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Trading cryptocurrencies right now has been a bit hassle and takes time. Many exchanges, needs registration, ID verification, KYC and any other multi-step processes are needed in order for the user to perform an exchange or a transaction.Some requires you to agree in their terms of policies and cookies and many other verifications where are very time consuming. Some exchanges only offers a small range of selection of cryptocurrencies and some has very high transaction fees.

Many problems have arised in trading cryptocurrencies. Until then, OnePageX is launched. I am certain that this exchange will be very helpful to traders and especially to new-users because this exchange is very user-friendly and no registration needed. What's also good about this exchange is that it provides transaction status indicators which gives an idea of the users on current status of their transaction.


OnePageX is a cryptocurrency exchange with a very simple interface. OnePageX does not require any registration. OnePageX exchange process happens in a few clicks in a single page and so it is named “OnePageExchange” or simply “OnePageX” . OnePageX have the best selection of several cryptocurrencies and attains the best prices of any other cryptocurrencies. This exchange aims to simplify the trading process and strives to make it more user-friendly. Exchange fast and easy without hassle and waste of time, only in OnePageX!

OnePageXbelieves that greatness comes from simplicity and not from complexity. OnePageXenvisions to give service that allows users to convert cryptocurrencies easily and without hassle. This is attained by eliminating registration and other multi-step processes. This makes OnePageX transaction processes happen in a few clicks and in a single page.

Since OnePageX had just launched lately, all cryptocurrencies are only converted from Bitcoin and is converted to several cryptos. But it is rest assured that in the following weeks, users can be able to convert cryptocurrencies not just from Bitcoin but to many other cryptocurrencies. Numerous upcoming developments will allow users to convert more cryptocurrencies making OnePageX a one-stop exchange for several cryptos.


  • Transaction in a single Page

    OnePageX provides a faster transaction for the satisfaction of the users. OnePageX eleminates multi-step processes. That is why transaction processes happens in a few clicks in a single page.


  • No Registration Required, thus Privacy is Obtained

    Many exchanges or cryptocurrency converters right now are present and is used by many. One of the problem of those exchanges is that in order to convert cryptocurrencies to that certain exchange you must go through a registration and some multi-step processes which takes time. And so, this problem is solved by OnePageX. OnePageXdoes not require any registration to perform a transaction. If a user makes a transaction, their Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or links will be put on a session. You can bookmark the page or copy the link where you made the transaction and paste the link in order to come back and see the status of your transactions.
    For the reason that there is no registration required, the name or the information of the user will remain anonymous keeping the user safe.

    Why is it important that OnePageXdoes not require registration?

There are many exchanges right now that needs registration in order for the user to perform an action. Moreover, some exchanges also needs your ID to be verified so that you can perform a transaction. This feature of some exchanges really needs time and registration or ID verification takes some of your time. This is also some of the reasons why users does not use those exchanges. But with OnePageX, you can convert cryptocurrencies without your time wasted for registration and multi-step processes. Thus, without registration, you name or personal information is secured and your privacy is obtained.
  • Best Price and Wide Selection of Cryptocurrencies

    OnePageXensures that the users will have a one-stop exchange for several cryptocurrencies. And so, OnePageX consolidates with exchanges and attain the best prices for any cryptocurrencies to ensure the satisfaction of the users.
    OnePageX have the best selection of cryptocurrencies. In the present, this exchange offers more crypto pairs to other cryptocurrency conversion exchanges. Users won’t have a limited selection in cryptocurrency exchanging. In fact, OnePageX have more than 140 cryptocurrencies to offer.

    Why is it important to have a wide selection of cryptocurrencies?

A wide selection of cryptocurrencies will make OnePageXa single exchange for several cryptocurrencies. This will make OnePageX attract more users and traders since they will only visit one site whenever they will perform an exchange. This feature of OnePageX will make the user save time in exchanging 3 or more cryptocurrencies because they will not visit other cryptocurrency converter in order to convert many cryptos. This is due to the fact that OnePageX offers several cryptocurrencies.

What makes OnePageXfast and easy is that it allows several transactions in a single page. These transactions are added in a “session” or in cards. Users may bookmark the page of transaction or by copying and pasting the link in order to check the transaction any time.

  • Transaction Fees

With the arising cryptocurrency exchanges, one of the problems are the transaction fees. Some have very high transaction fee, more than 1% and it makes some users lose the interest to use that certain exchange. Compared to some exchanges, OnePageXonly charges 0.5% together with some very small network fee on all transactions. All transaction fees are shown. With the small transaction fees, users and traders can exchange and receive with bigger amounts compared to some exchanges with higher transaction fees. This makes users and traders be encouraged to use OnePageX for the fact that its transaction fees are small.

  • Transaction Time

OnePageXtransactions are then processed once the confirmation of deposited currency is finished. In depositing the currency, the confirmation of your deposited currency may vary based on asset, fee paid and blockchain congestion. Remember that when this happens, this is a problem on the blockahin and not on OnePageX but then, transactions are then processed once the confirmation of deposited currency is done. Transactions are completed or finished at most 25 minutes.

