🎶 Open Mic Week 49 - Judges Top 5 Selection 🎶

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Hello to all, here we are with another week of Open Mic here on steemit - this contest never fails to impress me, each week there are new people entering for the first time.

There is so much talent showing up each week it amazes me, the best part is seeing how supportive the community is towards one and other - especially when you consider it's a contest and these people are your competition.

There seems to be no rivalry or hatred, instead our little contest is seeing entrants reach out in support of one another - offering encouragement and it really is humbling, to be a part of such an amazing community of like minded individuals who just want to enjoy and share music.

Again there were just so many amazing entries, a big congratulations for those participating each week - I can't mention you all but know your music is truly appreciated, without further delay here is my top 5 selection for this weeks contest.

1st Place - @elliotjgardner - Nobody Knows Me at All

What can I say but damn, from the very first note on the guitar @elliotjgardner sets the tone of the song - then his amazing soulful vocals begin and you are transferred to another place.

I just love the sultry tone tone of his voice, the deeper notes and the impeccable control during his subtle yet precise vocal gymnastics really make the song amazing.

I have enjoyed pretty much every entry into the contest from him, but this week his entry was perfect - I strongly recommend for you all to check it out.

2nd Place - @carlgnash - The Mountain Wind

From the moment he begins to play you can feel the haunted tone of the song, this original song is dripping with emotion and feeling - not too mention the impressive ability to make you feel the need to move and get involved with the song.

Relistening to it now I can't help but try to sing along with it him, the tune hits you even harder when you read the post mentioning some of the motivation for the lyrics.

A deeply impactful entry that speaks to your soul, yet embodies creative passion filled music - you really need to hear this song fro yourself, so please check it out.

3rd Place - @branhmusic - A note to self

Here we have yet another amazing entry from @branhmusic, his original songs always provide entertainment but above all a high quality performance.

His work doesn't fail to impress, with a unique sound found in each of his songs I just love his style and the thoughtful deep lyrics featured in his songs - I truly enjoy trying to sing along with his songs each and every week he enters.

If you haven't had the chance yet to check out his entries I strongly recommend you head over and check them out now.

4th Place - @dan-atstarlite - Volatile (aka Sexy Steem)

Well here is an entry you won't soon forget, The Steem Birds are a duo act of two talented steemians who really seem to enjoy participating in this contest - I just love the energy they exude in all of their entries into this competition.

If I had one suggestion to all entrants it would be to check out the energy in this performance, they actually perform the song as if they are in front of an audience and it draws in the viewer it's enticing - I understand not all songs suit this approach (sad emotional songs etc) the confidence shines through and enhances all of their performances.

The Steem Birds create fun and energetic original songs that are worth watching for their entertainment value alone, really worth checking them out.

5th Place - @drewley - Gentle Rain

Well I just love his beautiful relaxing original piano pieces, his music manages to make you feel an escape to go on a journey during the music - it's absolutely poetic in it's structure, I love how full his entries sound even with just the piano.

There is a depth and emotion conveyed in his compositions that makes the songs sound full and complex, some of the harmonic tones that come through in this song make me feel a haunted undertone - that is then coupled with angelic high notes that transform the sound further.

His music is simply brilliant, I love each and every entry I have seen from @drewly and I can't recommend checking out his work enough.

Honourable Mentions:

With only five places each week we as judges are faced with a somewhat impossible task, of taking a huge number of very talented musicians and whittling it down to our selection each week.

So here are a few extra entries from this week's contest that I just couldn't ignore, my honourable mentions list even had to be reduced this week.

I've tried to leave a little note to everyone as to why they have made the special mentions this week, but truly another amazing week - all entrants should feel proud of their contributions.

@addiesworld amazing entry, simply stunning original song - you are just so talented can't wait to hear what you enter next week!

@rushy.wanderer your duo with your brother was beautiful, I really look forward to seeing you to enter again - whilst you said in your post your performance was a little shaky, I just wanted to say I can hear some pretty amazing vocals from the both of you.

I especially liked hearing how the competition has managed to give you a way to spend more time with your brother, it is awesome to see music and this contest bringing loved ones together.

@melavie you have an amazing ability to write and sing, I loved your entry simply a stunning song so full of soul - I look forward to seeing your entry next week.

@clintjunior your entries are always a pleasure to hear, I love the tone of your voice - looking forward to seeing your entry in next week's contest.

@meno I really enjoyed your original entry in this week's competition, your composition and melody are awesome - but really a great entry, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next week!

@oliverwaterman your classical guitar entries are always amazing and such a pleasure to hear each week, can't wait to hear your entry for next week.

