The Business of Blogging and How To Take Over The World

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Your blog is a business. Never forget that.
I signed on here in late September, 2016.
By late October, I was raking in the dough.

NoNamesLeftToUse - The Scary White Man Sleeps.jpeg

At least 98% of what I earned here,

stayed here.

A lot of folks out there take out a business loan and use some of that money to survive while they focus on building up their business to a point where it becomes safe to finally pay themselves.

Then they must pay off their loan. Once that's all said and done, the business owner can then begin to treat themselves.

Once there's enough money stashed away, then it's safe to let the manager you hired call the shots while you're off on vacation.

Depending on way too many factors to list now, having that safe stash of saved up coin could take many years to achieve. Some never get to enjoy that vacation. Others go completely bust and end up worse off than they were when they started.

I see too many blogs here

going bankrupt.

Eating their seeds; instead of planting them.

Back in the day, we'd receive our post payout after 24 hours.

I'd watch people collect, and sell. Collect and sell, collect and sell, collect and sell.

How long will your business last if every time a paying customer hands you a twenty, you take the twenty, walk next door, buy beer and smokes?

I give that business three months.

No money to pay the rent.

How many blog/businesses here last more than three months? Not many.

In business, things can change, the curve balls come; it's always when you least expect it. One needs to be prepared for anything. In business, being prepared means you have a pile of money stashed away.

How many people were here, busy spamming away, snatching those tokens, cashing out; then moaning, kicking, screaming, yelling the moment they found out they didn't have enough of these shiny new Resource Credits they needed so they could continue slowly going bankrupt? Too many.

Who's fault was that?

Fingers were pointed at everyone but themselves.

When I started here, way back in late September of 2016, I was fed the same line of bullshit as the thousands before me and the hundreds of thousands who came after me. An overly simplified and disgustingly bland:

Get paid...

Get paid to write, get paid for your voice, get paid, get paid, get paid.

So what do people expect when they show up? What do they see when they look around?

Dollar signs.

I was fed the same line, I saw the same things; I was able to see through it all and what I saw was, potential.

The platform became the mall. My blog became my shop. Every voter became my customer. Steem Power became that pile of money that needs to grow and grow. That's my safety net. That's what's going to help keep my business afloat.

Eventually, like I've already done once before, I'll be able to take a tiny percentage out, pay myself, treat myself; go on vacation.

Timing. In order for my shop to survive, the mall must survive. If I hurt the mall, I hurt my shop. Can't pay myself until the timing is right, I want to put the least amount of strain on the entire operation as possible. Sell less, for more. Anyone who knows anything knows what I mean by that.

Business has been slow.


Fewer customers.

I've been wanting to expand my shop for quite some time. Unfortunately, over the past while, some silly geese decided it would be wise to pay people to stop coming to the mall.

In business, I call that: "Backwards"

The customers who were paid to NOT be customers have been earning more than many of the shops.

Many shops around me are now all boarded up. Went bankrupt. Who saw that coming...


That's French for: Me

Many of my longtime customers; my regulars, they were paid to stay away from my shop. I don't blame them for avoiding this place. I probably would have done the same thing; if I didn't care about the shops and the mall.

Oh come on! Just a little zinger. If we can't laugh about our mistakes, we're not learning from them.

And I don't hold a grudge...



Change is on the horizon.

I'm always excited about change. If I see change on the ground, I'm picking it up.

Though I'm not a fan of everything in the hardfork proposal, I am a fan of something.

Fair warning to all: Do not expect to see positive results overnight. Expect problems. That way, if there are problems, they won't bug you as much, because you saw it coming; remaining calm is easier to do. At the same time, if there aren't problems, then that sense of relief will be heightened; more rewarding.

I like that 50/50 idea though.

My customer is getting more. Any customer who came to my shop before; they got a free coffee. Now they'll get a free coffee and a donut. That's a good deal, I expect to see more people walking through that door.

I'm still getting 100% of what's mine. Plus those customers who were once paid to avoid my shop are once again being paid to come browse the merchandise; so of course, over time, I expect to see more customers and because of that, I expect to see those boards removed from the windows of the shops around me. Spruce up the place and allow the property value to rise.

Get paid — to be entertained.

We need far more customers.

Every shop owner here is dying for more customers.

Everyone knows it's hard to get your blog business off the ground here. What's so damn hard about reading what you like to read, looking at what you like to look at, listening to what you like to listen to, watching what you like to watch?

People do that all the time, and I think getting paid to be entertained is an easy sell.

Once the ball gets rolling here, after the smoke clears and the kinks are worked out of these changes on the horizon, I want to see a shift in how consumers spend money on entertainment. I believe that's the next step, or at least one of them.

They already spend money on entertainment, to the tune of billions annually.

Read this comment I left in a few places here and there:

Say a content producer churns out 260 pieces in a year, working Monday to Friday.

Content producers ask for donations these days.

Someone sends them $100. Okay, fine, but now that money is gone.

If someone were to come here TODAY and spend approx. $100 on STEEM, allowing the content consumer to give the content producer a vote worth a penny each day(approx. 250 STEEM), the content producer earns $2.60 per year before deductions, from each consumer who spends $100.

If the content producer had 10000 followers willing to "donate" $100, that's a million, down the drain.