  • Transaction Status Messages or Indicators

    When a user makes a transaction, OnePageXprovides transaction status messages or indicators in order to provide an idea to the current state of the user’s transaction.

Transaction card that are newly created


Two confirmations are processing for Bitcoin to be converted to ETH


Confirmations are done. Withdrawal is awaiting.


Withdrawal is finished!


  • Other Status Messages


1. 0 of X confirmations

Your deposit is still unconfirmed on the blockchain and has not been received yet. This can occur because of blockchain congestion or a low transaction fee. Unfortunately, this is a blockchain issue and not a OnePageX issue, your transaction will be processed once confirmed on the blockchain.

2. Withdrawal Queued

Your exchange has been completed. Withdrawals are batched and sent out periodically. Your transaction will be completed very soon.

3.Below Minimum

The minimum deposit limit is shown before all transactions. We would love to process even the smallest of transactions but due to per-transaction costs and minimum withdrawal amounts it is not feasible. Unfortunately, all deposits below the minimum are forfeited. Please ensure that your deposit is within the stated limits and has a non-zero result in the estimator.

4. Flagged For Review

There appears to be an issue with your transaction. Rest assured your funds are safe. An admin will review your transaction and it will be processed as soon as possible. This can occur if there is an issue outside of our control that prevents exchange or withdrawal.

There are many websites right now that talks about cryptocurrencies such as cryptocurrency news, their prices and what cryptocurrency has the highest or the lowest price for that day. Some users and traders might get interested and buy that specific cryptocurrency. But in order to do that they must go to another website to perform the action which takes time. With this problem, OnePageX made a widget that can be implemented to all websites. This widget is called OneBox. OneBox allows websites to let users do a quick cryptocurrency exchange within the site or without navigating to a cryptocurrency exchange.

2.Click the widget tab

3.Copy the source code to your web page


Use Case #1 (No registration)

Layla has many Bitcoins in his wallet and she noticed that the Bitcoins price that time was very high. So Layla, thought of withdrawing her Bitcoins. Her bitcoins, if converted to dollars have very high value and she was afraid that if someone might know her information, that someone might search for her and steal her money. So she finds for an exchange that has no registration in order to save time and as well as keeping her personal information private . She knew that Bitcoins has high transaction fee so she wanted to convert it to Ethereum. So Layla, finds for an exchange that can convert Bitcoin to Ethereum and has no registration needed. Luckily, Layla found OnePageX. Layla then navigated to OnePageXand Convert her Bitcoins to Ethereum and then withdraw her Ethereum from her Ethereum wallet.

With OnePageX, Layla is now confident in converting her cryptocurrencies even how high the value is she will be withdrawing and she can now convert easily without the need of registration.

Use Case #2 (Wide Selection of Cryptocurrencies)

Jason is an active trader of several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Binance Coin, DASH and many other cryptocurrencies. Jason had many Bitcoins stored in his wallet and his friend told him about several cryptocurrencies that will have a price boom in the succeeding and months. He thought that if he will convert his Bitcoin to those certain cryptocurrencies providing that those will have a price hike, his money might be double, tripled or simple he will gain a lot. Due to this fact, he want to convert his bitcoin to those cryptocurrencies. So he searched for some cryptocurrency converters and exchanges but those sites does not offer the cryptocurrencies that he want to exchange in a single place and in order for him to exchange his bitcoin to some cryptocurrencies he must use many converters or websites. And this is hassle and takes too much of his time. Until such time, he heard about OnePageX. He was informed that OnePageX offers several cryptocurrencies.

Luckily, all the cryptocurrencies that he wants to convert from Bitcoin is available in OnePageX. So, he then used OnePageXand successfully converted his Bitcoin to several cryptocurrencies.

Use Case #3 (Integration of OneBox)

Chris owns a websites that provides a ranking chart app of cryptocurrencies( cryptocurrency that has the highest and the lowest price), latest news about cryptocurrency and some traders guess on the cryptocurrency that might increase in price. For the past years in running his site, many users and traders get interested to some cryptocurrencies and decided to buy some crypto. The users and traders will then go to some exchanges, register and then buy the cryptocurrency that they get interest to. This thing is a waste of time for users because they still have to go to another website in order for them to perform the transaction.

Chris have noticed this problem and decided to merge an exchange to his website. He had found many exchanges but those exchanges needs registration and ID verification and still, it takes time for users. Until such time, Chris heard about OnePageX. He then knew about OneBoxand decided to put OneBoxto his website in order for the users to have a single place to stay to where they can know the latest cryptocurrency news and to do quick cryptocurrency exchanges without navigating to another website

I created a video for OnePageX to explain what OnePageX is all about through animations ang graphics.

More Information & Resources:


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