Review a Media DApp & Earn Rewards ft. State Of The DApps!

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Hello Everyone, we are here with another task for Media Enthusiasts in association with State of the Dapps. Please read the UPDATED guidelines and instructions carefully before your participation. Tag your Steem friends who might be interested in doing this one.


  • Every blog that meets Oracle-D requirements & guidelines mentioned in this blog will be rewarded with upvotes based at our own discretion.
  • Top 5 content pieces will get full OD upvotes.


Start date: 21 - Mar- 2019
End date: 28 - Mar - 2019


Share your STEEM blogs/vlogs on Twitter & Medium with hashtags mentioned in the task below, and drop the links in a single comment on the @oracle-d.tasks post HERE. Also, upvote & resteem this post now if you are planning to participate.


Promote and review any Media DApps listed on

PROJECT/CLIENT DETAILS – Background Research

State of the ÐApps is a curated directory of Decentralized Applications, also called ÐApps, on various blockchains. It was created to categorize and showcase developed projects built on the Ethereum Blockchain, more recently they have added support for POA, EOS and Steem.


  • Watch the video Oracle-D requirements for guidelines on how to write an Oracle-D article

  • Review any Media DApp (Other than from this list on StateoftheDapps. Video or Blog reviews or both are accepted.

  • Reviewer MUST use the dapp for at least one hour in order to obtain clear user experience and understanding. Incorporate the following points in your review:

  • Make sure there is a short, interesting, relevant introduction
  • Address how to get started using the DApp.
  • Discuss the various, main components of the DApp
  • Mention the things you think are good about the DApp
  • Mention the things you think are not good about the DApp .
  • Make a conclusion or compare the DApp to other similar DApps.
  • Use high quality graphics for your images.
  • Provide a star rating for the DApp out of 5 stars.
  • Reviewer must share their experience, including constructive criticism on how the DApp could be improved. [Check TIPS Section]

  • Mention StateofTheDapps & their website’s link in every blog. It should be embedded naturally in the review story. Also mention the DApp’s details which you can find in their profiles. For ex:

  • Share your content on twitter & medium. Tag official twitter account of @Stateofthedapps ( while posting your tweets and use SM Hashtags given below. [Check TWITTER GUIDELINES Section]

  • Drop the links of your blog & tweets in a single comment on this post.


#StateoftheDapps, #DAppReview, #Media. Tag @stateofthedapps in all your tweets. Create one more hashtag on the basis of the name of the DApps you choose to review. For ex: If you are reviewing KARMA then the hashtag would be #Karma.

KEYPHRASES, LONG TAIL KEY WORDS AND SUBJECTS TO FOCUS ON (use only those tags that are pertinent to your content)

State of the dapps, top media dapps of 2019, Dapp review, Dapps, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Social Media, Crypto Social etc.


Read the following tips on how to write reviews in order to maximize the chance to win:



  • Do a Google search / watch youtube videos about how to tweet effectively!
  • Make sure there is a picture on your twitter profile.
  • Put a reasonable amount of text in the body of your tweet in order to stop it looking like spam.
  • Make sure formatting is the same for your whole tweet. Changing text and style of tweet makes it seem spammy.
  • Make sure your title is relevant to your tweet - mentioning words in the tweet title that are not relevant to the body of the tweet is confusing and will be mistaken as spam.


  • Do not put too many tags, this looks like spam and can get you banned from twitter.
  • Do not Repeat tweets.
  • Do not mention the same person / project too many times – this can be seen as spam and can get you banned from twitter.


Please follow these guidelines for best results and high upvotes:

  • Create only high-quality professional blogs, videos, images, graphics etc.
  • The article must be at least 600-1000 words in length.
  • Share your content on various social media websites and spread the word as much as you can without spamming.
  • Follow the instructions and task specific details.
  • Original content only. Plagiarism will get you banned.
  • Enjoy your task and upvotes.

|| Follow @oracle-d.tasks for future tasks ||


I'm going to join this one for sure! One question: is it possible to win 2 tasks in a row? I'm in it for the main prize! ;-)

Maybe you guys want to join this one as well? @bengy @d0zer

Cool contest again and my friends are already doing so much great in all those contests so I would like to call them again @mango-juice @aamirijaz @calprut @mhossain @sanach @ikrahch common guys come and check it out

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Another great task, would love to invite @xawi @Pearlumie @king-oghie @dhavey @udezee @olaexcel to participate as well

Thanks for tagging me @elsiekjay . I call @cryptospa , @emsonic , @rehan12 , @hafizullah , @mamun123456 , @behelen , @eugelys and @freecrypto for this awesome task. I think it's important guys to promote steem in all other social media and to make all dapps famous in the world, so steem will moon and we will all be happy. You can tag people you know may be interested to this task. Enjoy. ☺

Thanks ;)

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Thanks Clix

Thank you clixmoney :D

I hope I'll make Dtube vlogers before closing date.
I'd like to nominate to join this promotion to @rehan12, @hafizullah, @marya77, @certain, @josediccus, @lyndsaybowes.

