Buying Asparagus, Sunchokes, Groundnuts With Steem! | My Experience with Steem.Cards

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I have become a Steemit Advocate.

When I talk to someone who is unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies about Steemit, they often make a joke to allude to the fact that it isn’t real money.

I’ll just go get my monopoly money and take that to the store.

There is a lot of work to do in bridging the gap between the public and us Steemit Crazies. When Steem Gift Cards (by @xtrodinarypilot) came out, I was super excited. To me this alleviates the learning curve pressures (and let’s be honest, it’s a steep learning curve those first few weeks) of the cryptocurrency newcomer to Steemit. This includes familiarizing oneself with exchanges, exchange rates, attaching a bank account to the exchange, and so much more. Personally I see this as a major road block to many people initially trusting and staying on Steemit. Myself, I’ve always had a hidden geek that is very happy to come out to play on the Steemit Playground. It has been fun.


Now, with Steem Gift Cards, we can essentially use liquid Steem and Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) to get Visa Cards for basically the same amount of interest/fees as any exchange. This eliminates the offputting, to many, process of taking it through multiple exchanges to get it out – Bittrex to Coinbase for example and having to exchange SBD for BTC to LTC (to avoid the transfer feeds of BTC), to Coinbase, to the bank (with an extraction fee taken out each step of the way).

In the following paragraphs, I’m going to talk about my experience using Steem Gift Cards and how I made my first purchase using Steem to buy Plants (some rare and unusual, but very useful!) for my gardens and food forests!

I started with a $50 gift card as I wanted to make sure the site was trustworthy before I purchased a larger one. I will say after this experience, I would go bigger - probably getting the $500 gift card as the fees are the same so taking out more money makes more sense. The fees ate up a percentage of the money (but again, this is about the same rates you're going to pay if you go through exchanges and multiple cryptos!).

My Experience with Steem Gift Cards

First, let me just say I just love how transparent everything is on the blockchain:

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 7.07.46 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 7.03.43 PM.png


  • Fast, Clear Service Online.
  • Ryan @xtrodinarypilot has great communication and was very kind!
  • Easier than going through exchanges and about the same rate.
  • A direct way to take Steem out of Steemit! (This is a huge incentive for people who aren't computer literate to start generating Steem!)
  • Offered to ship out a card of equal value after I learned the custom cards the cards go through take 7-10 days. I thought this was really generous and awesome. He says this has been an overwhelming request.
  • Wide offering of cards (Best Buy, Amazon, ITunes, the list goes on) - great option for people who use these services or want to give them as gifts.
  • He threw in a Steemit window decal! (Thanks!)



  • Inititally I wasn't sure how long the wait would be. As mentioned above Ryan offered to ship me a card of equal value so I wouldn't have to wait the 7-10 days that one normally has to wait. There is now a disclaimer on the website stating this. I think it's really generous of Ryan to do this.
  • Fees are just part of the game so far with trading cryptos into fiat and Steem Gift Cards isn't taking a cut, but just taking out the fees it costs to trade Steem into USD. This isn't really a Con of the card, just par for the course in exchanging cryptos for fiat.

I consider this experience a complete success and I'm so thankful Ryan took the time to create Steem.Cards!

Thank you Ryan, I had a great experience and will likely start saving up for a $500 card!

And Now Onto The Plants!!

An interesting parallel just came to mind... I am powering up much of my earnings through Steemit. This is actually the first time I have taken money out of the cryptosphere (I have used some earnings to buy Alt coins) and purchased something with it. Many people think cryptos aren’t trustworthy and it is true that there is great risk. I’m not taking much of my earnings out because I believe Steem and SBD will only gain in value over the next couple years. What is now worth $100 could easily be worth $10000 in 2 years time. So this takes time.

It isn’t any different in that way from planting
asparagus, tubers, trees and shrubs on the homestead!!


On the homestead everything takes time to grow and bare a significant amount of fruit. I thought it was humorous to buy something that also takes time with something like Steem which is a long term investment.

Here are some of the plants (along with asparagus)
I bought with my gift card!

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.33.02 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.26.30 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.25.52 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.25.39 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.24.56 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.24.04 AM.png

All Product photos are from the Oiko's Website.

Pretty Exciting, eh?!


I like that having it in card form would show people that you are actually buying stuff with your supposedly fake money haha. And how you compare time for growth between steem and plants xD Excellent

exactly! haha people like to touch something- especially if it says Visa on it (I guess we trust Visa collectively LOL)!! Yeah the parallel just popped out. They're both my investments ;)

I've been considering a Visa Bitpay card - have you looked into/ heard anything about those?? On a side note, I love seeing people buy stuff with this "fake monopoly money" ;)

haha! ;) me too! Ini kept wanting to take some money out cuz I think he was having a hard time "believing in it" too... to me, it's all the same as the magical Visa card that "carries your money on it too" lol... except cryptos, as we're seeing in this massive blood bath, can really decrease in value quite quickly. Haven't heard of the Visa Bitpay card- i'll research it. If you get one, perhaps make a post? XO

ooooh just a quick google and i'm intrigued!! thanks for the heads up.. This looks super-fast and efficient!

Steem gift card? Thats good! Can we get it here in Nigeria?

not sure! you'll have to peruse the website to find out. I know there are some currencies available other than the USD.

This post made my day! Thanks for the info, I look forward to the day I can buy plants with my “fake” money.

Oh I'm so happy to hear that @toddcurry, thank you for saying so and for stopping by. Yes you can certainly buy plants with your "fake" money LOL :)

I was very curious about the gift cards. Thank you for taking the time to try it and post about it. I will give it a try. Thanks for being the test subject;)

:) hehe no problemo! I was super curious too and wanted to be able to tell my doubtful friends of this easy option should they join ;)

Exciting yes! I'm fairly new to crypto and 2 weeks in to steemit, it's great to hear about this card and that if we invest more into steem we can still easily use it. And great choice on the first purchases!

Yes I was quite happy about the card too! Thank you - doubly excited about the new genetics :D

Very cool. Starting to see more real life uses of Crypto.

Yes indeed! the gap is bridging :)

I am excited to buy plants with STEEM as well! The price drop right now is lame though haha because I can't get nearly as many or as much food as I would like. :P Thanks for the article, I feel like I might just try the Steem Gift Cards soon!
Though, I think I remember them not being in Canadian $ yet.

I know! I am glad i bought it a week and a half ago like it did because it has dropped considerably since then!! I read something today too that said that the price of SBD may not spike like it had been doing because they've printed more of it to keep up with inflated steem. So alas!

yeah oh well for me haha. I gotta figure out something else for income at this point, though it sure was a wonderful way to work this winter!

it's encouraging to see people giving real-life examples of what you're doing with this $$$ - also what an AWESOME collection of plants! i've never heard of some of these!!!

Thank you for the review @mountainjewel!! A goal of mine is to be able to do as you just showed and purchase things for the farm from earnings from steemit!!👍

you're welcome @hopfarmnc :) Yes! glad it could be helpful! <3

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