The content consumer will be asked to donate again, and might spend another $100. A few years later, another $100.

If the content producer had 10000 followers willing to buy enough STEEM for a vote worth a penny, that amounts to $26000 annually before deductions to the content producer. The content consumer does not need to spend another $100 to support that creator the next year. The 10000 followers willing to spend $100 can also support nine other content producers with that same initial investment of $100. 10 content producers, 10000 followers spending $100 each, that's $260000 annually.

Spend $100 to be able to donate $26 annually, for life. That is a great deal if supporting content producers is something you do with your money. The consumer also gets a return on that $100! The deal of the century, if supporting content producers is something you do with your money.

That's only 10000 people purchasing 2.5 million STEEM. Do I need to explain what happens to the numbers when one creates high demand for STEEM? Things like the fact, as the value of STEEM rises, that vote that was once worth a penny also rises, without the need to spend or "donate" more money.

One million potentially in the door, quarter million potentially out the door. That's how you make money.
10000 followers is damn near nothing in this business. Many of those votes would be worth more than a penny, I just wanted to keep the math simple.

Combine that wisdom with this wisdom:

It's more about selling the idea to consumers. It's already happening all around us, people just don't realize it.

Every time an "established" content producer shows up, what happens? People cheer because they have a large following. The established content producer then starts churning out content, but their following doesn't come with them, and the ones who do, don't buy STEEM.

The established content producer forgot to secure their place here by explaining to their followers the benefits of purchasing STEEM and upvoting over the long term. They still ask for "donations". That money is thrown away and the consumer or follower must then donate again, and again, and again. That's silly, when we have a platform like this.

Instead of donating, invest. Then if that content producer isn't performing up to the consumer's standards, they can have their money back, or go support someone else, without ever needing to throw money away in the form of donations, ever again. Because these established producers fail to secure their future here, they often leave after only a few months(bankrupt), and the "benefit" of them simply showing up is nil.

The whole point is to make the consumer realize the benefits of investing in content rather than buying it, or donating to content producers. Offer incentives like the 50/50 rewards split to encourage more consumers to consume. There should be far more consumers than content producers here, like in the entertainment industry, because that's how this works.

The fact is, people already spend the money. STEEM can offer them a better deal, with any form of entertainment consumption.

This is about educating content producers as well. There's a reason why you can't find content from an established producer describing to their following the things I'm trying to point out. They didn't know(all they heard was "GET PAID"), but if they did know, everyone benefits.

What a long post!

Sorry, but it's hard to make money with just one paragraph. Ask any shitposter.

I've said a lot; maybe you've learned a lot.

Since I started up shop, my goal was to make some money. Making money is a little more complex than just, "Get paid!"

So, yeah. As I was saying, once the dust settles and the smoke clears, my sign is up, "Open for business," and the door's wide open. I want standing room only. Who doesn't?


Everyone says, "We need marketing!"

...but they rarely suggest how.

Coming here to invest in a content producer instead of throwing that money away; showing up to get paid to be entertained. Easy sell. The movie theater doesn't even give out free... popcorn (and here comes the gif) but the stadium is packed when everyone gets one free beer.


What the hell am I paying you for?

  • It takes money to make money.
  • Alter consumer spending habits.
  • World domination.

More information:

Curators? Hello? Where the Hell Are You?

How Much Have You Spent on Entertainment in Your Lifetime?

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"...and that's how I spent my Saturday."
P.S. Just mute the troll being a child in the comment section and it all goes away.

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I want to make a marketing plan based on your idea of hodl and tip forever. This is a two-pronged marketing approach, one must enlighten the content creator first; once the creator is sold, they will convince their audience to move over, thus free advertising. That should build a strong foundation, from there we can start to target the consumers, as we will have the entertainment in place. This whole blockchain will become mass adopted once we teach people to fish, both the creator and the consumer. Great write up, cheers mate!

I was watching a gamer live stream. I'm sure you've seen this before. The game is up on screen, the gamer is on screen off in the corner — and all these little animations pop up each time someone subscribes, or sends money. I was seeing so and so sends 20, so and so sends 50, so and so sends 5. A nonstop stream of money; money that's being wasted. I was thinking, this isn't a gamer, this is a stripper, and these people are just throwing their money away. If only they knew what was happening here on the STEEM blockchain.

This whole blockchain will become mass adopted once we teach people to fish, both the creator and the consumer.

I tend to agree. Hodl and tip forever, marketing plan, you're on it, you get it, all the power to you.

Dear @theycallmedan

I want to make a marketing plan based on your idea of hodl and tip forever.

That's a great idea. Can I help in any way, please do not hesitate to let me know.


I stumbled across you when I was reading your comments on a few content creator's posts who were getting disgruntled about HF21 (and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't initially annoyed about it all from a purely content creation point of view).

However, your comments (and others like yabapmatt, whatsup) and now this post opened my eyes a lot to the much bigger picture.

I joined steem in March 2018, then just a music producer (now I try my hand at travel blogs too), no idea what to expect with steem but it appealed to my blogging side so I was drawn in. Payouts were a bonus but not the fundamental reason I joined, I just wanted to be a part of a blogging community and thank f*** I found this place!

It's taken me a while to get to where I am now building up the steem pot and there was always something I could sense about steem and what was going on here, the potential, but I couldn't put my finger on it... Until reading this post which hit every nail on the head.