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Thanks Bro for the Tag ;) Cheers

That is indeed great and looking forward to it. Share your views now !!

Check it out Ladies & Gentlemen

@thereikiforest @jaynie @iamjadeline @prettynicevideo @priyanarc @snook @dearw @vincy Steem Ladies rock it now

@nathanmars @theycallmedan @runicar @d00k13 @clixmoney @cryptospa @josediccus @jeronimorubio @hafizullah @freecrypto @mamun123456 @julisavio come on guys show what you have got about the Dapps

@jlordc @ifeoluwa88 @xawi @burlarj @akomoajong @ferrate @minhaz @ashikstd Cool take a look at it guys

thank you for mention.

Thank you Bro 💖🙏💖

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Definitely excited to delve into this task as well. You guys are doing a great job keeping the community involved and united towards a common goal.

Check this out @sergiomendes @ddaily @adetorrent @kevinli @clixmoney @bobaphet @jeronimorubio @prettynicevideo @stackin

Keep the tags going...

IDK GURRLLL. I may just stop all together. Just seems not to be worth it anymore #dtube has changed somehow. Something changed 4 weeks ago or so, ever since then.... I mean look how great my #utopianio video is? and no love, not even a comment. That video was my video for my 24 hours. etc.... its rigged I feel.... I'm honestly considering just stopping all together.

No you shouldn't! The trick is to keep it going no matter what. Idk if it's rigged or not, who can tell? I haven't noticed much difference, I am however disappointed for your campaign vlog. Did you leave your link on the oracle-d post?

And you know me, I dont know how to quit but I may just cut back and see.. I'm not working hard and putting out beautiful content for nothing. I like to have validation of my work. I put them on the post. Hopefully they get it. This is why I dont like doing these things. Too many #rules. Post here, stand on one leg. Lolololol. Fuck. I thought there were no rules

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I understand what you mean amd feel. But you just have to think of your blog as a business. Sometimes you have a great season and sometimes a low season. It doesn't mean you close when the business isn't going well, you stick it out and find ways to do better. Each day is a brand new opportunity to do better, if you don't create, you'll never know what you could have achieved that day. Hope that makes sense.

No, I guess maybe that's it... shit.

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Woah, I'm super excited, I like reviews.

Thanks @dapplovers and @oracle-d for supporting DApps and reviewers, you guys are super awesome.

@diana01, @tezzmax @hornblende @tfame3865 @menoski @samminator @destinysaid time to review your favorite media dapps and stand a chance of getting upvotes when your post meets the requirements listed above.

Good luck guys

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Thanks for the tag
Will definitely do a review.

Thanks. I'd love to participate

Thanks bro this is gonna be great

Thank you brother for your new task.
This is really enthusiastic to participate in your task.
Soon I will be here with my project and I would like to mention my this fellow bloggers.- @alokkumar121

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Thanks bro for mentioning me....

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Yo! Another review task is up. Where are the media enthusiasts? Let's do this.

Hey @amec, @pearlumie, @eurogee, @ikchris, @bat-junior y'all can do this.

Resteemed for added visibility

Thank you for your constant help to the community let me get on with it.

@xawi @rehan12 @mango-juice..come on board guys

You Rock Ife Thanks ;)

Let's join this task review @happyphoenix @gethachan @ekonugraha @ayijufridar @dyslexicmom, and get the special rewards!

ohhh...…really interesting; would like to list:

@abrish thank you for the mention

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Hey guys @adesojisouljay @captain-tom @dapomola check this out!

Upvoted and resteemed, thanks
@vickykarma @cruis @certain @jackdamen

Excited for this task. I use many dApps in my daily life and it's such an amazing opportunity to review it. Will submit my review post within the timeline provided.
I invite @sumit71428 @guurry123 @rdradhe @certain for this task. Thanks

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Wow another task get ready to participate
@moghul @coolguy222 @newageinv @gowealth @blessed-girl @cruis @lexymaine

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I would like to mention
My friends

Very commendable step, we are also very excited.
I want call my friends @certain @jackdamen @brightsun @cruis

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Wooooaw..... Another great task. @oracle-d you guys are so so lovely.
Let me call on @ifeoluwa88 @fredkese @afolwalex @ammyluv @clicked @paajohnny to come and join the trail

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Upvote and resteem done.

