Open Mic Week 103 - Top 5 and Honorable Mentions

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We are about to hit HF20 and trying to get all the ducks in a row have slown down my usual slowness even more. But here I am putting out this post a little late in the day. Better late than never!!!!

Without any more delays, here we go:

First Place.-

@cristmounicou -

I've seen a few of @cristomounicou's entries in the past few weeks. Every single time, If thought to myself this steemian is going places. I can tell she can command a stage, she's got that confidence you require to make people look, and listen. I took to listens to this song today, as I was getting ready to post this and thought... Yeap.. this is her best one yet.

Second Place.-

@alejandra23 - Big girls don't cry(cover)

I just loved this performance, talk about being talented and resourceful. Alejandra is just an amazing talent, an amazing singer, and someone who does not shy away from tackling songs that require a crazy range. Bravo!!!

Third Place.-

@paintingangels - Revelation (original song)

Serena just has a special gift, honestly that is all I can say. I've never once heard one of her songs that has not touched my heart. How is that even possible? I might have become her biggest fan. This tune is just too special.

Fourth Place.-

@juliolunar - Have you ever seen the rain(cover)

Julio did an amazing job this week. I really enjoyed his take on this classic, and of course as big CCR fan this is right up my street. I was singing along the whole time.

Fifth Place.-

@katrina-ariel - Thick wall tender heart(original)

I loved this song, I love how the song came to be, and the lyrics are simply fantastic. I have to say that I imagined the production to be 100% country myself, but I guess it could go in many directions. Bravo Katrina!!!

Honorable Mentions

In no particular order, these are some of the performances I loved this week.... I'm super grateful for being someone who gets to listen to this talent.

@kayclarity - Unsexy (cover)

Don't forget to checkout the official Steemit OpenMic judges picks from @passion-ground @krystle @soundlegion and @verbal-d. Winners selected and announced every Monday on @luzcypher's blog page.

My deepest of Gratitudes

I would like to personally thank @ausbitbank, @curie and @aggroed for helping out our community. It's inspiring to see leadership taking the initiative to keep our beloved #openmic alive like this and its to me the biggest bullish indicator that we are on our way to a better, brighter tomorrow.

To our long time patron @pfunk once again, thank you for backing this project as you have for so long. I hope seeing the community rally behind the contest that we love so much made you proud. We have something very special here, and you've been key for it to be what it has become.

Long live the openmic!!!

That is it for me my friends... Have a safe hardfork!! don't be fomoing into the pumps!!

But hey friend, before you leave my post musical brother or musical sister, please know that despite the fact that we call this a competition, even though my post says first, second, third place, that is not what matters about the #openmic. In the end of the day the judges are just as human, as flawed and beautiful as everyone else on this planet. The ethos of this contest, of this community, is simply for us to have special place to share our passion for music, for us to laugh together, to cry together and explore emotions that everyday life seems to neglect in one way or another.

Every single one of you is valuable to me, so thank you for being part of my musical family...

Much love

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hahahahahahahaa "crazy range" hahahahahahhahaha i love that hahahahahaha

Fantastic picks this week!

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Hno @meno. Que bueno q te haya gustado el cover. Un abrazo desde esta tierra.

AHHHH!!! Thank you for picking my song as one of the top 5! That's really encouraging. So much talent, I'm seriously honoured to be featured with these other musicians.

Great project! Happy monday!

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