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RE: How to sew an easy baaaaag

in #needleworkmonday3 years ago (edited)

#NeedleWorkMonday wouldn’t be the same without you. You bring so much fun, amusement and flavor to the mix! Wonderful post and Love that bag! I love the different fabrics blended together. I of course loved your photos too! I especially loved the last one about #NeedleWorkMonday! Thank you for advertising it the way that you do! ☺️

Okay now I want to make one of these...gahhhh there’s so much I want to make with little time or opportunity.

Thanks so much for sharing the video and links!!


We absolutely need a time machine, or clones? I am not sure which of both would give us more time to learn all theses techniques. I have so many things I want to learn in sewing (and I am sooo sloooow in leaaarniing them - as you can see because of the many letters I need to write it down)
I am so glad that you created this initiative and that you keep it up with so much love and sweat. For me it is a fixed date to look forward to, to often distract me from a not so funny reality. It motivates me to not drown in self pity or anger. It helps me to feel a bit of accomplishment.
Thank you 🥰😘😍

Yes we absolutely do!! I just wrote my post today about a crochet Wishlist of the things I’d love to make if I had more time. Geez there is so much I want to make too. This week was about crochet but I think next week I’ll share some of the things I want to sew ;)

Awww of course! I can’t imagine Steemit without this community! It motivates, excited and keeps me moving and formulating ideas! This makes me so happy knowing it helps you to escape some of the hard realities you are facing and that it makes you feel accomplished. Thank you for sharing that with me as it is a confirmation that this community is needed and it helps remind me why I put so much into it ~ ☺️😘🤗♥️

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