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RE: How to sew an easy baaaaag

in #needleworkmonday3 years ago

hee hee hee :))) I imagined that I was doing what you write at the beginning and my husband, looking at it, faints :))))) but then when in your description of what is needed for work, I got to the garment cars, I realized that for me everything is canceled - I do not have this :))))) I congratulate you: the handbag is gorgeous !!!! bright colorful fun !!! this is what you need! It goes well with your cardigan - I remember it and I like it :) I understand your idea that this is "not clothes". I have the same thing :))) I rarely dare to do something that is not functional :)


Ohhh thank you so much for the compliments, I am a little bit proud myself that I managed to make this bag. I know it is not a complicated project for others, but for me it is was completely new. And it was so nice the colors matched with my cardigan.
ANd with the Tantra :-DDD I have taught Indian philosophy for many years and Tantra has a very bad image in India and in other countries, but originally the word Tantra only means „fabric of words“. Tantra is simply a specific kind of text which arises around 600 CE. There are many different schools of Tantra and only a small one was linked to sex, dark magic etc... but this one got famous :-DDD
Sorry, I hope I did not bored you with this 🙏🙏

I'm certainly not a supporter of Indian philosophy)))) but it is always interesting to learn something new. if you taught it, you are of course very well versed in this subject. have you ever been to india?

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