I want to participate this contest. And I am calling @michaeljack @jaxsonevan @isabellalucas @lifeyourlife @hugonelson @frankhood @patrikcooper @dhaka123 @enjoy22a @secretecandy @lanzjoseg

Another great opportunity for us to promote our favourite media dapp Is here again. I am calling on @otemzi @tezzmax @camzy @samminator @hornblende @menoski to join me up

I will like to invite @mrs-akinlotan @ayopeju @williams-owb, @matthiasjohn @adejokeade to join this task

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Well another great task though first task i missed but this time I will participate.

And I am inviting my friends for that-
@mdshahin786 @steemersayu907 @hmetu @shuvo35 @mawahab @cryptospa

This is going to be an interesting one... Bring it on💪 @burlarj, @xawi @yungchief @ifeoluwa88

Another great opportunity for us once again. Much love @oracle-d

@rehan12 @burlarj @ifeoluwa88 @minhaz007 @mango-juice @udezee come check this out buddies!

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Thanks man

Anytime buddy!

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you should check out @jwolf, he is always reviewing the platforms from stateofthedapps on steemhunt :)

Thank you sir for the great work.
I am calling some good people to participate.

Don't know who to tag, but I am resteeming this to my more than 3600 followers.

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Thanks... but I don't use twitter or facebook or any other site like that. So this is not for me.

well buddy may be some day you will change your mind ;) @trincowski :P

I doubt that. I waste enough time already with Steem. I will only go elsewhere if this fails.

Wow! Another awesome initiative, thank you oracle-d!
Hey @burlarj @xawi @ifeowula88 @rehan12 @jlordc @ferrate @mhossain @minhaz007 @ayasha @pearlumie join this.. And become a team!

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@samminator baba this one you no tag me today??
hope you have seen this

I would gladly take part since I am currently on my own project of reviewing the many steem dapps I use. But I do not know one thing about medium. You mention it as a requirement, but do not elaborate further. Would I need to open an account there, or what does the medium component of this contest entail?

The purpose of asking you to share to Medium and Twitter is for you to share with social media. If you don't have Medium, share it with the social media that you do have.

Ok - Thank you!

An awesome task again.. I will call on my other steemian friends to join me on this task.
@crypto.piotr @zoneboy @rabiujaga @honourmaus @merlin @pauladejumo
and many others i couldnt mention with my followers. I will be resteeming this task now and i believe there will be much turn up

Hey @dapplovers I have a question, can I produce multiple entries for the contest?

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Wow again one more opportunity to showcase some creativity thanks team for bringing up this contest for us,

Very soon ill be submitting my entry.

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Submit your entries and "Proof of work" as a single comment under this post. Kindly do not spam the comment section. A single person can have multiple entries but they should be of different DApps.

This comment looks misplaced?

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This article translated @Dapplovers Review a Media DApp & Earn Rewards ft. State Of The DApps! into Japanese. I arranged a little.

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Wow another great tasks, time to know some media dapp and make use of them

Upvote and resteem done,
Calling my friends
@lecham @limonsr @sumonmim @merlin7 @abcor

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Thanks for the task super excited to do it .As soon as I will reach home I will start with this [email protected]

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Upvoted and resteemed, looks like a great task with many Dappas I am currently using I hope the review turns out good.

I did a video :) Tomorrow i will add :)

Thanks for the mention, I love a bit of Dtube and Dporn :)

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There we go, another opportunity for a blast....

I was pointed in this direction by @lordbutterfly after I read his review on dPollz ... Such a great initiative, I'm going to write a review somewhere in the next days.

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@kofie @ahlawat @paajohnny, check this out.


wow another @oracle-d tasks.... guess lets do this ....
and i would like to call @ackza, @paajonny, @bleepcoin, @julietisreal, @jotmax to join me

Thanks @Dapplovers for this contest. It's a great way to tell the world how viable and amazing #steem DApps are.

I invite @Liltom002 @Evegrace @Prettyglo @Imaluv54 @Theonlyway @You34 to join this Dapp Review

This is a cool contest and I can already imagine how competitive it is going to be. Let me invite my friends over to join me in the competition. It is more fun when the competitors are even in large numbers..
Guys come join this one: @jimmylawson, @richrita, @thegreens, @glowcommunity, @johndoer123, @mwanjo, @berthajoelle.

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Im a little tied up right now dear friend. Plus i dont have any other social media accounts except for Steemit. But i do appreciate you thinking of me. Thank you brother.

Welcome brother..
Always thinking of you

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i will review about steepshot

Hey, I just found this notification. I want to invite @khanza.aulia @khaimi @midun @face2face @davidke20 and @futuremind guys, let's participate in this project and do your best.

Thanks for mention me brother. I'll try it.

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The task is done, thanks for the opportunity !

Wrote this one differently, think it's much better than the last two. Hope you like it.


I can't seize in promoting steem to any level as long as eye can see and man can breath. My content is on the way. I tag these following steemians @mistakili @tifebaba @femcy @olumideolowokere @snappy @Nathanmars

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