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As @ocd is getting ready to start curation again and there will be a new way announced to add quality and original content authors to it we are adding a last chance for the community to recommend themselves or others they feel should be on the OCDB whitelist.

After curating for over a year with @ocd and adding 3000 underrewarded authors to the whitelist that we wanted to continue to support after the initial curation, we will now be continuing to grow the whitelist and curate users in a broad variety of content. Before you recommend authors make sure that:

  1. They aren't already on the whitelist
  2. They don't make more than $5 per post on average.
  3. They write quality and original content on a regular basis.
  4. There's been no plagiarism/abuse associated with that account.
  5. They will only use @ocdb on english content.

We will be curating your nominations over the next week but there are no promises that everyone will be added. If you aren't added to the whitelist today, keep working on your content as there will be plenty of other opportunities to join the whitelist later on.

If you make it to the whitelist, we want to warn you to only bid on posts you yourself deem to be of quality and original content, at the same time used the bids with common sense. If you post something that took little time and effort, don't overdo the max bid. We are constantly monitoring the bid queue and will be giving out warnings to users we feel are going against our principles and once you're out of the whitelist, getting back in will be near impossible.

Same thing goes for recommending people who plagiarise and abuse, if we find a pattern that you've added many of those users it might remove your chance at the whitelist as well.

If you aren't aware of what @ocdb is; basically we are the biggest non-profit distribution project that gives authors a flat 10% profit. 1 post can be purchased every 24 hours and demand and price of Steem is what adjusts the max bid. We've found a healthy way to grow distribution to a number of deserving authors as we believe this will do the platform a lot of good longterm. Since this is nonprofit we also reserve the rights to who is on the whitelist and who isn't depending on our judgement of the actions taken by those users. This does not mean that we will be trying to exclude certain users on purpose.

Now let's get to it!

Add the username of an account you feel should be added to the whitelist along with a short description of what that account writes about and why you think it'll be a good match. The account can be yours too, we just don't want people spamming usernames thus the description is required to avoid that.

If there are any further questions feel free to ask here!

@ocd will be looking for new authors joining our blockchain and giving them a chance to grow through @ocdb, if you like what we are doing and the non-profit nature of it, feel free to support us by other means such as delegating to @ocd and voting our witness @ocd-witness.

We have also been working on a lot of new additions to add to OCD and will be implementing them on a regular basis and growing our community! Feel free to join us on discord to stay up to date with news and @ocdb max bid updates

If you want to delegate to @ocdb, everyone is free to do so. We send you back 90% of the rewards (bids + curation) and 10% go to the authors bidding on their posts. Delegating does not get you whitelisted, and being whitelisted does not mean you have to delegate.


PS. I don't usually ask people to re-steem my posts or follow me, but please re-steem it this time so we don't instantly get asked how to get onto the whitelist the next day. Also follow @ocd who will be posting about their curation and finds soon again!

I hardly ever resteem anything because I am a fussy grump of a man but I shall resteem this: 0)

and i resteemed this because i am not a fussy grump of a man @meesterboom LOL

Lol, that's the stuff you secretly fussy grump!!! ;0)

haha shoot you caught me

Upvote Done and resteem done and follow done ✅

Been waiting for an opportunity to get whitelisted since learning about @ocbd from @mvd, thank you @acidyo!

Now here is hoping someone thinks my content adds value 😎

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What number of accounts can one nominate?

But write them in different comments!

Only because I hope it increases my chances of being whitelisted 😸 Karma yo!

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done! And I'm still betting someone asks tomorrow how to get on the white list! You have been incredibly patient.

I would like to apply again to be on the legendary white list.

I am very active in the German-speaking community and try hard to lead new members to Steem. I have a lot of ideas to make Steem more attractive and I would like to implement them bit by bit. Through the OCD I would have the possibility to make my contributions more popular.

A little bit about me ... I have been living in Greece for 13 years as an emigrant. I am quite social and support many projects financially. Also I am quite argumentative. I say what I think and I act as I consider it right. Thereby I got already some times in controversy with Steem :)

My contributions are diversified, once it is about how to improve Steem and then many contributions about Greece with pictures and drone videos are published.