Now the mission is to get music fans and my friends/followers on this platform and chuck in a measly £100 one off and they can support any one they want to really and get that money back over time. It's damn genius!

Not only that but this 50/50 split should encourage authors to support other authors as long as they can get over the "woe is me" phase 🙂

Following you now and tagging @fionasfavourites too as I think she'd be interested in this.

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Opening eyes is good. Now we can see.

You get it, as a musician. You see it! Nobody has to buy a ticket to each show, and you're offering them a free beverage or two for showing up, they're entertained, you're entertaining, you're making money, they're not out any money. This can change music forever. I used music as an example in my rambling post titled Curators? Hello? Where the hell are you? linked above.

My eyes were probably only half open, slightly crusted over from still being half asleep, you know that feeling?

Hey the world is changing. It's not so much about the live shows any more as it is about streaming and social media connection and if fans can support their favourite artists more readily with busy lives and such then why wouldn't you look for alternative means to support your favourites?

The paradigm is slowly shifting but we are still a long way from mass adoption and there are a lot of creases to iron out as well on steem. However, the changes are coming and things are being tried so let's adapt and see how it goes.

I'll check out your other article as well.

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Still a long way away indeed. Even with this new hardfork and the changes it brings with it, I'm not 100% confident things will work out. Whatever situation it puts me in though, I'm going to have either sink or swim. I don't know if these folks are going to be excited to come and visit the shops or if they'll be pissed off about having to actually lift a finger.

My hope is people will want to help get the ball rolling. There's so much potential here and I can't stand working with people who fear stepping up to the plate to hit home runs.

If it improves things then it's a step in the right direction. If not, back to the drawing board. I personally prefer swimming as at least there's a chance of survival.

A one off £100 payment to support your favourite content creators for life and the opportunity to earn that back is massive. Stop recurring payments on subscription models like Spotify and support your musicians directly... Of course we'll need more development on @dsound and it is happening with playlists on the way and this whole place is still on beta. I guess there can be similar arguments made for other content creators too.

I'm with you on that front. I'll look into writing a "general public" blog which explains the concepts we've mentioned here and just how people can get involved. None of this complicated technology jargon that noone can understand and runs for the hill. Plain English.

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Yes indeed, plain English. Here's a quote of mine from How Much Have You Spent on Entertainment in Your Lifetime?

Have you ever seen an HBO advertisement? You'll see thirty seconds of clips taken from the content only available on HBO. Nothing about the technology behind HBO. The only thing attracting people to HBO is the content. Youtube, same thing. You went to Youtube because someone shared content from Youtube. Nobody wrote a fascinating Facebook status update detailing how they've found a video platform that has content on it, then went into detail on how they managed to place pixels in front of your eyes; they simply shared the content, you went there, and you being there pays the content producer.

I read it and your "Curators, where are you?" post and wasn't overly surprised at the music curation side of things. One thing I may be looking to at least improve on with our @emalliance (Electronic Music Alliance) page is to get it more active and supporting music producers on steem.

You're right though, who's talking about the tech behind fb (OK apart from all the data mining) and the IT when it's all the entertaining parts of it whether they are cat montages or Ozzy Man Reviews, to films and everything else. It's the content people share links to that just so happens to be uploaded to a specific platform... But the economic models there don't reward consumers.

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I am so glad @nickyhavey called me over. Your analogy makes perfect sense - on so many levels. I confess I glossed over the maths - not my strong point - but the principles are spot on.

Actually, it's more than the analogy that resonates:

I joined Steemit two years ago this month. I was, I admit, lured by the prospect of earning, but as I'd been blogging elsewhere, I was under no illusion: like everything, it takes time to not just learn the platform, but also to build up a head of steam (pun most definitely intended). Although it took me a long time to work out what that meant. Once all that sunk in - after HF20, I began to get it.

However, by then, and in my own defence, I was staying on Steemit not because of what I could potentially earn, which at that point was (still is) a big fat zero, but because it provided a platform for me to share content and engage. It took me a while to work out that that is what curation meant.

No, I'm not good at reading instructions. I work better by osmosis. Often, I acknowledge, to my initial detriment. That said, I do learn from the lessons.

TMI, but

I am not able to invest fiat in Steem. Now, bar a couple of small delegations and payment for the hosting of my Steempress blog, all that I have earned, including SBD has been powered up or used to buy Steem. I will continue to do so because, after HF 20 and more recently, I realised that although I did come for the money and stay for the community, two things other things have happened:

  1. With the advent of dapps like @steempress and @share2steem, I can continue with my WordPress blog and also Instagram. I’ve been blogging on WordPress since 2014, but for a number of reasons, including Steemit, I neglected that platform. I messed about on a couple of other interfaces, but none of them do it for me like these. It’s partly the diversity. It’s partly the market – your word: I already had customers (not a lot, but some) and they needed to be looked after.

  2. with the appreciation of crypto currencies, including Steem, there'd be merit in hanging around and that my contribution to the platform would be creation and curation. I have long lamented the lack of time for curation. I had, however, begun thinking that HF21 presents me with more opportunity for this and your argument has solidified that view. Up to this point my strategy has been more puff posts and the odd longer post. Perhaps this can shift because the truth is, I like the creation process and I like the curation. Both, if done properly, take time. And I don't (who does?) have unlimited time to spend on Steemit?

