SteemConnect 2.0: Easy, Fast, Efficient Access to the Steem Blockchain

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We’re Partnering With Busy!

We are happy to announce a formal partnership between the Busy Team and Steemit Inc. to further develop SteemConnect. The Steemit Team has been assisting @ekitcho and @fabien, founders of Busy, for months in an effort to take SteemConnect to the next level, and we’re now happy to announce that they are close to launching a major upgrade to SteemConnect with our official support!

The goal of SteemConnect is to make signing into any application that leverages a Steem Account as easy and intuitive as signing into any ordinary website.

SteemConnect is the ideal solution for making it easy and safe for users to sign in to 3rd party Steem applications and for developers to build and scale these applications. It’s a layer built on top of the Steem blockchain that allows you to connect to authorized apps and transact in a secure and convenient way. And it's about to get even better.

A Brief History of SteemConnect

It has been more than a year since Steem and Steemit have launched and a whole ecosystem of applications is forming on the Steem blockchain. These new projects show the enthusiasm and dynamism of Steemians but raise the issue of data security for both users, developers, and entrepreneurs of our ecosystem.

Security is key for the Steem ecosystem. After identifying the security challenges, we started working with the Busy team. SteemConnect will be the infrastructure that lets any developer or entrepreneur build on Steem without having to worry about security or the signup process, making it that much easier.

And rest assured, SteemConnect is a community project. That’s why it’s open source under MIT license, for anyone to use (and contribute to) as they see fit!

What SteemConnect 2.0 Will Offer Users

The next version of SteemConnect will let you secure your private keys while interacting with any service on the Steem blockchain. Through SteemConnect you will be able to trust these domains with your credentials, reputation and eventually money. SteemConnect will make it easier than ever to handle delegations, signing transactions, exploring Steem applications, and authentication.

SteemConnect will also serve as a hub for your Steem account. Not only will you be able to sign in and transact in one place, SteemConnect will give you access to the full suite of Steem services and apps at your fingertips. This ‘app store for Steem’ will be explored in a future post.

What SteemConnect 2.0 Offers Developers

For developers, SteemConnect dramatically simplifies authentication for users. It lets you focus on your app development without having to manage user private key security.

This makes dealing with Steem apps much safer. As a dev, you no longer have to blindly trust the code of Steem apps you integrate with, where reviewing app code multiple times is a challenge. SteemConnect handles all that in a trustworthy, transparent way and the next version of SteemConnect will be even safer.

Closed Applications

Even if you’re not looking to create an open source application, SteemConnect will add security to your service, as Steemians will never have to give you their private keys.

What SteemConnect 2.0 Will Offer ANY Website

SteemConnect won’t just be a layer that streamlines the user sign up and sign in processes, it will also enable developers to add Steem features to their existing websites. Using SteemConnect, web developers with no history of blockchain development will be able to conveniently and securely add features like: tipping, voting, and comments.

We are happy to announce both our progress as well as our official partnership with the Busy Team and are working as hard as we can to help deliver the next iteration of SteemConnect as soon as possible, while guaranteeing the highest security standards.

You can join the mailing list by going to if you would like to be an alpha tester or receive progress updates. Follow up posts on the project details will be handled by the excellent Busy Team (, so please follow along @steemconnect and resteem this post!

Thanks for reading!

Team Steemit + Busy Team


I am glad to hear this, it's a big blocker for me when I go to use another app and it asks for my password. I always have the fear!

I can totally relate to this!

Thanks @fabien @ekitcho and team! It's been amazing working with you guys and I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of everything we're working on.

thank @ned! very happy to see this news, a lot of efforts made over the last few months to build this tool with the help of your team: andrarchy, mitchell, sneak and everyone.
I really hope we will be able to release this tools asap. A lot of news are coming. Keep posted!
So far I feel like it's really promising for the Steem blockchain, as it will probably allow creation in the Steem ecosystem to flourish.
thanks for your great support, we really appreciate

Thank you!! I feel we are in the right track!!!

