State of the Sndbox - Week 49 [New Website, Steem Exhibition Updates, Lots of Goodies]

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State of the Sndbox is a weekly newsletter that provides the latest in Sndbox activities, projects, and provides the best resources in creative empowerment for the Steemit community. To get up-to-date on all of our development throughout the week, be sure to follow us @sndbox and our magazine @creativecrypto.

Image by contest winner @ggcarlosr

This Week in the Sndbox

Welcome to the 49th State of the Sndbox newsletter!

This past week, we gave you guys our exhibit boards, projector plans, and donor wall updates for our upcoming The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition. We also announced winners of the 11th State of the Sndbox Thumbnail Competition and our 13th Crypto Art & Design Challenge. Finally, a big reminder that the deadline for applications to our Second Cohort is fast approaching.

The New The Creative Crypto Website!

We just launched a brand new interface with spanking new features on! New resources (most of which are Steem-centric), new Billboard frontend, and more upcoming features hinted at! We're working with all the new tools from @steempress-io to power the website. Read all about it here.

The Crypto Renaissance - Dtube, eSteem, Busy, and Steemit Mockup Exhibit Boards

The exhibition at the 1st Floor Gallery of 100 Bogart Street in Brooklyn will open on July 20th at 7pm, and will feature large-scale boards that document Sndbox community projects and Steem apps active across the blockchain. It's the prime opportunity to showcase the tools and resources built for creative professionals on the Steem blockchain and their integration in the practice and daily work of @sndbox members. The DAPP Tower will feature Steem apps that visitors can browse real time, as an interactive art piece.

In this post, we feature our Dtube Exhibition board for the DAPP Tower that summarizes this crypto-powered video platform on the Steem blockchain where content is rewarded with Steem and stored across an IPFS network. Dtube videos are free from ads and censorship while enabling content creators to maximize the value of their content through tokenization.

We also released our eSteem exhibition feature on this post, showcasing a well-loved Steem-powered mobile / desktop social media application where creators can publish written content, browse articles, and earn cryptocurrency.

Our Busy exhibition board from this post talks about an open source, crypto-powered blogging application on top of the Steem blockchain and has become a baseline for future Steem-based applications. Busy Users can earn cryptocurrency by publishing and upvoting articles.

Pioneering blockchain social media apps, is one of the world’s most active crypto-forums, breaking into Alexa’s top 1,000 sites in 2018. Creators on Steemit can publish content (writing and articles), browse articles, and earn cryptocurrency on top of the Steem blockchain. Checkout our exhibition board for Steemit here.

Want to see your Steem-powered application on exhibit? Leave a comment on this post to express your interest.

The Crypto Renaissance - Last Call to Join the Donor Wall

The upcoming Crypto Renaissance exhibition will not only showcase the Steem blockchain and its decentralized applications, we will also feature Steemit personalities that want to contribute and become part of this promotional event.

Steemians, we need your help! You can be part of our Exhibition and contribute to the $10,000 USD needed to fund the exhibit by being part of the "DONOR WALL" where Steemians can integrate their names and brand into the gallery facade. Donate SBD in exchange for a customized portrait of your profile picture and your Steem Username. Check out the instructions on how to donate and contribute with a little upvote through @sndbox’s curation trail.

Modeling the Steem-Powered NYC Exhibition Space on @exhibition

@exhibition is a community account to be used for events, galleries, workshops, marketing, presentations, and meetups.

To expedite our design process and understand of the space for our exhibition, we rendered a 3D visualization on the application software called Rhinoceros (Rhino3D). Compiled reference images and dimensions are visualized on Rhino3D to efficiently plan the calculated arrangements of the showcased projects.

Click here to see the literal 3D visualization of the space and the planned exhibit floor plan/design.

#CryptoRenaissance Design Challenge Winners

On our 13th Crypto Art & Design Challenge, we asked for artists and creatives on the Steemit platform to transform the Crypto Renaissance text in the likes of Picasso, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Michelangelo or any style that suits The Crypto Renaissance interactive exhibition. Aimed at engaging the New York public about the Steem blockchain, we will utilize step-by-step explanations and eye-catching graphics to put a spotlight on Sndbox projects and the empowerment of our incubator members within the Steem ecosystem.

There were a number of incredible submissions and the winning piece by @mbell is exemplary of Bauhaus's style that integrated the 100 Bogart building with the geometric aesthetic, blending in with much of the inspiration behind the work at @sndbox. We want to give a shout out to the @crittercrats' vibrant mural befitting Brooklyn, @anomt's cheerful but classic rendition, @beladro's zest-filled palette, and last but not the least, @johnbird's poster reconfiguration.