So, in conclusion, your mall analogy for Steemit, jives with my view of it as a microcosm of the world or at the very least, a country; taking the view that one’s blog is a business, is exactly what I’ve begun to do over the last few weeks, and I am changing a few things that I’m doing. My challenge is that I’m not good at self-promotion and discipline balancing, well, everything.

So, having survived HF20 which was difficult, I am approaching HF21 with a different perspective, not least of which is to ride out the storm to see where it takes us all.

Thanks again

Thanks for that succinct reply Fiona, I think I know where your time goes now 😛

But yea seriously, it makes a lot of sense now doesn't it? Let's not moan about things and adapt to the changes as we shape the future! We'll be ready for those new customers when they come and look after our current ones now 😁

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Yip. Brevity. I'm good at that. LOL

I have had a revelation. Not sure I can call it an epiphany, but the more balanced discussions I've read make good sense. I've also broadened my view of my blogging so that Steemit isn't the only focus. So...


Do tell via a DM young time travelling bean... 🤔

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Will do. A little later. You might see a little shift in my PHC entry...

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OK doke, I'll keep my eyes peeled 👀

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The point of the basic math was just to show what we can do with existing money, if we find a way to divert it here. It's the same business model Walmart used. Simply offer the consumer a better deal. Then Amazon comes along, and we watch the money move again. In my mind, what's happening here could easily snatch billions from the hands of the existing entertainment business model. Build this place up to be the rich mall, and our businesses thrive. We're still on are own though. Nobody's success is handed to them, just like in business. If some fail, that doesn't mean the mall is a failure. That means their business was a failure. Tough pill to swallow for some when they were under the impression all they had to do was show up, and "get paid."

Simply offer the consumer a better deal.

Precisely. And

Know your customer, invest in the business. Do the business.

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Yet another sterling piece of work to explain the troubles of yesterday, and today, sadly. Can the EIP and #newsteem turn things around for the Steem mall? Fingers crossed.

You kind of made that comment sound like the old Batman show..

I feel mildly pleased about this accident.

Unfortunately, over the past while, some silly geese decided it would be wise to pay people to stop coming to the mall.

The customers who were paid to NOT be customers have been earning more than many of the shops.

Just a couple of lines for the skim readers to digest.

Anyway, #newsteem !

stolen from here somewhere.

My writing isn't the easiest on the skim reader. And just in case people want to see more memes....

I made that one awhile ago. I think the post was called Depressed Batman.

Anyway... yup! #NewSteem!

No it isn't, which is a good thing for me. It means I have to concentrate, and therefore the words sink in better.

Fine meme Batman!

Hey, good read yo. I agree 100% as well. I see steem as an investment that will pay off down the road, so I set all my posts to 100 SP, keep investing funds where and when I can, invest into other steem projects and try my best to be an active part of this platform.

It makes me smile to read posts like yours and learn that their are other shop keepers here in the Mall still open, still serving the public, still ROCKING!

Dropping a 100% upvote on this and going to start and follow you too!


An enlighten and educative post for every newbie like me to digest. Spent time reading your post without skimming any cause every paragraph has a point.

Thank you for this.

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Well thanks for taking the time. I had to trim the fat for this one. Say more by saying less, yet it was still quite long.

They really do need to change the get post thing, to get paid to look and see and read. You like something, your read it, you see it, you enjoy it, you vote on it, you get paid.

Then I'd add, It won't make you rich, unless you spend a lot of money, which is cool with us, but you don't have to, but a little something in return is still better than nothing, and it's still more than anywhere else. So what you waiting for! Do not delay! Act now! I think the professionals would want to shorten that though.

😎 What a great post and oh so true @nonameslefttouse ! Loved this part which I see all the time :
"How many people were here, busy spamming away, snatching those tokens, cashing out; then moaning, kicking, screaming, yelling the moment they found out they didn't have enough of these shiny new Resource Credits they needed so they could continue slowly going bankrupt? Too many.

Who's fault was that?
Fingers were pointed at everyone but themselves.

😎👍 Also loved your Read this Comments section! Well done, upped and resteemed.

Hey hey Karen, long time no see. Thanks for all of dat resteem stuff!

Lol, your welcome and yes for sure I have a bit of more time to curate right now so im glad to check out your latest posts here on the Steemleo site!👍👍👍😎

This is my first time checking out the Steemleo scene. Nice place you all have here!

Of course I still mainly focus on entertainment. Art, humor, rants, general pain in the ass. It's nice to have a place to go though for this kind of stuff because I do enjoy the business side of things. I guess my blog is a reverse mullet. Party in the front, business in the back.

Haha thats awesome! Might as well keep the party going on all the sites that we can I say!! Even if its only occasionally for posting I will be mostly curating as im very busy these days trying to finish our country property! Anyways never stop partying my friend!! 👍😎❤😂

Potential, future, build, grow,...these are words I like...this should be the right culture. Steem would be in a worse position without the 3months power down time. People would have panic sold in just two clicks of the button, we need to encourage building, rather coming here for quick buck.