SteemConnect 1.0 was very easy to implement as a beginner coder, sadly due to the fact that it lacks certain features like setting beneficiaries I had to go with Steemjs for my newest project. Hopefully this feature will be implemented in the 2.0 as I'd happily migrate over from Steemjs.

We removed most of the limitation from SteemConnect1, I can confirm you that with the v2 you able to setup custom beneficiaries.

Can't wait to start using it then. I found SteemConnect 1.0 was far easier to adopt as beginner than Steemjs so that's a big one. The documentation has been very lacking on Steemjs and even the examples in official documentation have left me with many questions... I only had this problem regarding what to put in json_metadata with SteemConnect, now that I think. Hopefully extra effort will be put into documentation and showing clear examples on every call - it's a work that will have huge benefits with time as new developers don't have to look for answers in chats and who knows where. The info currently is scrambled all over the internet I've found and it can be a pain to look for it.

I also really dislike the idea of handling keys of users when there's money involved as beginner.

Awesome work guys! Really awesome!

Thanks once again to @ned, @ekitcho and Team Steemit + Busy Team.

I subscribed to the mailing list so hope to get an update on the release soon. Upvoted, Resteemed and Followed

Thank you Ned it’s a pleasure to working with you and Steemit crew! We really happy to have your support to move things forward with SteemConnect2 :)

It's really good to see you actively working with third party developers and helping the broader Steem ecosystem grow. Good news for all of us.

It's good to see progress! I was wondering when the UI/UX upgrades and rebranding will be implemented? I'm waiting for that because that's what will take Steemit to the next level and improve the interaction levels as well as post discovery through communities.

Thanks for your hard work! I believe Steemit will be big in the near future. :)

sendpocket:100@ned, thks for supporting this project@ned

This is great news! Thank you for this update. I've really been impressed by Busy and their work. Looking forward to this gentlemen, thank you.

Are you going to investigate this or do you want me to explain it for you?

I think we have started to see the results. I Think its better to focus on the core blockchain and the SMT's and the end user facing interfaces is handled by a different team. all the best @ned & all of us!

BTW, is SteemConnect support or will support OAuth2 style authorization?

I am talking about a scenario, where I would like to use different tool, which has support for login via OAuth2 provider, to login with my Steem/SteemConnect account.

Yes! SteemConnect 2 posting API is using OAuth 2 standard for authentication.

YES!!! This is what I've been wanting to hear. Very cool. :)

hi Noisy, I am trying to implement steemconnect v2 on my angular 2 app.
Will there be a version out soon for angular 2 as well?
Or is it it possible to integrage angularjs, I can get it to work in index.html but moving it to other components is throwing a lot of errors.

"SteemConnect won’t just be a layer that streamlines the user sign up and sign in processes, it will also enable developers to add Steem features to their existing websites."

Whoa. I can't even get my head around how big this platform is going to be. Glad to be a STEEM holder.

I know steemit is getting bigger and badder by the damn minute! Lets make innovation happen.

Sent you a message Have a look at it when you have a chance.

sweet glad to see progress

Ready and i m with you learning the process.

Thank's for your post it's a great information.

Busy is a great site. Good to see you guys partnering with busy developing SteemConnect 2.0. I would love to be able to add tipping, voting, and comments to my existing site using the steem blockchain. I am eager to see your upcoming solutions.

This is great news. I just checked the website and the image with the dashboard looks very modern. Can wait until it is released. I subscribed to the mailing list so hope to get an update on the release soon. Upvoted and Resteemed

Will it solve the issue of defining arbitrary rewards for developpers?

Hey yes, the new API offer more flexibility and give ability to setup custom reward beneficiaries.

Hi, I'm new to #steemconnect and there is no information about the Sign up process.
I've looked trough the steem posts, steemconnect website (only get email verification to sign up), google.
I'd like to know what to do/what happen after email verification is done.
Sorry I'm not completely used to Steem log in and multiple Key features.
Thank you :)

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