How To Buy Gift Cards & Visa Cards With STEEM

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Steemit is a wonderful website that allows content creators to earn cryptocurrency for their posts. STEEM Cards is now open for business, and you can purchase gift cards and Visa cards with STEEM, or STEEM Backed Dollars! You can also use BTC ETH and LTC. 

Some of their gift card options include, iTunes, Best Buy, Steam, Domino’s, ADIDAS, Xbox e gift card, The Home Depot, Dell e gift cards, and much much more!

 This is very exciting for the people working very hard on Steemit to produce top quality content. Exchanging crypto for things you need just got way easier thanks to STEEM Cards.

More on Steemit and why you should join if you haven’t : is the world’s fastest growing decentralized social media platform. Steemit connects to a robust blockchain database called STEEM. This blockchain database distributes rewards in cryptocurrency to the users who bring the best content (blogs, comments, videos etc.) to the Steemit site. 

 Check Out STEEM.Cards uses SteemConnect 2.0

 “The goal of SteemConnect is to make signing into any application that leverages a Steem Account as easy and intuitive as signing into any ordinary website.”  
“SteemConnect is the ideal solution for making it easy and safe for users to sign in to 3rd party Steem applications and for developers to build and scale these applications. It’s a layer built on top of the Steem blockchain that allows you to connect to authorized apps and transact in a secure and convenient way.”
 SteemConnect won’t just be a layer that streamlines the user sign up and sign in processes, it will also enable developers to add Steem features to their existing websites. Using SteemConnect, web developers with no history of blockchain development will be able to conveniently and securely add features like: tipping, voting, and comments.– @steemitblog 


 “Need an easy way to use your magic internet money in the real word without the use of a bank account? Try! Oh nothing just eating pizza I got with my Steem Visa card in the USA” 

 “I tested out Steem.Cards today, and It’s awesome.” 

 “Buying Asparagus, Sunchokes, Groundnuts With Steem! | My Experience with Steem.Cards” 

Author: @slickwilly 

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And it's legit? That sounds like an awesome service.

Yes, we used @steemgiftcards to buy an Amazon e-gift card and it was quick and easy.

i've used to it too- as noted above (the asparagus post) and it was awesome. the guy who runs it is really kind too and great at communicating.

For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is 8603.60USD

Don't know where I have being all this while... Just comingacross the #steemgiftcard
#steemit is currently unavailable.
and they haven't posted anything or made any trades since months. :/ you know any other equivalent service?

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