Absolutely. When I first started, the powerdown was way longer than that. I thought it was genius. I thought I'd build up enough until I was comfortable, then start paying myself a salary. For a business, that's smart. The quick buckers hurt the businesses. What's a community without businesses? We can't all live in huts, in a village. We're going to need some sky scrapers.

well I'll be damned- this is the greatest post I've seen on Steemit to date. Your passion for business and the platform is admirable. Thank you for breaking it down with some simple numbers. You are heard, and to those who are willing to listen-and act- will reap benefits. Appreciate you taking the time to post!

Thanks for stopping in!

I always find this topic interesting and while I of course think it might be more beneficial in the long run to invest at least half of what one earns, I have chosen a different route. Am I proud of it? No. Do I have a choice? Technically yes. There are so many aspects to consider and I really hope at some point I will be in a position where I can put something back in here, without loosing my mental and physical health in a job I despise. But for now, as I try to figure out LIFE, I will try to entertain as best as I can, to make it worth my followers time and coin to keep supporting my art. People try to find their place in here and I have figured that my role is to entertain, and it's no use trying to act like I am anything else than an entertainer in here.

Really love your post.

I remember that day when I found this site, and as you saw all that potential... Sadly I never knew what and how to do things right... At least till some month back from now.

Now I'm trying to recover all that opportunities lost and try to be more concistent and do a better job around here.

Only time will tell how much I'm improving...

Greetings from Mexico.

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As long as you know you always need to improve, you're on the right track.

As long as you know
You always need to improve,
You're on the right track.

                 - nonameslefttouse

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Saludos @nonameslefttouse

Excelente articulo donde planteas el significado de como invertir a futuro en un buen negocio

Te sigo para conocer más sobre tu planteamiento y la perspectiva del resto de la comunidad que interaccione con tan importante tema.

Saludos desde Venezuela.

Te agradezco que sigas mi cuenta. Solo sé que una gran parte de mi blog se basa en el entretenimiento. Normalmente no presento este tipo de artículos al público. Perdóname si no tengo sentido. Me faltan mis habilidades en español.

Saludos @nonameslefttouse

Gracias por la respuesta en español, el contexto se entiende, sigamos haciendo un buen Steemit

i came here when the price was nice, i knew i will not get rich, but people i found here taught me that you need to want more steem power. my initial idea was to build a bit, and then spend liquid steem and not touch the SP. so rewards that got to SP should be in SP so i could share with people i enjoy.
long story short, prices dropped, i ended up powering up everything and investing some. maybe i am lucky that this is not my job, and that i don't need to sell steem to live.

If it's not your job, be happy you've earned money on your downtime. That's incredible in itself. Relaxing, making money, money that you don't need to worry about. Saving up for a rainy day. Who gets to do that these days? Not many.

i can't really complain, i would love that steem is 5-10$ and to be able to buy bunch of equipment for my photos and videos but we have a saing: you stretch how far the blanket goes :)

this are interesting times, will we make future here on steem who knows, but i like the place (even it feels a bit lonely at times). and current underappreciation of steem in crypto circles is baffling to me, but i must admit i don't know much about crypto space.

When it jumps like that, that's when you pounce. What I'd like to see though is a constant stream of money flowing in. Remove these speculator and crypto types from the equation and how they handle money, and let the entertainment industry business model move in, so the value can't plummet.

you stretch how far the blanket goes

I like that. Where you from?

underappreciation of steem in crypto circles is baffling to me

They appreciate the charts and know nothing about the arts. We don't need them.

you are probably right, maybe steem does not need the hype jump, but being better in letting people know what is going on here would be nice :)


I have only been blogging on Steemit since March, and was not making enough to be tempted to withdraw anything until recently -- then again, I am a business owner, and I know better! This was an excellent article, and thank you for the reminder to be sensible and keep building!

You've only been here since March? I've actually seen you around. That's a really good thing. The worst thing someone can do here is make themselves invisible. I'd say I see people doing that all the time, but I can't see them, so how would I know?

You're doing well, believe it or not. The start is always the hardest, it doesn't really get any easier, but once you get rolling, it's hard to stop.

Same here.
This post should definitely be among featuring steemblog posts.

That comment just triggered two ideas.

  1. Us high SP accounts should be granted a nominate button. A simple vote that takes three days to recharge. Enough nominations and those over and Steemit and these mods on Palnet can review the post, then throw it up in the featured section if it qualifies.

  2. A People's Choice tab, much like trending or hot. Works in the same fashion. 1 vote per high SP account, takes three days to recharge. Those posts nominated for the peoples choice section hit those slots in the peoples choice section without a review or special qualifications.

Damn you're smart.

An excellent idea! Not that I have enough SP to play -- nowhere near -- but that would be of great use especially to keep quality newbies encouraged. I'm still around partially because something like that happened to me...

I think it would be a great way to help improve the organic experience, give us a little more say in what goes where. I say high SP accounts for two reasons:

  1. It could easily be abused and become pointless
  2. The more reasons to hold SP, the better. Gives people another reason to want to climb that ladder as well. Or maybe it's a mountain?

