Me Made May 2019

memademay 1.png

It’s May. The sun is shining, birds chirping happily in the blooming trees. Bees are hunting for the best flower and this – my friends – is me: flowered out in handmade garments 😅.
It is the first time I participate on MeMadeMay. This initiative was founded by Zoe from So, Zo… What do you know a wonderful sewing blog with lots of helpful information, free sewing patterns and inspiration. Zoe wants us to challenge our attitude towards handmade clothes. And this challenge hits me into my woolly heart. Her idea is to inspire crafters to cherish all the beautiful items they made, so that these clothes not only are a nice hobby but also become wardrobe staples which are useful and sustainable.
MeMadeMay is open to every crafter’s own goals, for example to wear a handmade item every day (me) or wearing a whole handmade outfit everyday, to do it silently or openly on social media. The idea is not to produce feverishly new handmade items in May (but it could if it is what you desire), but more to love the things which we already have in our wardrobe. MeMadeMay could be an opportunity to learn which clothes we love most, and which clothes are maybe missing in our wardrobe. Which fabrics or yarns are easy to care for or generally how much effort we are willing to put into our handmade garments.

memademay 2.png
Ida dress from Rosa P., Freya dress from Tilly and the buttons, self drafted half circle skirt.

For me MeMadeMay is an opportunity to wear more of my handmade clothes. Not whole outfits – I am far from this – but single skirts or sweaters. With my sewn garments I often feel as if they are not good enough: ill fitting, bad seams, or simply too weird. And with the knitted/crocheted things I am in constant fear I will destroy them by wearing…. Ahem – am I strange or do you have similar feelings? (Pleaaaase confess, so that I don’t feel to bad :-D)

memademay 2,5.png
improvised raglan cardigan, Miette cardigan from Andi Satterlund, toaster sweater from Sew House seven

Another objective for my MeMadeMay is to finish some of my knitted WIP’s and working off my pile of to-alter clothes. So far, I have finished one ‘secondsock’, knitted my lilac sweater (seeming is still unfinished) and I have repaired a pair of workout trousers I looooove. More on these items perhaps in the next weeks…

memademay 4.png

At least a call for testers. Eline Alcocer, the designer from Emmy & Lien has a new and amazing crochet cardigan in the pipeline and needs now testers for various sizes as she offers a huge and inclusive sizing range from 32 up to 62 inches / 82 – 152 cm bust. You know my personal situation is a bit strained, so I cannot commit to this testing. But I thought perhaps somebody of you wants to grab this opportunity. Taste is always divers, but I really love her designs and find them so unique. I already made a design from her, the Hanabira cardigan and not only was the pattern written very easy to understand, I am still in love with the flower pattern on this cardigan.

memademay 3.png

So, if you are interested, here is the link to all the information: link 😊

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.


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Thank you all for your support and all the kind and uplifting words. You helped a lot, so that I do not feel so alone. I send you all a big hug.


I didn't know about MeMadeMay so far.
I don't have plenty of clothes sewn by myself either. Some don't fit any more because I gained some weight.
Maybe I can get some photographs though.

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Great thing to participate in, I could never do it, I don't have that many handmade items... I give then away too fast!
Plus, like you, I would probably break them...

I am a bit obsessed about making clothes although I so often make strange mistakes :-D And with breaking ... i am really good in this.

great idea!!!! Handmade clothing is something special that can not be bought in stores! I like all your work. I understand your doubts about the clothes you made. it's because you know all your mistakes at work. but others do not know it :))) I now wear my things much calmer - I noticed that no one pays attention to the subtleties, but they evaluate it in general. I am sure that you heard a lot of compliments in your address when you wore your clothes :))) I like everything, but especially the last cardigan (this is a festive thing), your image where you are in a long orange skirt and dress on the first photo

You are so right :-D People seldom notice other people’s clothes (or mistakes in these clothes) And the blue sweater with the teardrops in gold is a super easy raglan pattern. The fabric is from last year’s fabric market and it is very soft and warm. But you will laugh... my husband made the photo on a parking place short before we went into a shopping centre. He had some days off and we tried to do all the things I cannot do alone (without a car) Nothing glamorous with the skirt, only shopping :-D
We later went to a shop for running shoes as mine are over 10 years old which is not healthy (as the shoes lose their cushioning. I tried on running shoes and run with this skirt - very funny.

Sending you sun beams <3

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uhhhhhh thank you so much for featuring my post <3 <3 <3

Wow! nice one, giving importance what we create and wear it. Before, all I made was for others. Many knew or saw me always crocheting but If they visit my house even a single doily or crocheted item was not displayed, all were sold out. But, when I met Aling Julie, 68 yrs old at that time wearing almost everyday her crocheted dress she made...I right away emulate her. Her reason that's why she made lots of crocheted dress she was nearing the time her hands can not crochet anymore, for during summer time she wore every day crocheted piece very comfortable and airy.

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Sorry @neumannsalva I missed this post so as to upvote in time...
just wanted to say that memademay sounds like a wonderful idea. I actually wore my crochet dress the day before yesterday :-) so I feel I'm in with the initiative:-D
Your garments look really lovely and so so cool! And believe me, nobody sees the uneven seems apart from you ;-)

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No problem at all :-) It is lovely you found the post and perhaps you will participate even more next May (or we start an SewingSeptemberonSteemit). It is good to hear you are wearing your beautiful dress, the world needs to see it <3

Oh dear, I'd have to take up sewing then before September... not sure about that... but upvoting will be definitely something I'll be doing!!!
Yea, now I'm on the hunt for occasions for my dress :DDD