I would only use OCD for articles that are published bilingual and that could be of interest.

Ich möchte mich hiermit auch noch einmal bewerben um auf die Sagenumwobene weiße Liste zu kommen.

Ich bin sehr aktiv in der deutschsprachigen Community und sehr bemüht neue Mitglieder zu Steem zu führen. Ich habe viele Ideen mit denen man Steem etwas attraktiver machen kann und möchte diese auch nach und nach umsetzen. Durch den OCD hätte ich dir Möglichkeit meine Beiträge bekannter zu machen.

Ein wenig über mich … ich lebe seit 13 Jahren als Auswanderer in Griechenland. Bin recht sozial eingestellt und unterstütze auch finanziell viele Projekte. Auch bin ich recht streitlustig. Ich sage was ich denke und ich handele so wie ich es für richtig halte. Dadurch bin ich auch schon einige male bei Steem in Streit geraten :)

Meine Beiträge sind breit gefächert, einmal geht es darum wie man Steem verbessern kann und dann werden viele Beiträge über Griechenland mit Bildern und Drohnenvideos veröffentlicht.

Ich würde OCD nur in Anspruch nehmen für Beiträge die zweisprachig veröffentlicht werden und die auch von Interesse sein könnten.

Seconding that one as long as he sticks to bilingual/english posts for @ocdb use. He indeed does try a lot for the German community and his posts from Greece are definitely unique content.

I was surprised you weren't on the Whitelist, you should be on it.

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I'm agree with @theaustrianguy and especially what he wrote about @greece-lover, can just agree to add him to the whitelist.

I can support the concern of @greece-lover. He is a very active member and helps the community very much. If all were so committed, the Steem Blockchain would already be better known as Facebook :-).

He is indeed a very important supporter of the German community and I agree to add him to the white list.

I also would like to see @greece-lover on the white list. He try to help the german community with his ideas.

I came to Steem through a publication on Facebook. There @greece-lover recommended Steem. He explained a lot to me and helped me a lot in his Discord. It would be nice if he is supported by you.

I would like to support the request of @greece-lover. He is a very active member He helps where he can and does a lot for the community.

he is the best i know --so from me a -- yes

I also support the concern of @greece-lover. He does a lot for the German community and is one of the most active German members on the Blockchain. One of his projects at the moment is to bring more people on the Blockchain and he has already achieved success.

@greece-lover for president :-)

he should be on white list since a long, long time.

I second this application also.

If I can nominate someone from Polish community, I nominate @nieidealna.mama

  1. She supporting the tag community about emotions, which means that people can talk about what they feel and get support. Thanks to that people get upvotes of such people as noisy, mmmmkkkk311 or planter.
  2. She often takes part in the socialization of community, for example she has recently created a very interesting competition on the subject of acquaintance with other people :)
  3. Her articles are at a really high level

Thank you @fervi! I will be very happy if I am on the whitelist!

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I support this nomination

I would like to nominate @neavvy. He creates really interesting and original content, usually related to the Artificial Intelligence and technology. What I especially enjoy in his articles is that he often tries to create some computer program in order to visualize what is he talking about.

For example, he recently created an article about the impact of machine learning on Steem Blockchain and added an interesting example of AI that learns itself how to play Flappy Bird (this article has reached over 400 original comments).

Not all of his posts meet the maximum $5 payout requirement, but from what I know he sometimes uses Smartsteem market to promote his posts, which causes higher payouts. In my opinion he desires being whitelisted.

Thank you for your nomination @pieniazek. I really appreciate that.

This comment is supported by $0.3 @tipU upvote funded by @neavvy :)
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I would love @khanza.aulia to be in the whitelist; he puts up great content in both English and his native language; Indonesia 🇮🇩 and also support people through curations.

He's been constantly making efffort in his posts. Worth to be considered to be on the whitelist.

Thank you very Much Sir @horpey for nominated me.

nomination supported!

