Good! A new badge for me!

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It's coming ;). Thank you for your support.

Thank you m8.
Sharing is caring lets make 2020 the year of #steemit

If you still have one free vote and want to support our project, vote for our witness!

Unfortunately I already casted all 30 votes to the Top non-Sun Yuchen's Minions for now. But as soon as a HF comes to fix the vulnerabilities of our network, one of my votes will be yours.

Thank you for your support of our legit witnesses, @fernandosoder. They need it more than us at the moment. We will be happy when things get better and you can cast your vote to us. Thank you!

Wicked awesomesauce idea, @steemitboard! Thanks so much for offering this. I reshuffled my witness votes yesterday, and proxied all my family's accounts & my alts to help raise up the original top 30.

Oh, and any chance you might offer a "Blocked by Ned on Twitter" badge in the future as well...? 😂

high five confetti thank you.gif

There is a new "stealth" Ned badge to grab. Try to find it ;)

OMG!!!! Don't do that to me, @steemitboard - I SO want it, but I was just about to walk away from my keyboard....
now I'm going to be obsessively looking for how to get it.... 😂

Lol I’ll take that badge 😅

Your badge is coming. We have a few thousands to distribute and it will take some time.

Very nice, I hope to see everyone earn one of these.

Yours is coming soon. Thank you for your support @enjar

I used all of my 30 witness votes. Most of them yesterday (on 2020.03.03), but some of the votes earlier, and one of the votes went to @steemitboard.

Thank you for your great support @xplosive, much appreciated!

@steemitboard 👍
Yesterday and today I updated my witness votes ✔ March ''4th'' 2020
As for those sockpuppet names, I've seen more creative socks on youtube lol

Thank you for the !BEER and your support @shasta. Your badge is coming

Thank you so much for the awesome badge @steemitboard!! :-)
Not sure the !BEER showed up so I will post another! lol

Hey @steemitboard, here is a little bit of BEER from @shasta for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

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