I either upvote posts that are:

  • Entertaining or interesting, this is subjective, but I think it's the main point of writing. Keep your niche and create new interest groups, but also, look at other popular topics to know your market. Also, if shared off-chain, it could help onboard and I've actually got a few people in this way.
  • get me curation rewards, this is due to the unique nature of Steem, hopefully, HF21 makes this more rewarding. People can attract more curators by waiting before using bots or self voting (if they have a big one). People should also market quickly by posting their link in their various places they do that ASAP.
  • add value to steem, this is a little difficult to gauge, but if I look at Steem as an investment, I want the price to rise and some posts may be good to the blockchain over all. I think you did very well in this part. Telling people it is easy is nonsense. Comparing it to a business makes more sense.

Entertainment. I'm using the term quite loosely in this post. Anything that's good enough to attract someones attention is entertainment in my books. I like to vote for things I find entertaining and interesting. I certainly wouldn't vote for something that failed to lure my eyes in, because I can't vote for it, didn't see it.

I probably miss too many posts that I would have liked to vote for. We're all spread thin though. I hope these changes alleviate some of that pressure.

Adding to value to steem. To me, anything that has the potential to draw outside eyes, in; those add value. 1500 of the same "Steemit's UI was upgraded today" post doesn't add much value. When someone says the value of a certain token shot up, that's outdated within an hour or two. Things like that I'll hold back on.

Sounds like you run a tight ship. That's good. Thanks for stopping by today.

It's obvious that you have really thought out your voting strategies. I like how you do it. I am also kinda bored at the Steem UI change - just resteem their post. Also, the price action ones are a little silly, these discussions are better for discord and the market usually reacts to anything important based on signals that are somewhat useless after 30 minutes and barely useful after 5 minutes. I prefer fundamental analysis to technical analysis for that reason. When I see charts and people discussing them, I usually avoid since computers can make the same decisions in split seconds.

The front ends may eventually get better and allow what we want to see and what interests us on top. Facebook and Google were getting really good at that until they put political bias into their algorithms. I see good things with Steempeak, but I don't use it enough for some reason.

I enjoy the well thought out crypto content. @heiditravels is someone I've followed for a long time. I usually enjoy her stuff; quite professional. Learned a lot from a few others as well.

Front ends will eventually improve. I've been online for decades. Facebook was ugly for quite a few years before they finally got their act together, only to ruin it.

I've read a lot of her posts and generally, they are great. I don't think Steem will be ruined as easily as Facebook. The problem with Facebook is it is barely customizable, so either you take it or leave it. Perhaps more so than blockchain, the rise of open source and even Android/Linux as an alternative to Windows and AppleOS did a lot for the PC and other devices. Block chain will all it to happen even more so because things that need to be accounted for and protected will be safe even if it looks wildly different.
Actually, one of my interests is a small crypto project called Quantstamp and they are looking into smart contact security. The stuff is way beyond me, but these types of contracts will definitely become more and more popular.

Stage 3: profit.

Have to take those little arm floaty things off and jump in the deep end sooner or later. We're all sea creatures are we not? What the hell we doing flopping around the shoreline. Sick of being bear food.

In order for my shop to survive, the mall must survive. If I hurt the mall, I hurt my shop. Can't pay myself until the timing is right, I want to put the least amount of strain on the entire operation as possible. Sell less, for more. Anyone who knows anything knows what I mean by that.

So many people here fail to see the macro view. I could probably try to squeeze every penny out out of this place, but I have resources allocated to activities that don't earn me anything because I'm trying to have a macro view. I also don't take my own business to 'shops' or 'mall' operatorsI I feel are not healthy.

The established content producer forgot to secure their place here by explaining to their followers the benefits of purchasing STEEM and upvoting over the long term. They still ask for "donations".

It's a bit of an ego hit when you have a quarter million followers on YouTube, and come here and try to start from zero. I've been trying to identify these folks and support them on here as much as possible. If we can get just a few really energized about STEEM, that is a huge funnel of potential Steemians.

I also don't take my own business to 'shops' or 'mall' operatorsI I feel are not healthy.

I'm the same way. It's more like a cooperative and if you ain't cooperating, I ain't cooperating with you.

Those established folks bring the old ways with them. Bit of a chip on their shoulder sometimes too. I'm kinda famous, so pay me just for showing up. If they took the time to learn more, they'd stick around and wouldn't need the help of the sometimes naive and starstruck populace..

Is that blood you’re crying? Please don’t cry blood that can’t be healthy 😱

I remember trying to run the blog as a business. Didn’t work too good I have the wrong type of brain I think. Also tried following the standard blogging advice if posting regularly to stay relevant, daily was a fail, I somewhat manage weekly and can’t even do that reliably 🤣 (I have to post progblog today because I didn’t manage over the last two days 😖).

I like the mall comparison, made a lot of sense. Though I wandered off on a tangent wondering if people being paid to avoid the shops was similar or not to online shopping 😅

I don’t think I’m cut out for business really so probably a good thing I don’t mind muddling 🙃

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I just leak. It might be blood, but I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

Standard blogging advice is usually written by standard bloggers. Something to think about. Sounded cool in my head.

Online shoppers at least still contribute to the health of the business; but I get your joke!

Just do you. Whatever floats your boat.