I now get Why I had a many DMs asking me to nominate 😬 while I was here attending But I was here enjoying My Steem meetup in Germany. There Being “clear” was the topic in one of the STEEMTALKS so I am going to be clear, I want to be white , the color and All the requirements meet My standards and I would be honored My 1,5 year is coming up and it would be great to add that to the accomplished list, but it Sucks I have to and nobody thought to nominate me,
Oh well ..... 16 hours is still a young post so My the nominations Will role in haaahah


Seriously? I assumed you were already on the whitelist! I will happily nominate you. No one could deserve it more! I love how engaged you are, always at the top of @abh12345 's Engagement League list and your posts are always nicely done.

No i am not yet white 😉 so please do, i want to belong to the whitelist

I just found out I'm not at the whitelist either. Well, I did not really know about it really till 30 minutes ago. ^^
How could I have applied then? :D
One has to apply to be certified for having original content? This is hilarious. I never intended to post anything else and I think I can say: I dd not either.
No-one told me so I will not apply now. shrug

I clearly second your application though.

Fraulaein anni das ist sehr frog und ich Finse das sehr Nice 😉 thank you it would be nicebut if it doesnt work out i Will steem on, i appreciate your comment thanx

I support this nomination

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@jeanpi1908 , thats is highly appreciated, are you back home or still at your uncle?
It was a great meet up and it was Nice to see you 🙋🏼‍♀️

I am still there

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I think the next one is in belgium hometown see you there again would befun

I am not sure if I can make it since already aachen was far away for me

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I'll support this nomination.

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I like that 🙋🏼‍♀️

I would like to suggest @driveforkids. @driveforkids is an organization that protects children in problem situations. They represent children in domestic violence, financial problems. We support parents in dealing with authorities and much more. We also support institutions in which children are at home. Especially such an account deserves it.

I support this one

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Supporting this one!

I nominate @daan. He has been on Steemit for quite a while now and is always posting interesting content about curation, open source projects, promoting Steemit to users outside of Steemit and many other topics. His content is always original and has been highly regarded by many projects. For the quality of work that he is putting out he should really be earning more for his posts. Like many of us he has also invested real money into Steem because he believes in the platform and the potential it has.

Thanks for a great recommendation and the way you presented the account, take note others. ^


I agree with this nomination

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Thanks for the nomination and the compliments regarding my content. I would be more than happy to join, if my content proves to be good enough for the people reviewing it.

I nominate
She is an artist and youtuber and tries to motivate people with her videos. In her videos she shows how she created her artworks and she also has some drawing tutorials. With her work she tries to motivate people to grab a pencil and start drawing.

I would love to join @ocdb whitelist cause I bring variety in terms of contents.
I'm from Italy and I write in both language as bilingual. I post photos, talk about LEGO, help translating and spreading important information from MinnowBoosters, Ark, BuildTeam and many other towards the Italian community.

Examples of my work can be found:

I've been always powering up since I joined and my aim is to reach 10K SP. From there I would start accumulating to buy equipments to further improve my blog, like a professional drone.

I see Steem as part of the future and as a platform that is here to stay.
Thanks @acidyo

You wanna be part of the @ocdb whitelist, not the @ocd team, right? Or did I missunderstand smth? I second your nomination of yourself, love your LEGO content! :)

Yeah, the @ocdb whitelist, I made some confusion there! Edited @theaustrianguy

I'd like to nominate @hitmeasap to get on the whitelist. The guy writes good quality content pretty much all the time, and truly cares about helping people grow on the platform and interacting with the Steemit community in general. The guy is incredibly genuine and is one of the best people I've seen on the Platform. He's a sound choice to be added to the whitelist, and if you don't then I guess you're just some kind of sick, commie turbo virgin.

Also, I co-nominate myself which some may say is an underhanded method. But, to those people, I say this. Suckle upon the dirtiest part of my taint while you get ready to be part of modern art. But, anyways, I nominate myself due to the fact that I typically write pretty entertaining posts that I would say a decent amount of people enjoy. I put quite a bit of effort into my writing, as well as occasional videos which I edit to keep people laughing or at least amused. Those that typically aren't into my work seem to be part of a sub species of cavemen who have mutated and somehow found their way onto the internet. Very strange stuff indeed.

