[TIMELAPSE] LEGO - Taking a Double-Decker, London time! 🇬🇧✈️🚌

in dtube •  6 months ago

TimeLapse of the LEGO London Bus - 40220.
You can check the first post about London. Hope you like this new style of timelapse where I try to finely tune the speed of each part of the video! ✌️
Can't wait to bring bigger and better LEGO's to the channel, feel free to support me to achieve that. Thanks for stopping by!

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Sono un grande fan dei time-lapse e dei Lego: accoppiata vincente in un video molto carino.
Good Job!


Grazie mille @moncia90, cercare di migliorare questo tipo di filmati diventa sempre più difficile senza comprare attrezzatura parecchio costosa.

Very cool! I love Lego's. I still find myself getting down on the floor and playing with them when my nieces and nephews come over. They are truly ageless!

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That was neat, seeing a Lego bus built @ fast speed.
I especially liked the British bear mascot! 😁