I heard I could get a coffee and a donut here? lol

This has to be one of the best blogs I've seen in a while. It breaks down the platform and its current state. I can remember when I first started in June of 2017. My mindset was on ”get the bucks” and I made some poor decisions of not reinvesting into my business. I slowly begin to lose interest due to life taking its own course. Recently got inspired to do things correctly here on this platform and went back to the original reason I join here. So I'm working on getting my routine back of blogging and interacting with others. This time around I only want steem power so that I can continue to contribute to the community. I've brought in a few new users and stressed to them the importance of building up their steem power. Enough about me pal, again thank you for sharing this blog. It hits the nail on the head on how the steemit community once was on the verge of death due to most operating out of greed.

Close to death indeed, all because of greed. Some of the strangest greed I've ever seen though. The end result of that greed is having nothing to show for it.

I took 7 months off from Steemit.... Thinking about what i want my blog to express.... I still haven't figured it out.

I guess i have a passion for too many things these days, just no time for any of it right now.

The dark days of "get paid!" are here for most, but finding that one shop that has the potential to open up many other franchises... Well that's just a diamond in the rough.

For now i will focus on stacking up my SP and staked Leo. Hopefully i will find my direction sooner.

When it comes to figuring out what to express, I think the easiest place to start is yourself, and go from there. I bounce around a lot, my following never knows what to expect next, and it's been like that for nearly three years. Nobody seems to mind.

Plant those seeds. Water the posts.

Thanks for the response.

Now i just need my busy work life to settle so that i have that spare time. Working 50 hour work weeks with so many kiddos at home gets you bogged down.

I guess i just really need a good structure and some restfull days at home to start back up again.

Now i will slow down and actually look around myself to see what is happening around me.

It's tough to get back into the swing of things. I was gone for quite awhile this year as well. Just ease in. You'll be thinking about the place, little ideas will pop into your mind again. Just write those down as they come. Build on it when you're ready. Seems to work for me.

I think I restemed your post for the first time.
If that means something to you.

You've been a loyal curator for a very long time. I notice. And yeah, that does mean something. Thank you, for everything.

This is exactly the photo I was looking for but I couldn't find it.

This Man lives inside many memories.

Nice to see this man again!

Holding and accumulating for my account as I too feel it could be my business in the future!

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Very well articulated. Thanks for putting out perspectives like this! (especially now)

Great thinking. I need to change the way I talk about Steem to strangers from "getting paid to post" to "getting paid to invest". I wrote a similar post once:

Most folks are glued to the phones and consuming content anyway. That's a huge market there, and a lot of them are throwing their money away. Even Youtube now is offering subscription services. Wouldn't be impossible to redirect some of that money this way. People are reading ebooks, online magazines like Nat Geo and everything else. There's billions out there.

I'm sure there are plenty of ways to attract people but it works best when more money is coming in than what can go out. Something like this setup, there's no time to waste. It's a gold mine out there but everyone has to keep digging for it.

I think when people get around the idea that they are really wasting money on entertainment, the idea of Steem economy will start to click for many of them.

"Getting paid to INVEST" -- I would have come either way, but I would have had an easier adjustment than I and most newbies have, and will have even more so after HF21. And, this idea does make it easier to know how to share Steem with others -- not people looking for the quick buck from their creativity, but people with the mindset to INVEST, whether through consistent production and curation as a second leg, or curation as a first leg and production on a second, or all curation. There are a bunch of good ways, if I understand #newsteem correctly.

You should change the way you speak to strangers, flagged!

agree with you thanks for this..

aww delish!! Superb way for breaking it down to a mall setting, i like :D ha ha
I havent visited you shop before, as you state, its a loot of shops around ;)

If the content producer had 10000 followers willing to buy enough STEEM for a vote worth a penny, that amounts to $26000 annually before deductions to the content producer. The content consumer does not need to spend another $100 to support that creator the next year. The 10000 followers willing to spend $100 can also support nine other content producers with that same initial investment of $100. 10 content producers, 10000 followers spending $100 each, that's $260000 annually.

You made that math soo easy to grasp, if one isent understanding; this IS a business...

Instead of donating, invest, make your money work for you & always have a back up plan, prefreably a back up plan for said back up plan ;)

And time is money, said money will increase with time & work

I my self are looking forward to the 50/50 AS i prefear curating, were my money is working by it self...

Awsome post

♡ 🐲ℒℴve 🐉♡

Simple math and a minimal investment. People will spend more than $100 to watch a hockey game. I wanted to be realistic, no hype, no big promises of fame and fortune; just reality.

I like the part about how I saved up a nice little stack. I knew it would come in handy someday. Now if my posts don't earn as much right off the bat, I can still make up for some of those losses by simply going out there and shopping around. Life's good.

regarding math; im sorry to see the utter mayham of downvotes on your post, il see if i can help you back :) such a waist of resorces.. sigh...

I agree with you buut i find peopel in general, have a low grasp of math..
LOL and that game will last them for 2h , noow think about the cost per minut ;) :P
You showed a easy example with talking shops instead, As who dooont go to the mall , right? ha ha

Woohoo for savings :D savings should work for you, while they sit there ;)

Hm posts dont need to be doing duobel digest to be a great post, As long as you stand for what you did, people will shop :D

The downvotes. That one has been bullying and harassing me for about a month now. Craziest part is: I didn't even do anything. He just came and started downvoting. Today I finally muted the two accounts. It's gone.