I often write video game and movie reviews, as well as music recommendation posts in hopes of having some interactivity in the community with sharing something I'd imagine most people are passionate about to at least some extent. I definitely feel as though my content is under appreciated and under rewarded, and believe I deserve at least several dozen handjobs with sandpaper and some sheckles pelted into my face again and again, baby. So, vote for Deadspace for Steemit president.

I support you both for whitelisting

Oh, thank you :)

Crosses M31 off my list of people who need to be sent to an island full of ass eating komodo dragons

Only you can crack me up the way you do lol! ^^

I would like to nominate @khaimi. This user has been posting some wonderful photography along with a narrative. He also does not hesitate to help a newcomer and offer advice.

Thanks you so much sir @r2cornell. For all the reason, I try to make my post more interesting, about narrative I learn from your post too like I said before. Helping eachother is good way and I think we must bring real daily life here to make our platform more live.

I would also like to nominate @khaimi for the above reasons

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Thanks @moghul. Very appreciate it. God bless you my friend.

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Yeah the Account looks decents.

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High engagement, interesting investment content from personal perspective and good person.

Thanks! Means a lot coming from someone I aspire to learn more from!

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Absolutely support this nomination!

As a new curator he should be added anyways

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That is indeed a good recommendation!

I'd like to nominate @nanosesame. She's a dedicated artist and does a great sketch every day and deserves to be recognised for her talent and committment here. I hope she gets on the whitelist.

I also support this nomination as she has been dedicated with one drawing almost every day for over a year. I don't follow many Steemians who shares art on Steemit but she is one on my following list.

:D Tg is here too, thank you sooo much!

Thank you for supporting! I am glad you guys like my little sharing and interacting with me <3

Hello @acidyo. I want to nominate @cityofstars too. He is musicians and produce a good music and consitence. He is writing good lyric. From I know, he very active steemian and also post one post regular. Thanks

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thank you man!
i would like to see @khanza.aulia , @khaimi, @gaborockstar @solominer @bennettitalia and @bobaphet in this whitelist

@cityofstars luckily i am already on the @OCDB whitelist.. thanks alot @acidyo

And i nominate you as well @cityofstars you make some cool music content.

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thanks man

Agree with you sir @solominer, he always produce a good music :) and congratulation for you because you have been in whitelist.

I promote @khaimi, my reason is simple, he always produces high quality photography and has a very high quality narrative in producing his posts. In addition, it is also very committed to helping minnow to grow and develop.

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Hello my brother. How are you ? You also produce great content, I love your many last post, keep steem on brotha. Anyway, Thanks for nominate me. Proud of you. I am just amateur and want to grow up. #tenkminnows is great program.

I have been following this project since well before last time you were accepting members. I remember getting an upvote from @ocdb and being very happy since it was one of the first large curators that upvoted me.
These days I powered up a lot and blog everyday.
I try to write good content and rarely ever release low effort posts.
Mostly my content is about things I do, my life, hobbies and interests. I have a lot of posts about eating out, cooking, drinking with friends, my hobbies and korea.
I find my steem is piling up even though I buy votes from bots, I sometimes straight power up, or even go 100% sp on posts, and even give some away in contests these days.
Anyway, I delegate to the @ocdb bot already, I will eventually be delegating more since I like the idea more than other bots which generally just upvote everyone who isn't posting toxic stuff. OCDB has mid to high standards which is good. I hope to see it grow, or at least more similar curation bots. Anyway, that being said my post value average is probably approaching 5 dollars mostly because of some very generous large holders uovoting my content or my voting buying, but if that doesn't happen I am usually below a dollar, I'll lower it if I must by not using bots for awhile.
Anyway, I would like to nominate myself @abitcoinskeptic. Thanks for your considerations and have a nice day.

I support this nomination!

Support it too

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I would like to suggest myself. Have a look on my blog I have started creating contents on my blog and i like to create unique and quality contents. If i get support i will continue my work on steemit because i dont have much supports on steemit. I am creating contents in english and will continue my blog by posting one or more articles everyday. If I'm eligible to get the whiteliste please notify me.
Thank you.

Thanks friend!

