Steemit's Official Open Mic Judge @Verbal-D's Top 5 Entries For Week 103 (Original Blog)

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Steemit Open Mic Week 103

My Top 5 In Order


As one of the 6 judges, and as an original artist also, I aim to represent the best original artists in this contest from our wonderful Steemit community. I am keeping my ears open for cover artists as well, don't worry but creating an original song is indeed impressive, especially if executed and performed well. Best of skill and performance to you all next week. This week was filled with so many wonderful artists, even amongst the high amount of entries, and there were still many talented performers who entered, so forgive me if I didn't list you, I definitely heard everyone's entries. Also, be sure to check out the other judges' top picks for the week, @krystle, @soundlegion, @passion-ground, @meno, and @luzcypher, who hosts the Open Mic Contest. See you next week! And don't forget to please vote for @Pfunk, @Ausbitbank, @Aggroed, @Helpie, & @Teamsteem as witnesses here, all of whom are our biggest supporters who help to run, fund, curate, build and expand the Open Mic Contest.

1. @dianakyv's "Es la Historia de un amor" By Carlos Eleta Almaran Cover Song

Wonderfully performed as usual both you and your highly superb guitarist friend @danieldedosd2. Your passionate and pristine performances truly show how great and consistently skilled you are as an experienced vocalist and captivating artist. Beautiful cover choice and your emotions are nearly tangible with how you carefully guide us through this songful journey. Thanks for creating and sharing this gem of a moment. Looking forward to what you perform next.

2. @dreamrafa's "Turning Modes Jam" Original Song

As I have said before on many an open mic occassion, who can match your veteran skill and guitar rift mastery? You truly perform on your own level of inspiration and passion that every entry you put out captivates your listeners with a mesmerizing ease. Keep shredding on the strings bro, you keep the bar extremely high for us all. Thanks for sharing this gem and looking forward to your next jam session

3. @abelfernandez's "I'm Yours" By Jason Mraz Cover Song

This was a very clean and enjoyable performance, you layered your tracks very well and the visual quality was nice as usual. Your passion for music and this song in particular really hined through, especially when you didn't hold back on those rifts and adding noticeable characteristics to your smooth singing. Thanks for sharing this great cover song, looking forward to your next entry.

4. @minuetoacademy's "Como la Brisa" By Jesús A. Romero Cover Song

You are a highly engaging and inspiring artist who knows how to convey feeling and intensity into your performances. Your vocals are deeply riveting and your piano prowess compliments your singing with melodic momentum. I had to give this one a few listens and thoroughly enjoyed each run through. Thank you for captivating us once more with this gem, looking forward to more of your future performances.

5. @paintingangels' ”Revelation" Original Song

You continue to release such beautiful and melancholic pain in the form of your raw and gripping music. Your sound is forever unique and your tales of sombre reflection, deep honest perspectives and daring storytelling are what make you a judge's and fan's favorite kind of artist. Aside from your natural skills, you embed true human connection within the poetic and melodic linings of your craft, and this is another gem worth a listen and such recognition and praise. You bring to life every word and keep the live performance aspect at a high end standard. Thank you for sharing and creating another moment to embellish in, looking forward to more of your originals without a doubt.

Honourable Mentions

My Top 7 In A Particular Order : )

1. @mariajruizb's "Caruso" By Lucio Dalla Cover Song


5. @siomarasalmeron's "Luna De Margarita" By Simón Diaz Cover Song


7. @wilins' "Perdidos y Encontrados / Lost And Found" Original Song


Special Mentions

I want to mention more people, but I keep my judging strict for a reason. Many of you inspire me and make an impact. There simply are too many wonderful artists here, which is why open mic continues to grow. Keep playing and sharing please.

Artist On My Radar From Week 103

@gugamusic @jhosepdelgado @josesanteliz @rawvega @yisusgtr @felixjfarfan @maximilianoflute @manuelmusic @dearw @juliolunar @alejandra23

Apparently a lot of people don't know that I, @Verbal-D, am a Hip Hop Emcee as much as I am a singer/songwriter/beat producer, so I will continue to showcase from now on the song that inspired @Luzcypher to create the Open Mic Contest that we are all apart of today. I hope it inspires you to write original music.

The Official Steemit Song By @Verbal-D, Feat. @Papa-Pepper & @EdgarStudio

A Must Read Rap Verse Of Why I Love Hip Hop

Creating & Sharing Positive, Conscious, & Inspiring Hip Hop To All
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More original music from me coming very soon, stay tuned to my profile this week. I'll be releasing more live performances and professionally recorded tracks shortly.

Thank you for viewing and reading this post in its entirety, I hope you enjoyed it for what it's worth.

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Gracias por la mención, @verbal-d. Greetings, dude!

Great week and love your picks.

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Thank you so much for the honourable mention! An honour indeed to be included in such company.