How to sew an easy baaaaag

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Take some strings and look what you get: a string art contest – ahem no – you get Tantra, the famous/infamous Indian philosophy of self-realization and ritualistic practices as Tantra literally means fabric referring to a fabric of words - ahhhh no – what I really want to say is, take some strings and you get fabric.
Wow, that took some doing. But I managed not only to mention @needleworkmonday’s amazing string art contest but also to look unbelievable intellectually by casually throwing in that tidbit about Indian philosophy. Simultaneously I perhaps confused you so much, that you still don’t know about which topic I want to write 😂.

titel how to sew an easy bag.png

It is bags. Handmade project bags with a zipper and lining. Sewn out of wildly colored fabric (which is made from strings, just to bring up my weird introduction again). With this project I tackled two of my bigger sewing fears – zipper, lining, you know – and succeeded. But I would never pick up such sewing projects on my own: Projects which not only seem to need a bit of work and concentration but which are not clothes (to which I am addicted) 😂😂😂 So, the inspiration came from my wonderful fiberfriend Lisa who recently got a sewing machine and instantly produced wonderful little bags in harmonizing colors. This gave me the push I needed to try it out for myself. Lisa recommended a tutorial from Hue Loco Yarn and I recommend it to you, if you have never made a bag before like me.

If you want to make exactly the bag you can see in the tutorial, you can download the templates for the rectangles and the corners from Hue Loco Yarn‘s website. But you naturally need more than only the tutorial:

how to sew an easy baaag.png

What you need
26 x 56 cm of fabric A (smaller part of the bag)
38 x 56 cm of fabric B (bigger part of the bag
60 x 56 cm of lining fabric
8 x 8 cm fabric A or B (optional for the key-ring)
Interfacing the same amount of fabric A and B
A zipper 30 cm
Scissor, pins, sewing machine

Be greedy buy everything(1).png

What to do
Run into the nearest fabric store and plunder the cotton fabric aisle. Buy several matching, contrasting, funny, serious and cute fabrics. Buy at least 78 m fabric all in all. Than run back home and thank yourself for being funny and greedy… Maybe stroke the fabric a bit while mumbling ‚my precious‘ and if someone (perhaps your conscience, husband or other beloved entities) demands of you to return this much too big amount of fabric, answer with a heartfelt ‚Thief! Thief, Baggins! We hates it forever.‘

My Precious!(1).png

What you really should do
Visit your box of scrap fabric and choose some lovely designs out of your non-stretchy fabric remnants. Plot your templates and cut out the rectangles according to the pattern with a small seam allowance. Cut out the lining for the outer parts of the bag and iron it on (beware, don’t put interfacing on the lining). With this step I had some difficulties. Although I followed the manufacturers advice the interfacing crumpled on two of the fabrics. I am not sure if the temperature was too high or if I ironed it for too long or if the acrylic fabric I have chosen was the culprit …. I will investigate this when I am making the next bag.
Now sit down and watch the tutorial. 😂 The first thing Nicole shows in this tutorial is how you insert the zipper. I love this, because the scariest thing is done first and out of the way. After inserting the zipper, the seams of lining and bag are closed. But leave a small part open, so that you can later turn the whole bag inside out (ok, it’s outside out 🤣). If you want to attach a key-ring, you must insert the fabric between lining and the outer bag before closing the seams.
But before turning, Nicole cuts the inner corners of the bag. This step is done with the corner template in her pdf pattern – before watching the video I was curious what to do with this little triangle. This step is essential to give your bag a real ‚bag‘ form, to transform it from flat into a bag with a wider base which can stand upright on its own.

Kopie von Design ohne Titel(1).png

The last step is grabbing with your nimble fingers the hidden intestines of your bag and rip pull them out. Close the gap in the lining and tadaaaa: finished bag 😍

how to sew an easy baaag 3.png

The possibilities of this bag pattern are endless, and I can see myself sewing countless project bags in different fabrics and sizes, so that I can start even more new knitting and crochet projects and nobody will notice, as they are hidden in these wonderful bags.

By the way, it is still MeMadeMay2019, so I am wearing a handmade cardigan. It is the Layercake cardigan from Jennifer Dassau. I find the cardigan very wearable and the instructions are easy and perfectly clear. When I am allowed to cast on something new again (you know, my conscience) I will start another Layercake with beige as the solid colour....