I nominate @futuremind; he's a dedicated Steemian, he works for tons of Steem communities like helpie, eSteem… He likes helping Steemians through Discord and other chat services. Less I forget he's the kindest Steemian I have met since I have been here, I can get off the list to get him on.

Thank you for the kind words and nomination my friend @horpey. This was a pleasant surprise to see upon waking today.

If chosen I will utilize the @ocdb service in alignment and agreement for it's intended purpose, exercising my best judgement for self promotion, and will be the only service I utilize for this purpose.

It would be an honor to be chosen.

Best wishes to all of the nominated Steemian's!

Thank you for the consideration and opportunity @acidyo

nomination supported!

OK I feel a little awkward promoting myself in this way, but would lovelovelove to make it that oh-so-fabuloso whitelist! So uhm... Here goes...

My name as you can quite clearly see via the gift of eyes is @stevenwood ((I trust you can deduce my real name from this subtle clue?))

I mainly write motivational posts aimed at questioning the way our subconscious mind reacts to the principles of success that could drive us all forward if we would only embrace them.

I love to promote the work of others who excel from time to time, writers, musicians, all-round lovely people with enormous hearts and often people who are going the extra mile to promote mass adoption, blockchain tech and crypto understanding to the wider population.

I have experience as a curator, my first true love on the blockchain and I read every single post that I curate or leave a comment on...

Which brings me to my one and only super-power...

On discord curation shows and among those who know me well here I am famous for what I describe as awesometastical mega comments, this has always been my destiny on the blockchain.

I was hurtling toward success with the platform some time ago but sadly due to a family illness, then bereavement I lost a lot of ground and have been scrabbling to make it up of late, I just passed my first year on the platform and am raring to hit some pretty extreme targets that I have set myself in the coming months.

I am gonna be introducing some initiatives to stimulate engagement in the near future too, and a little something for the onboardees.

I am invested for the long-term on the platform, emotionally and soon to be financially. I am happy to say my diet is completely FUD free...I'm just not wired that way.

I support your nomination

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Hey thanks man. It's been a while! You must be hurtling towards your 2 year Steemiversary...Your first feels like a decade ago haha. I recall that epic giveaway of yours that had the platform buzzing.

What I simply cannot wrap my head around is the time vortex flavoured anomaly that is blockchain time.

I appreciate the endorsement wholeheartedly Jean-Pierre! Take great care of you and yours, my friend. I hope you have a Sunday filled with everything you would wish for and an even better week to follow. 😀

Thank you for the kind words

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Of course I would nominate @ruen.

If you look at his profile, it won't be difficult to see how creative and original contents he has created. He is very talented person and his profile contents deserve to be rewarded more than enough. Although he has been away for a long time, he has begun to write again, and such profiles will always add value to the Steem ecosystem.

Thank you! I support this nomination :)

Hi there!

I'd like to get outside my comfort zone for this, and do a bit of self-promotion. Not for this account, but rather for my "choose-your-own-adventure" account: @postplaygames.

@postplaygames is where I post daily updates to a sprawling RPG game that anyone is free to join in & participate with. I don't require upvotes nor resteem from the players, so it is truly & honestly 100% free to play.

Not only that, but I'm currently expanding the entire project in order to begin allowing other Steemians & writers to create their own RPG games that will get posted to the account and hopefully reach a wide audience. The games will be curated to ensure high-quality and active writers. Once this feature is rolled out, and if I were to be lucky enough to get on the @ocdb whitelist, I would use the @ocd upvote to randomly reward one of the day's stories. I think all of this would help introduce new creators to the Steem platform and give them a headstart. Basically:
"Are you a writer? Come pitch a game to Post-Play Games! If selected, you'll earn daily rewards, gather a fanbase, and can use that to grow your own brand."

That's how I plan to target creators. For everyday users, who aren't on Steem yet, I'm actually going to be rolling out my very own hand-coded Post-Play Games mobile app, where anyone can come & play a wide variety of free Choose-Your-Own-Adventure games hosted on Steem. This will open up Steem to an entirely new demographic and, with the right marketing, can bring in a bunch of new people.

