Good! A new badge for me!

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It's coming ;). Thank you for your support.

Thank you m8.
Sharing is caring lets make 2020 the year of #steemit

If you still have one free vote and want to support our project, vote for our witness!

Unfortunately I already casted all 30 votes to the Top non-Sun Yuchen's Minions for now. But as soon as a HF comes to fix the vulnerabilities of our network, one of my votes will be yours.

Thank you for your support of our legit witnesses, @fernandosoder. They need it more than us at the moment. We will be happy when things get better and you can cast your vote to us. Thank you!

Wicked awesomesauce idea, @steemitboard! Thanks so much for offering this. I reshuffled my witness votes yesterday, and proxied all my family's accounts & my alts to help raise up the original top 30.

Oh, and any chance you might offer a "Blocked by Ned on Twitter" badge in the future as well...? 😂

high five confetti thank you.gif

There is a new "stealth" Ned badge to grab. Try to find it ;)

OMG!!!! Don't do that to me, @steemitboard - I SO want it, but I was just about to walk away from my keyboard....
now I'm going to be obsessively looking for how to get it.... 😂

Lol I’ll take that badge 😅

Your badge is coming. We have a few thousands to distribute and it will take some time.

Very nice, I hope to see everyone earn one of these.

Yours is coming soon. Thank you for your support @enjar

I used all of my 30 witness votes. Most of them yesterday (on 2020.03.03), but some of the votes earlier, and one of the votes went to @steemitboard.

Thank you for your great support @xplosive, much appreciated!

@steemitboard 👍
Yesterday and today I updated my witness votes ✔ March ''4th'' 2020
As for those sockpuppet names, I've seen more creative socks on youtube lol

Thank you for the !BEER and your support @shasta. Your badge is coming

Thank you so much for the awesome badge @steemitboard!! :-)
Not sure the !BEER showed up so I will post another! lol

Hey @steemitboard, here is a little bit of BEER from @shasta for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Definitely onboard with this ^>^ I used the last of my votes on just this.

Thank you for your support @sn0n. You will get your badge soon ;)

what if we voted for 29 witnesses prior and then added 1 ...
I want a badge :)

That's perfect. You will get it!

Sweet! I am happy to hear I'll get one too. Thank-you @steemitboard

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Thank you for this @steemitboard / @arcange. I appreciate your efforts! Sounds like you are working on getting the badges out, which I am sure is a big task. Looking forward to receiving it, but no hurry ... 👍

votados estimado

Благодарю за поддержку семья!)

I want my badge, my 30 witnesses are voted ... And of course 20 of us have 11 among the 20 main witnesses but something else is missing, of course I think they should not stop going to a healthy negotiation.

Thank you for your unfailing @sampraise, really appreciated!

After all the terrible news, something nice. Thank you so much for the badge.

You're welcome @jeenger. Glad you like it ;)

A badge to be worn with pride, thank you for initiating, marking this moment in blockchain history.

@steemitboard, Only together we are power! Our community and all the amazing Steemians were able to unite and make this breakthrough to help pull up at least some of the main witnesses of our blockchain. This is already a good indicator of how we can act if trouble has come to our house. Of course, when the situation stabilizes, I will review my votes among the witnesses to distribute them properly, and one of my votes will belong to you again, like all my previous years here, but that will be later ... In the meantime, I had to act that way. Thank you for this commemorative sign.👍STEEM ON 💪😊

I proxied my votes to SteemLeo who voted for all the original witnesses.
Normally I don't vote but I decided this time it was important.

I had 2 votes left so I went ahead and used them. Badge or no badge.

Thank you for your support @empath, really appreciated!

This is a much appreciated initiative!!
All of this, I think, will make us grow with more strength!!
Best wishes for all the Team at @SteemitBoard!!

Nice badge! Nice rally too!!!

I think I was wong about you.
May I be back on the badge thing again please?

Great idea. Crossing my fingers for something good to come out of this, but for now it's just awesome to see all the community support.

Excellent another one to add to my collection, does it require only voting for the top? I have a few lower down I cannot bring myself to remove votes from.

Thank you for your unfailing support @d00k13, really appreciated!

No sweat 😎

That's a badge I am really proud of. Thank you very much.

Ps: Your resume of the situation is excellent. Concise and to the point. Kudos!

Thank you @ervin-lemark

ATM we just miss your witness vote. So if you still have one free witness vote left, feel free to support us back: vote for our witness.
You will get one more badge and more powerful upvotes from us on your posts with your next notifications.

Hello and I know I don't vote for your witness. It's just that I cast my votes to the first thirty human witnesses when the #SteemHostileTakeOver started.

Anyways, I intend to power up some more Steem and at that time I will go through my votes.

Done! You have 19 MV more :)

Steem on. Let us protect the chain.

Thank you for your support @szf, really appreciated!

