The Creative Crypto’s First Article Cover Contest [Open Call for Illustrations]

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Have Your Artwork Featured on!

Welcome to the start of our "decentralized" art initiative :)

For those new to the Magazine, all of our illustrations are custom designed by a team of amazing artists, and each is unique to the article that follows it. Believe it or not, all this artwork (like Van Gogh up there) is actually commissioned through crypto-powered upvotes. How does that work? Well, our website is built on the Steem blockchain, which allows us to reward our readers and those who contribute to the growth of the magazine itself. Those who have Steem accounts (and who upvote this article) actually receive small amounts of Steem simply by "liking" each post. As the Magazine accrues Steem, we are able to reward both our readers and contributors. Which brings us to todays topic; An Open Call for Illustrations!

Learn more about how our Magazine is powered by the blockchain.

Calling all artists and designers! While most of our illustrations are done in-house, we thought it would be a fun idea to open up a weekly series for our creative readership to participate! Today, we’ll be hosting the first open call for an article cover and set the precedent for more future involvement.


Open Call Guidelines

To take part, please follow the guidelines below. Interpret the Article Summary through your own artistic lens, and create a single image that best reflects the theme below -

Theme : Exploring The Word, 'Cryptocurrency'

Article Summary: The term ‘cryptocurrency’ has confounded much of the global public on what it is, what it does, and why it’s named that way. This article will look to clarify the purpose and prospect of the technology. It will be an edited and up-to-date version of this original piece.

  • Create a digital image that captures the meaning of the article with the minimum dimensions of 1200 x 720 pixels.

  • Create a personal Steemit post highlighting the image and a description of the process and inspiration. You will need a Steemit account to participate, for which you can sign up here.

  • Share the link and image in the comments section of this post on the Steemit version of this article.

  • Deadline is Wednesday, July 4, 2018 5:00pm EST. Earlier submissions are recommended to receive more exposure! We will reveal the winner in the comment section of the post and the piece will be featured on the upcoming The Creative Crypto article.

Winners will receive substantial crypto-upvotes from our parent account @sndbox at the following rates -

  • First Place will receive a 100% vote from @sndbox.

  • Second - Fifth Place will receive a 20% vote each.

  • Honorable Mentions will receive a 10% vote each.

  • All successful entries will receive a partial upvote (1-5%).

We look forward to seeing the results of the competition. Good luck to all the participants!

cover image illustrated by @zsolt.vidak

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I hope not to be too late for the contest, I just discovered it a day ago :(

"Teaching Cryptocurrency" digital collage. My entry for the Creative Crypto contest.

Here's my entry for the contest!

article submission.png

Check out the full article here!

I fully intend to enter this call to Art! @creativecrypto has supported me on many occasions and I do appreciate it.

I look forward to reading the original article to get my inspiration. I just found out some I am getting a late start... but that may help rather than hinder the outcome. =)

I wrote probably one of my first serious posts covering or at least trying to cover the same topic. If you care to check out the really old post from 7 months ago feel free. I thought it was pretty funny. It was going to be a series but I never followed up on it. It's called WHAT IS CRYPTO-CURRENCY and you can check it out at that link.

Thanks for this opportunity! &

Wow. Interesting. Hope to join.

excellent, I love this initiative and will soon be participating.

Hola aceptan arte no digital

Interesting.... 👍

I am ready to participate excellent contest

This is my entrance I hope you like it, and that it is a great help to others to inform you.

criptomonedas completo .jpg