In addition to all of the above, I also want to bring back a feature from earlier games I posted, where I actually redistributed the weekly rewards back to the players. This incentives active engagement, not to mention making the games more enjoyable to play! ;^)

note: *currently, @postplaygames is on a hiatus due to some unfortunate real-life issues that arose. But come April 1st, everything will be firing at all cylinders again!

Sorry for the long post, as I said I tend to feel weird promoting my own works so I feel the need to over-explain my ideas in order to justify it haha 😅

Regardless of the outcome, I think what you all are doing with this initiative is great! Thank you for helping people earn while doing what they love 😊👍

Let me know of you have any questions, I'm always around! :^)

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I support this nomination.

Thank you! That means a lot, I appreciate it :-)

They say there is no shame in asking, so here I go.. I want to recommend @bdmillergalley (myself). It feels funny but I think I am worthy of being whitelisted. I fist came across Steemit by accident and since then have been hooked! I believe my posts add value and inspiration to the platform. It was a slow start for me, like so many others, but I never gave up.. I stayed solid and true with contributions and support to my fellow steemians. I for one appreciate the drop in steem. This way I get to see who the real contributors are as they shine through.. those who really give a whoot about our community. I have developed several great friendships (worldwide), and have been given a unique opportunity to put myself and my art out there to people who truly care. The communities I am a part of and now find myself more involved with (powerhousecreatives and c-squared), have shaped the way I have been able to contribute and be of support to the steemit community. These communities and those steemians I choose to surround myself with, have also taught me the importance of giving back. I purchased Steem, Powered up and with the help of friends like @veryspider, have found new ways to give more of myself. I want to become an even more integral part of the steemit fabric.. and I think with your support, I can accomplish that. Thank you for your consideration in my application. Either way I am pulling for the success of your vision and mission to build ans support our community. Thanks!

I support this nomination!

Thank you @m31 I appreciate your support and trust. :-D

I recommend @blockurator

He is a long term steemian who writes excellent fiction and poetry. He also founded and runs the 'speculative fiction writers of steem community' and has been known to make a funny meme as well. Honestly, this guy is a writer of a very high calibre and should be on the whitelist.

He's the type of guy who would only use ocdb on long form content or community announcements. He really has done a lot for the creative writers of steem supporting them by running competitions with prizes out of his own pocket. He averages less than $5 on most of his posts unless curie votes them, of which he has had quite a lot which shows the quality of his content. I've personally recommend 4 posts of his in my time as a curie curator, and never had one turned down by the reviewers.

Many thanks @acidyo for considering my nomination 🙂

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Thanks for the rec, my friend. :-)

I nominate @photocircle, a curation initiative for the photography community. The are variety of posts for this account, a curation report post (not original) but in addition there is also "Photocircle Digest post" (original content) where in photography insights, tips & tricks are being discussed - @ocdb votes will only be used to promote the Photocircle Digest post.

I hope you consider @photocircle to be on the whitelist @acidyo. Thanks!

I support this nomination. Communities growing strong together is the key!

I hate to promote myself, but since you asked:

My name is @teutonium, I've been on STEEM for a while now and I always try to bring the best post quality that I can to the blockchain, without any plagiarism.
I mainly post about Cryptos, tech and the different projects around, I always try to provide unbiased and non-trybe-like content about cryptos, which is something that we really need in this space, people like to turn a blind eye to the problems that some projects have and shouldn't.
I just leveled up to minnow through the help of #tenkminnows project, I always curate and upvote a lot of content on the blockchain and engage a lot with the community, which is something that I feel needs to happen more.

I would love to join the @ocdb whitelist :)

I would second this chap. Original content and puts the time in to grow :0)

Thank you :)

nomination supported!

I want to nominate @pundito he is doing a Lot of giveaways and helps the community. I just meet him at the meetup in Aachen and he is nice guy.

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I second this! @pundito is doing a great lottery and giving away sbi's every week. It's a lot of fun for the community with chances to win.

Thanks for your support!!!

@jeanpi1908 INDEED he could be a great candidate

Thanks for your support @brittandjosie!