Hello there.
I'm quite new here and am now studying witnesses. (What a great time to start Steemit, as recent events pushed everyone to talk about what's happening behind the scenes)
My first question would be, is it truly illegal for exchanges to use the funds at their disposal to cast votes? I understand it is not "right" and the lack of prior communication doesn't help their case but, don't we somehow forfeit the right to vote by letting them hold our tokens?
Secondly, are there exchanges planning on building/allowing User Interface for holders to have their own voice?
I would also ask anyone reading this to kindly forward me resources to help me select witnesses (I'll do my own research in the meantime, don't you worry)
Thanks in advance and have a good day.

As a newbie if I knew how to do this I would !

Thank you! Shiny badges make me smile.

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I proxied my voting to @stop.token, which is supporting the community witnesses. Does it count towards the badge? @cadawg

@steemitboard would have to answer that one. You can check @stop.token's witness votes here (for @steemitboard)

I'd appreciate it if this counts towards the badge, @steemitboard =)

Also: We have the same goal, so it'd make sense to work together, so what do you say?

We will check that. More work for us 😅, if you want the badge, the best way to do it currently (unfortunately) is to stop proxying and start voting manually.

Thanks, I did that. I think @stop.token is a cool project. Thanks for spending time on it.

A great idea!

The one good thing that came as a result of these troubles: A lot more people learned how to vote for witnesses and did it :)

Nice and shiny new badge! screw Justin Sun's Takeover Attempt..

STEEM will never die!!! STEEM ON 🍻🤩

steeem until your dreams come truuuu!!

Good !!!
Thanks telah menawarkan saya penghargaan yang sangat berguna ini.

I am more happy to see you,

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This badge will be awarded to all users who started to vote for witnesses after Justin Sun’s takeover and have used all their 30 votes.

#InTheTrenchesBadge 👍😎

It IS Great The Community To Have Inspiration! It IS Like A Big Boost For Everything Surrounding Us!

I voted you for witness months ago @steemitboard, and used up all my witness votes Wednesday in our bid to regain control.
How to I get that badge? Where would it go? I have a PHC badge on my Steempeak homepage. That would be nice to have another badge there as well.

We've got 10 witnesses in the top 20. One more for majority.


This post has been manually curated, resteemed
and gifted with some virtually delicious cake
from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Manually curated by @solominer.

@helpie is a Community Witness.

Love your subtitle "We are a community that can't be bought!". It is so revolutionary, and I'm happy to see that so many people support that.
I voted for witness with all of my 30 votes. Hope everyone will do the same.

Congratulations, it is great the work and effort you do, greetings to all the team that makes it possible...regards

confused. can someone put on the list please for whom i used vote now. i have no idea what actual witness does

When all this happened I went and removed some votes and voted for some new witnesses including your witness. As I was telling someone else use minnows together actually have more power than the Whales, as there are way more of us than them and collectively we hold just as much steem as they do.

Good! We continue to support and defend noble and decentralized reasons and causes.

SteemVPN Stands with the Real Top 20 Witnesses

Already voted 25 to the top witnesses ( non puppet ) Used the other 5 to vote for who I like @steemitboard being one of those =)

Haven't used steemit much and only have a low balance, do my votes still matter or do you need accounts with higher balances only? Was planning to vote for the list theycallmedan put out but not sure it matters! Says I have 30 votes?

WOOT! All 30 votes cast for True Steem Users!

About time that Papillon get's this badge???

Did this long time ago :)

Medal of Honor for sure! This is a victory for everyone who fought together, and we struck hard.

Is my badge coming too?

No matter what happens. I left using the steemit a while ago but as soon as I get the news of it's sale I came back to support my community. Right now I've cast my vote for the steemitboard! anyone who's taking a step against Justin and his puppets. Just let me know via message in my wallet or by tagging me somewhere. I've allot of community members with me who're coming back to steemit just to show their support against Justin. Let's bring the steemit back to it's original form!

Right now I've 25 votes left to be casted and many of my friends have all the 30 waiting to be used against the Tyrant Justin who always seeks to fill his pocket nothing more!

I have 16 votes left, wish there's a list of witnesses recommended by the community, any idea where to find it?

I voted for @steemitboard long ago, and I guess none of the others I voted for are mentioned above. Suggestions please?

I have all my 30 witnesses in place.

I forgot how to check who I voted for as witness. I plan to unvote useless ones

I already vote for you 😉 and I would never vote for any of the witnesses up there.. Fake ones and as a community we stick together ❤️

Ty for the Badge

A new badge for me too! :)

Thanks for year of Seemit and many more. cheers

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Thanks for the badge👍.

I want that badge pls :)

Estupendo :) A ver qué viene después

New badge 4 me

I tried to vote for witnesses, and it says that I already voted. It seems my account was hijacked

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