@steelygeoff it is awesome to hear your entries each week, you can make that guitar sing - I just love your entries, I look forward to seeing your entry in this week's contest.

@morodiene you have some real talent there I just love this lively full sounding piano piece, it seems almost familiar to me - I have a feeling I may have danced to this in ballet when I was a child, can't wait to hear your entry for next week's contest.

So there we have it week 49 done and dusted and we move onto week 50, the contest has almost been running a full year already - it is just so unbelieveable how much and how fast this has grown, and how much it still has yet to go.

I would like to suggest to all those entering open mic that you might like to check out the Minnow Support Project on discord chat, there are countless rooms to check out including music rooms where you can share your entries to the community.

Through MSP the Peace Abundance and Liberty chat is a great place to interact and start to get to know other steemians, this can also help you build your following with access to more than 5000 like minded steemians.

On top of all of this we also have voting bots, where you can submit your posts to be supported by the project - every vote counts!

What was your favourite entry this week?

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Thanks for including me in your picks @krystle, so pleased to have placed this week!


Really liked your entry last week! You deserved to place 1st 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


No worries at all, your entry was amazing and I truly enjoyed it :) congratulations!

Thank you so much for the kind words @krystle! Glad you enjoyed my song. And props for being a judge on this contest, I know it is a huge time commitment just listening to every entry let alone comparing and judging the entries. Much love - Carl


I like you have a post


No worries at all I really loved the song and found myself singing along with you, always a great sign for a great song - keep up the great music and cheers for entering :)

Interesting to see that all the although the judges share a few common choices (usually the winners), the honourable mentions are often quite distinct per judge.

Glad these are being posted, as I would not normally have time to check out all the entries. These highlight are great to have, so thanks for that!


I think that there are just so many amazing entries we all want to ensure the best at least get a mention, our influences and history with music are different though and I guess that will shine through as well.

I really enjoy the energy you guys bring to the competition, thanks for entering - I look forward to hearing what you two do next, Cheers :)

Some pretty good singers there krystle, you have your work cut out for you, cheers.


That's the truth of it, just went through this week's entries - this job will never get any easier, Cheers :)

These are truly talented musicians. That is the thing I liked about Steemit, just how supportive this community. And that is also the reason why I enjoyed blogging here so much.


That's just it the love and support available in this community is unlike anything I've ever experienced before, open mic is an extension of that - how often do people in competition with each other willing offer their opponents so much support?

Steemit is awesome - Cheers :)


Yes, that is why I am so happy to blog here, the kindness and support of this community. For example when I shared the artwork done by my autistic son, I received so much love and support from this community.

So much talent! Loving Addie at the moment.... @rushy.wanderer's audio clipping doesn't do her voice justice. I can hear power with great control, but not too sure because of bad audio.. hopefully to hear from her again...


Yeah @addiesworld is pretty phenomenal, I just love her voice and her songwriting is way up there.

As for @rushy.wanderer I agree there were moments where I heard amazing promise but there was just too much audio disruption to be sure, I really hope and encourage her to enter again hopefully this time with better audio.

This contest is fierce already and growing every week, we have so truly amazingly talented artists it's making life difficult in regards to choosing - cheers :)


yeah i can only imagine..

Great picks this week @krystle. Thanks for all your help. Resteemed


No worries mate happy to help :)

This is a really great post and weekly review of all that goes on at openmic each week... Thank you, @krystle!


Glad your enjoying them, I'm trying to share the love around best I can - so many worthy mentions each week, cheers for entering :)

Wow... Great talents @krystle
You guys are doing great...I really enjoyed all those contestants.... Keep it up guys


I agree they are awesome, but there are just so many to list them all - worth checking out the open mic tag to check out all the talent, cheers :)


Will do and tks for sharing...do also visit my blog post....your well informed comments will be appreciated...😉

I love steemit. So many great ideas. Like this one! Thanks @krystle!


You do not want to face the wrath of my bunghole!!


There will be more bungholes after me!

Wow amazing, it is great video and good post. thanks @krystle
have a nice day.

Wow entertaining videos. Loved it. Thank you for sharing wth us

wow nice post

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Thanks for sharing. Love it. Followed...

@krystle yeah! Why I have never considered that until eventually now. Tend to be the animals immortal in advance of male fully commited sin???.

Wow it's amazing

Good post Can you please upvote and follow me that would be very generous from you thank you

It great all video. very beautiful music. thanks for your post.
like and resteem

Buen post, muy interesante

Saludos desde Ecuador :)