Offcourse dear and thanx for the Nice aken visit

Hi,... I will really love to be involved with @ocd, I write original content about Technology, life experiences, dapps, and poetry, all original content, I've been around since DEC 2017, I love it here, I just graduated from #tenkminnows project and I'm powering up till 10,000sp yes, . It will be a pleasure to hop on the support ride of @ocd. I hope to be considered thank you.

I support this nomination.

@shanibeer should be added...

She's very involved with lots of commununities on steem and putting in lots of leg work organising steemcamp UK...

Would be a solid white list addition. Pro-people engagement for sure!

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Thank you for the recommendation!

Wouldn't be the worst choise

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Hi.. i have check your whitelist and @luueetang, is not in the list yet.
So im nominating him for this.

He has made a lot of great posts, all original content, and he can cover whatever hot topic that needs to be discussed and he make sure everything is well researched and understandable.
Its like he can explain better, what is bitcoin to my grandma. :D

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Really appreaciate it my bro @piandex hehhee

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I want to nominate @khaimi from Aceh, Indonesia.

He writes and shares his passions and sentiments of his own travel experiences to the rest of the world and the way he describes it often makes me wanted to visit his country. What a great way to promote tourism for his country :). On top of that, he writes both Indonesian and English language which make his posts reader-friendly.

Furthermore, he is a great photographer. His photos never failed to amaze me. I say, he really did an incredible job and he definitely can be a great example as a good writer within his community.

I would love to support this nomination as well. Same like previous reason mentioned. Not only he does photography but also providing billingual narrative to it.

Hello @viverridae, thank you very much for nominate me in @ocd's whitelist. Its very wonderful because you enjoy my post. Everything flow like a water. Hope @ocd @acidyo considerate it. God bless you. It is all about open source, decentralization and the errors of prohibition.

I am working hard at getting the chance to put more into content and expanding the type of content. It is my belief that open source, decentralized principles can be applied to anything, such as education, self or community government, infrastructure, food, communications, and on and on.

Hell, we can even open source muh roads!!

nomination supported!

Wow. That's very nice of you. Thanks.

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As long as you're using the votes for original content we're happy to help any sorts of projects and brands. :)

@piandex is my pick. He's a great pal. I would love to see him go up in reputation and steem. He is here for awhile and deserves this. I am sure he has good content and he is a really nice person who is always polite. We are neighbours in two countries in a small world.

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I'd like to nominate myself. I primarily post freewrites, or other fictional stories that I write.

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I support this nomination

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@tangmo always writes great posts about nature, landscapes, amazing buildings and much more. In my opinion she fully deserves to be added to the white list.

Yeah he seams like a good author

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Hi Acidyo, I've been waiting to join @ocd or @ocdb for so long I'm beginning to get a little OCD about it. I would like to nominate myself @crypticat and my dear friend @abitcoinskeptic. I don't use bid bots but have promoted a couple of my recent posts in a drive to hit 60 reputation. All my posts are original and include at least a few paragraphs. I only promote quality and sustainability of the Steem blockchain. Thank you. Edit. I post about my cat and food, but will only use OCD on my quality posts about current affairs, thoughts about Steemit and commentary on DApps.

Thanks for the recommend @crypticat. I like how you write about many interesting things, not only those cute pictures of your cat, but also your cooking and things you do or issues that interest you.

nomination supported!

Hi @acidyo and @ocdb curators,
I want to nominate ... euhm ...myself!
My blog covers lots of topics from a weekly crypto portfolio update, a bi-weekly steem progress report, all the things happening on the steem blockchain and some posts about y life in general!
I do write daily and haven’t missed a day since 3 or 4 months.
All my content is my own!

Feel free to ask any questions if you like!
Hoping to get whitelisted!


I support this nomination!

Thanks for the support!

I support this nomination!

I also support this nomination!

I support this

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I fully support this nomination and thought en already was white so YES I agree @fullcoverbetting

Thanks. Means a lot to me!
Specially for you X!

Hope it works out

I would like to add myself @blueeye8960 to the @ocd whitelist. I try to post quality posts and am active in several communities that require quality content. I enter writing contest, make original content, write food reviews for tasteem, and I recently published a book on Amazon with 7 other Steem authors under the @steemfiction account.

I fully support the nomination of @blueeyes8960

nomination supported!