Open Mic Week 103: "A Drop In The Ocean" Cover by Ron Pope

in openmic •  last year  (edited)

Hey everyone so this is my cover of Ron Pope's a drop in the ocean, and I know I messed up a few times but I really needed to just post this or else I'd probably still be recording over and over telling myself it isn't good. Life has been hard and music really helps me cope but this is new for me, and it was hard to climb that mountain so please don't be too hard on me haha. I plan to do an original next week but for now like i said I really just needed to get started so with that, I hope you enjoy.

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Welcome, @rawvega! Have a nice trip!

Cool cover, bro...

Awesome! U got Style an amazing voice and an immense amount of talent. You truly are a Superstar in the making. Your mother must be very proud of you. I can't wait to see what you post next.