Satirical Poem Contest Nihilistic Rainbow #2 - The Philosophy Of Showering

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Another round of the contest Nihilistic Rainbow is starting. Your chance to write some funny stuff and win some sweet SBDs. This weeks topic is: The philosophy of showering. All you need to do for it: Take a shower and write a satirical poem about what is happening there, and what is going on in your head in this holy place. And check out the rules:

-write a satirical poem about the topic of the week
-8 lines minimum
-32 lines maximum
-the poem can rhyme, but doesn't have to
-no racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
-you have time to submit until this post is paid out (January 09 2018)
-use the tag #nihilisticrainbow as the main tag
-put a link to your post into the comments
-voluntary: resteem this post

-1st 3 SBD
-2nd 2 SBD
-3rd 1 SBD

Topic of the week: The Philosophy Of Showering


Nice, thanks for submitting :)

Cool, thanks a lot :)

I'm back for the second round.. ;) Thanks for hosting this contest, these are great topics and very inspirational to write about! Here's my entry:

Yay, welcome back! I'm glad you like it, thanks for your submission :)

Hello dear. This is my entry for this weeks theme. My thoughts are really going crazy while making this under the shower. Haha! Have a great day!

Thanks a lot for your new submission, very cool to have you again in the contest :)

Thank you sature. I will share this contest to my friends again on discord. Cannot wait for the announcement of winner and I cannot wait to read other entries.

Very unique topic! Here is my entry, and your topic was so unique that I titled it - poem-ing about anything!

Now following you Sature!

Alright, you inspired me. I'm going to explore the poetic realm of the shower and see what comes out... I hope it's not dirty. ;)

Could be good either way!

Cheers! Thanks for your submission :)

Nice, thanks for submitting :)

pleasure's mine. a prompt is always useful !!

Cool! I love sitting down and trying to be involved in these contests! Here's my little one!! Thank you and good luck everyone!!

Cool, thanks for your nice submission :)

Awosome post

Yay I will started to think right now.

''Twas brillig, and the slithy toves . . .
No,no, that's someone elses...
Bring me power
Sing my name
Light my fire
Play my game
Luck is with me
Good Fortune beside me
Abundance and prosperity
Enough and to spare
May She know my love
Feel my angel's wing
May it be our path
Spirit's powerful dream.
~ Simon @simon62
Enjoy wording as in need 😇

you can check my profile give comment & upvote :)

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