View the winning piece and other favorites here.

Blockchain & Bourbon Weekly

Blockchain and Bourbon is a weekly webisode by the makers of The Creative Crypto Magazine streamed LIVE on multiple social media apps such as Rize and Facebook.

Our new episode on @dlive is a cut of our interactive show where we presented the details of the upcoming exhibition in New York, The Crypto Renaissance, broadcasted on the PROPS Project’s RIZE app. We laid out how the exhibition will run, the activities, the content, and much more.

In our next webisode, we dropped ‘street cred’ in this bear market while enjoying our pre-happy hour bourbon.

Watch the edited episode here on @dlive.

Crypto, Cuteness and Blockchain Battlegrounds - Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game built on the Ethereum platform that's all about collecting and raising fantasy creatures called Axie. Considered one of the most promising games to have recently emerged and one of the first systems to propose several layers of interactive qualities such as battling, evolving, buying, selling, or trading your creatures.

In this conversation with the Axie Infinity team interview, they shared that one of the original crypto-collectible games - CryptoKitties, was actually what brought most of them together. We discuss their upcoming release of their battle system which exposes users to the best of both centralized and decentralized games. Be ready for engaging gameplay loops and progression, secure blockchain transfers of game assets, the bonus of their content creator reward system, alongside fun frequent contests.

The Axie Infinity team looks to a bright future of blockchain gaming as your crypto-critters face off on the battleground. Read more about them here.

The Creative Crypto’s First Article Cover Contest [Open Call for Illustrations]

The Creative Crypto magazine has a team of amazing artists that provides us crypto-commissioned, custom designed illustrations featured in every article. Since the magazine is built on the Steem blockchain, this enables readers to also get rewarded as well as contributors.

As part of our "decentralized" art initiative, we are calling artists and designers to participate in this weekly series by submitting an article cover and set the precedent for more future involvement.

Read more on the details of this initiative here.

The New Hustle: Hip Hop and Crypto

The Hip Hop scene is bringing in a new kind of green in this unexpected partnership of hip hop and cryptocurrency. Rub shoulders with Snoop Dogg in Crypto events, Rap with Nas to earn bitcoin, dig YG's recent banger about coins, get inspired by Akon's visionary Akoin, or get fascinated with 50cent's accidental hit with cryptocurrency.

Visit the full post to view the full article on how rappers like Kanye and Childish Gambino have become somewhat involved in the world of blockchain and crypto.

Testing Projection Work in the Gallery Space on @exhibition

Serious functional tests ongoing.

@exhibition is a community account to be used for events, galleries, workshops, marketing, presentations, and meetups.

We had the best time during the height of the World Cup rage as we tested out our projector's illuminating capacity and color depth by projecting the soccer games on the wall. After successful completion of our projector's functional tests, we considered multiple factors during our on-site testing as listed in this article.

Are we ready to project and present about the Steem platform? Check out our planned projector setup here.

Reminder - Applications for Sndbox's Cohort 2

Do you seek to be educated, mentored, and empowered on the Steemit platform? Only 2 sets of cohort members are accepted each year and this time around, we planned a rigorous 4-month program with weekly participation and rewards which comes at no SBD cost to incoming cohort members. Application submissions will be accepted until July 15.

Read about our new Programming and upcoming Syllabus as well as our Alumni Program in this post.

Grow Your Own Digital Tulip on Texel

Drawing inspiration from a popular tourist attraction in an island in Northern Holland where fields of tulips appear from March to May, TEXEL is a website where users grow their own personal tulips. Every individually unique tulip is an expressive work of digital art that is bred, grown, planted, and exchanged on the blockchain in a social and gamified experience.

Plant a TEXEL Tulip today, click here to get started.

Creative Crypto Billboard Project

The Creative Crypto Billboard (@cc-billboard) is a new feature on The Creative Crypto magazine site that works on content submissions. Keep yourself in the loop about Blockchain related topics on the billboard.

On @cc-billboard, we shared article submissions which includes a Welcome to The Spotlight feature on community member Jamesgetsit. Music related articles are about 'MC PLAYS' Live Stream on Musicoin TV, DSound, and two Spanish pieces on WorldWide Cypher Jam and Generic Trap. We also published articles about HEDE, Fundition, Codex, SteemHunt and Andy Warhol's piece on the First Art Auction on the Blockchain.

Read more about contributing to the Creative Crypto and Billboard here. The Billboard posts are now transitioning to the @creativecrypto account so be sure to see everything there!

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