Task #6: Review A Media DApp!

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Task Details And Guidelines

Follow this blog for task details: https://steemit.com/social/@dapplovers/3vf52x-review-a-social-dapp-and-earn-rewards-ft-state-of-the-dapps

Task Entries

Submit your entries and "Proof of work" as a single comment under this post. Kindly do not spam the comment section. A single person can have multiple entries but they should be of different DApps.


Here is my Entry

steemit post


Well, this was a rather timely task for me as I finally get to join the amazin @steempress-io community. My website is nearly done and it was a great opportunity to guide others on how to get set up.

Here's my Entry Post...


* Steem/Dtube Post

* Twitter Promo

* Whaleshares Post

* Facebook Post

-Best Wishes Everyone, Keep on Spreading the Good Vibes


Where do you upvote a SteemPeak post?

You click the heart and a voting slider pops up..

Hi, its me again. haha.

This time i went offchain and visited Ethereum. I have a wallet there so i didnt have to waste time with the keys and the storing and everything else.

This is the link to my "Upfiring" dapp review:

And the link to my twitter post:


Hi! My review for Ulogs - Media

Hey this is my review of Steepshot


Here is my 1st Entry(Steepshot media Dapp review)

Steemit blog
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Here is my review of Steepshot, Steepshot Review
Twitter link: Twitter

Hi! My review for SteemPress - Media

Hello! My review of esteem dapp:
Steemit post

Twitter share

Medium share

Here is my contribution to this application, in addition to my experience as a user using the application:


Shared on my social networks ;)


Thank you @oracle-d.task for your awesome task

My review for @esteem

My TWITTER share link__

My dapp review link __ https://steemit.com/dtube/@certain/vp72wwf1

My 2nd review

Steemit post

Twitter link

My Review of MTonomy.

Happy Weekend Everyone, Enjoy some movies...


Whaleshares Post

Twitter Post

An in depth review of dpoll

Coming from a top dpoll user, I figure a review of dpoll cannot be better than this :)

Steemit Post


Link to my tweet


I gave it a first try here

Below is details of my review of eSteem application.

Hi! Here's my review of ulog:

Steemit Post

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