Hm i dident do a full check out lol buut i see , 'he' waisted a good amount on you, i dident see from were his sp is/was coming from... :(
I dont like to see your post/coments getting that sort of attention... I loove to know, why hes spassing, i saw the acts is drained, so i dident waist my enegery on him, i upv some of your comets & a few of the peopel who comented ;) buut dang there were a A LOT ratflol :P
Il add you to autovote , keep up the stellar work :D !! and let know, if i can do anything else
♡ 🐲ℒℴve 🐉♡

I appreciate everything you've done. I hope my usual flow of content doesn't disappoint. I'm typically focused on my art, some people here consider me to be a local comedian. My work can be quite bizarre at times as well. Some of the humor isn't for everyone. Sometimes my words aren't exactly what one would consider clean. I gained a lot of followers from this post. My next post might be a bit of an introduce myself kinda thing... just so I can prepare people. The life of an entertainer can be a confusing one.

No biggy , it was worth my time so ;)
No it dosent, i have seen you before ;) Il guess, i dident 'dare' ? to say anything before LOL
Yeah humor can be missunderstood.. i suffer from that..a LOT LOL
you keep yours, unclean and all, and il keep coming back LOL :P

aww, now that IS good news, woohooo
RATFLOL prepare ? cheeses, im getting excited already :P

Ok, now its time to get them fiats rolling in , i highly enjoyed this convo & thanks for you time

Another satisfied customer.
Have a nice day!

Excellent analogy - I actually understood it so well.

That is awesome. I am not the greatest at long format blog. I am more of a video, photography creator so the struggle is real ehehe

That's all forms of entertainment though. Even a science article and I guess this post, entertainment, in a way. Damn that struggle though.... I know how you feel.

But we all will get to the top :)

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That was an interesting read. Adding to my 0 business knowledge/ practice...
& when we speak of our greatest mistake... I continue to stumble and humble myself on WHY I've sold 20 out of my first 50 BTC for $5 each and just played/experimented with he rest of them (basically thrown off) 30 or so (nothing remained/ bankrupt).. then it got interesting...
SO.. in the light of the day I decided to cheer up my ego and BELIEVED that I have invested in this crypto industry, because..........
I saw hope, I saw something new...
The long awaited NEW ERA of Prosperity, Abundance, Hope ~ The New Golden Age of humanity...
Well it's not only some hippie bullshit and rainbow unicorns...
It's starting to become Truth with #NewSTEEM and #PALnet .. to name a few...

Things are really starting to come together, and it's probably perfect timing. Strange world we live in. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Dear @nonameslefttouse

Interesting choice of topic. Upvote on the way :)

Once there's enough money stashed away, then it's safe to let the manager you hired call the shots while you're off on vacation.

I tried it once and I ended up losing almost anything I achieved. Since then I believe that as a business owner, you will never really enjoy real vacation and you will always have to be "on the watch".

How long will your business last if every time a paying customer hands you a twenty, you take the twenty, walk next door, buy beer and smokes?

That's a very valid question. And answer seem to be so very obvious. Not very long.

How many blog/businesses here last more than three months? Not many.

The problem i see is the fact, that majority of bloggers do not understand that quality content means still very little. Plus they are hoping to earn STEEM directly on Steemit, which is just way to difficult.

It would be so much wiser to offer our blogging services to companies looking for exposure and make them pay for your work. And instead of focusing on creating quality content, we all should focus on building follower base. After all how can anyone expect to be paid well, while having only 500 followers?

I wish to see 50/50 in bright colours the way you do. Somehow I think it will only open doors for abuse of the system. Bots may become even bigger (simply because x2 faster speed of growing).


do not understand that quality content means still very little

How do you expect to have return customers if your merchandise falls apart the moment the customer gets it home. Quality is important.

which is just way to difficult

It's not supposed to be easy. There are millions on Youtube who've worked for a very long time and many of them have yet to see a dime. This is the entertainment industry. Does every musician sell 1 million records the day after they learned how to sing and play the guitar? Is every author on the bestseller list right after publishing their first book?

It would be so much wiser to offer our blogging services to companies looking for exposure and make them pay for your work. And instead of focusing on creating quality content, we all should focus on building follower base. After all how can anyone expect to be paid well, while having only 500 followers?

That comment frustrates me. I don't want a boss. I don't need a boss. I don't want a middleman. I don't need a middleman. Those companies can go ahead and hire bloggers. I don't want to read advertisements. That's spam. I don't want to be the one who writes for the junkmail portion of the email inbox. Why narrow things down to such a small targeted audience? One of my talents is producing art and another is comedy. Why would I want to live inside a cubicle writing for someone I don't care about?

How do you expect to earn an INVESTED FOLLOWING (this is a new concept, old internet ways do not apply here) if you're telling people quality doesn't matter? CHBartist spent months writing complete trash, spent money to be on the trending page multiple times per day, DUPED naive new members into thinking he was popular, gained a MASSIVE disingenuous following, majority of them were bankrupt, and NOW, if he writes a post and tries to earn organically, he sees nothing.

I've seen many others make the same mistake. I even tried to help some of them. They were too proud, too stuck in the old ways; failed, miserably.

People buy 80000 instagram followers, then act famous in front of the FIVE people who actually give a crap about them. This business is full of shortcuts that don't work. Now we have something new that most don't understand yet, and