Oh nothing just eating pizza I got with my Steem Visa card in the USA — Steemit

Oh nothing just eating pizza I got with my Steem Visa card in the USA

in steem •  10 months ago

I wanted to test out the new Steem gift cards so I ordered one about a week ago. It has arrived and I am stoked! What would be more fitting as a first Steem purchase than some pizza? So I raced down here. Turns out my local pizza place also accepts bitcoin and litecoin.... what??!! More on that below but first, here is my delicious pizza that i am literally eating as I type this, with my visa card tucked under there


Here is the envelope it came in.


And here is the card


I thought it was going to have a Steem logo on it because it looks all badass like that on the website but it's just a regular gift card. however I did get a cool decal that I am excited to stick somewhere. Maybe my iPad case.

The pizza worker here said I am the first crypto purchase he has ever seen here .

I told him what I was doing because I was just so excited, and thats when he pointed out the bitcoin and litecoin acceptance right below my nose which is funny cuz I just turned my bitcoin and litecoin into Steem yesterday. We are a very small city in a rural state so this is actually more astounding to me than it might be if I were in LA or somewhere.

OH hey i should ask them to accept Steem duh!

to be continued...



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That's really cool, I wondered if there were Steem credit/debit cards. Will this be like the million dollar pizza slice I always hear about when btc was so cheap and someone bought a pizza that would be a million today?!


Yes I am already getting teased about this but I thought thats why it would be funny to get pizza! :) Its fun. I am having a blast, and that's what matters to me now. I also took out the money because I need to for survival reasons, which is why I only bought pizza.. the rest is going to bills. Borrring. But I am doing everything I can to build up my SP and grow here at Steemit so that these little withdrawals of cash hopefully just help sustain me while I grow! :)

woohooo, my arrives tomorrow. Im super excited! What will you buy next?


Im gonna use it for practical things....probably a bill, lol. But its still fun!

The best thing to spend steem on is happiness, I love steemgiftcards, because it is like Steemit is giving you a gift😄

I got a PlayStation Network gift card with my rewards, it was awesome :)

So Good! Slayin' it over there. Survival pizza.

Very nice! When sbd goes back up I'm gonna order mine!

Mmmm, fresh Steem Pizza!

Amazing! This is what it feels like to be part of the future! :D Hope the pizza was as delicious as it looked.

That's so great!!! And the pizza looks delicious. :)

That's just pretty darn cool if you ask me

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What you are talking about is the very things I am convinced will finally help all crypto's move to be known as "useful" The moment they can convert back and forth readily to "gas, groceries, and rent" things will just steamroll (or is it STEEMroll) from there. Thanks - going to resteem this one. Good stuff.

Can you fix your website link please. It doesn't seem to go anywhere and I'd like to check it out. Ta.


Thanks for letting me know! Not sure what i did wrong but the URL is http://steem.cards


Thank you! That works great.


Bugger. Can only use them in the US :(


Yeah, that's why I put USA in the title.. but where are you? There is a UK Amazon gift card on there. I just checked and there is also Germany and Canada now, too! Since they just started you might want to go back and check later.


Ah I missed that. I live in Panama now. USD here.


Darn it! I hope something similar comes your way soon!

that's good, thanks for the information

very encouraging!

That's so awesome!