was a specific comment written by @miniature-tiger that really hit a nerve. Who's @miniature-tiger you may wonder...I assure you he's a guy that speaks the code and the math language like few people do.

So here we started like this...

2019-06-19 22_03_45-Comments by mindtrap (@mindtrap) — Steemit.png

Just do the math...Under HF20 a 1$ post payout - 25% curation gives 0.75$ to the author while that very same post with the same payout under HF21 will give...fasten your seat belts plz 0.27$ to the author. So my response was like:

2019-06-19 22_04_38-Comments by mindtrap (@mindtrap) — Steemit.png

And his immediate reply (thanks for that) was:

2019-06-19 22_05_31-Comments by mindtrap (@mindtrap) — Steemit.png

Don't get me wrong here people. There are flaws that HAVE to change. There is extensive bid bot abuse...there is plagiarism...there is also extensive self voting. But I don't really think that we fix a problem by creating a new one....

Most of the content out there is created by the small accounts. Period. Yet it feels like they are targeted for no reason at all...needless to say that it will also be extremely discouraging for every newcomer...

How difficult would it be to implement a mechanism that allows only 1 bot per post? Wouldn't we avoid that mess on the trending page?

How difficult would it be to have a couple of free downvotes and target that group of people who are milking and plagiarizing instead of targeting 90%+ of the users?

Applying those radical changes at once will cause chaos...but of course that's just me...

And in case you wonder why am I talking about payouts...and money and me a favor plz...just don't pretend to be a saint...

We all want steem to be the next big thing, because we know the results it could bring in real world problems, but at the same time we are investors. Either by investing fiat money... crypto....time and effort or...for all the above reasons.

I have a feeling that was launched at the best possible timing...if you know what I mean...

Oh, you don't? Then this line by @khaleelkazi might give you an idea regarding PAL's trending page...

Thus, good content is floating to the top while the spammy trash stays where it belongs - at the bottom of the big, blue ocean.

This is the result of living in a world without dozens of bid bots...

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.



'How difficult would it be to implement a mechanism that allows only 1 bot per post? Wouldn't we avoid that mess on the trending page?'

Yes, and ... like we already talked about last week; with a limited bidamount of max 5 Steem for example.
And then let's look at the Trending page again to see if all that "quality" content of today is still on top of that list.

The real question is: Will bot owners agree with that?

A bot is just an automated account, if they don't voluntarily agree to it, how would you stop them? There would need to be a mechanism to nuke their vote down if it passes a threshold. I feel like we should have a bot nuking mechanism anyways, but that's probably not a popular opinion.

I feel like we should have a bot nuking mechanism anyways,

Wouldn't that be awesome?

Didn't even want to bring that in with my comment above because with having too much interest in maintaining the currect situation they will never allow it.

I think the fact that the comment doesn't also calculate the difference in rewards for a vote makes it a bit one sided. If you think about it, we generally vote way more than we post right? If we're not then it's probably just someone coming to the platform to pull value out of the ecosystem or stack rewards. I know it's not the popular opinion and everyone think we're getting fucked, but I think it's also seriously worth considering that people drastically underestimate the value of voting content. There's no way to make people do things they don't want to do, but I don't think this is going to be as terrible as people are expecting. It's not like the majority of us are making shit on STEEM anymore anyway.

people drastically underestimate the value of voting content.

I don't. I really enjoy voting content and comments. I wish I could upvote stuff all day and have endless VP but unfortunately that's not the case.

I just think that are highly discouraging changes for content creators. Do we agree that most of the content is being produced by them? So if they stop producing who are we going to vote for?

50 - 50 split ain't bad...but all those implementations together kinda feel terrible.

I am having a feeling that the upcoming HF targeted abusers and such and also will give a big boost to curators but there are also casualties....massive casualties.


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I am with you here, I am hating HF21 already
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Good to know there are people who are against those implementations @vibesforlife.

But from what I am reading...almost every top witness will hit that “YES” button...

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