How to sew an easy bag(1).png

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.

Thank you Silvia for the beautiful photos.


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#NeedleWorkMonday wouldn’t be the same without you. You bring so much fun, amusement and flavor to the mix! Wonderful post and Love that bag! I love the different fabrics blended together. I of course loved your photos too! I especially loved the last one about #NeedleWorkMonday! Thank you for advertising it the way that you do! ☺️

Okay now I want to make one of these...gahhhh there’s so much I want to make with little time or opportunity.

Thanks so much for sharing the video and links!!

We absolutely need a time machine, or clones? I am not sure which of both would give us more time to learn all theses techniques. I have so many things I want to learn in sewing (and I am sooo sloooow in leaaarniing them - as you can see because of the many letters I need to write it down)
I am so glad that you created this initiative and that you keep it up with so much love and sweat. For me it is a fixed date to look forward to, to often distract me from a not so funny reality. It motivates me to not drown in self pity or anger. It helps me to feel a bit of accomplishment.
Thank you 🥰😘😍

Yes we absolutely do!! I just wrote my post today about a crochet Wishlist of the things I’d love to make if I had more time. Geez there is so much I want to make too. This week was about crochet but I think next week I’ll share some of the things I want to sew ;)

Awww of course! I can’t imagine Steemit without this community! It motivates, excited and keeps me moving and formulating ideas! This makes me so happy knowing it helps you to escape some of the hard realities you are facing and that it makes you feel accomplished. Thank you for sharing that with me as it is a confirmation that this community is needed and it helps remind me why I put so much into it ~ ☺️😘🤗♥️

Plunder my precious fabric scraps.... but I may need them for something someday!

Love your write-up today! Good instructions too!

Oh yes the fabric hoarding trap 😂 I know it too well ...
And I am happy you liked the post, I firstly thought it a tad to confusing 🤪

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Very amusing post today.

Thaaaank you 🌈🌈 Wait till I start to re-enact yarn Tantra... this will be even more amusing 🤪🤪😂

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You make me smile, @neumannsalva ! I love that little bag, but I would add a strap :D

The strap will be step two (or realistically more step 23 😊) ... as I have no idea how to make one. If I am honest I already forgot how the bag is made. I must watch this tutorial again as I want to make another bag with the beige and brownish-green fabric.

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Keep up the great work!


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Thank you so much for choosing my post and your awesome work 🌈🌈

Your preciousssssss... hehe. Love, love, love your post, your bag, your cardigan and love you!! You are so naturally funny @neumannsalva. You made me laugh! I get my push watching videos demonstrating cute, cute fabrics. Its been some time since I sewed one, and you just gave me a push. Thank you!! 😘

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Happy you could laugh a bit - I was not sure at the beginning if my post was not too confuse 🤪 For me it was a first, I have never made a bag and was so happy it worked out. I still have these beige/green fabrics and want to make another one... but only one week later and I fell as if I start with zero experience - I have completely forgotten how I made it.
If you will also make some, I am so curious which lovely fabrics you will choose 😍😍😍🌈

hee hee hee :))) I imagined that I was doing what you write at the beginning and my husband, looking at it, faints :))))) but then when in your description of what is needed for work, I got to the garment cars, I realized that for me everything is canceled - I do not have this :))))) I congratulate you: the handbag is gorgeous !!!! bright colorful fun !!! this is what you need! It goes well with your cardigan - I remember it and I like it :) I understand your idea that this is "not clothes". I have the same thing :))) I rarely dare to do something that is not functional :)

Ohhh thank you so much for the compliments, I am a little bit proud myself that I managed to make this bag. I know it is not a complicated project for others, but for me it is was completely new. And it was so nice the colors matched with my cardigan.
ANd with the Tantra :-DDD I have taught Indian philosophy for many years and Tantra has a very bad image in India and in other countries, but originally the word Tantra only means „fabric of words“. Tantra is simply a specific kind of text which arises around 600 CE. There are many different schools of Tantra and only a small one was linked to sex, dark magic etc... but this one got famous :-DDD
Sorry, I hope I did not bored you with this 🙏🙏

I'm certainly not a supporter of Indian philosophy)))) but it is always interesting to learn something new. if you taught it, you are of course very well versed in this subject. have you ever been to india?

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