Crocheting a Frankencoinster

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I am afraid… I am afraid that you will notice that I am an imposter, that I am barely able to hold a hook… Because I crocheted a Frankencoinster.

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Last week I tried myself at this alleged „relaxing“ woven mandala. And it relaxed me so intensely that I needed some sweet balm tee and many good words of my husband to convince me not to burn it to ashes. One week later and again I am trying to craft something that is not a garment…. And I guess I should stop it (or start to wear mandalas and coin-purses). The more likely hypothesis is, I should not craft while having headaches.

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Last week @crosheille wrote this beautiful post about the peculiarities of foreign supermarkets and combined this fun read with a tutorial for a coin-keeper. I saw it and I wanted it. Subito:-D

As her tutorial is written in a precise manner, I thought this a nice and easy project while I have intense headache. Yes, you read it, I have migraines… and this is not a good starting point to do anything. I seem to get stupid by them. I say this with a little laugh - but actually it’s true. I often have problems to find words and to think stringently while having a headache. Just to take the suspense away: in the end @crosheilles pattern worked out and I now have a cute little coin -purse, so that I do not have to run through the supermarkets with a week’s groceries precariously balancing in my arms. And absolutely every mistake I made is my own, not her pattern!!!!

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But what happened? Back to the headaches. Sun is shining, and I grabbed some yarn, to bring it with me to the window sill. First mistake. I grabbed some yarn: I didn’t think about tension or drape or anything (ok, I thought about the colour – pink 😍) So, I ended with this super stiff cotton yarn and a small hook. The cotton yarn is a left over from a bowl I made for friends. And it is so stiff, it can stand on its own and the yarn cuts your fingers bloody while crocheting with it (now I may be exaggerating a tad)
I worked the foundation crochet two times and directly noticed how uneven these stitches look. I also noticed that the yarn split like crazy. And what did I do: nothing. Changing the yarn would have been a wonderful idea. But my migraine brain is too slow to come up with this idea. So, I proceeded.

Kopie von 1800px × 768px – Design ohne Titel(7).png

I crocheted on and on and on… only to read the pattern again and noticing that my coin-keeper was much too long (it wasn’t 🤣). So, I ripped back… only to read the pattern another time and look carefully at the photos, which told me my first attempt was ok and I unravelled unnecessarily. Sigh 😔

old neckline(4).png

Back on track the next mistake crept into my coin-keeper. (Sometimes I pretend that I am making all these mistakes only to prevent you from making them.) I worked sc completely around the coin-keeper, but I forgot to do the double sc into the corners, which @crosheille specifically mentions in her pattern. Now my coin-keeper is more rounded than square.
As my head didn’t become better and I liked the cute thingy although it looks uneven, I finished with the strap and attached it to my key.

old neckline(3).png

Now I will take pain medication and stop writing this text, because my head still hurts like 🤯
Thank you @crocheille for this wonderful idea of a coin-keeper and for your pattern.

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.


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I have no idea how you managed to crochet through a migraine. I have to hide in a dark room and try not to move when I get them. Once one hit as I was driving to a hotel after a flight and I couldn't find anywhere to pull over safely.
Considering the circumstances, it looks great!

THis was stage 1 migraine... meaning, I mostly have a kind of wafting headache for hours or days. I know (intellectually) that I should take medication, but as I so often have these 💩 migraines, I want to avoid it. So, I do strange things and wait, hoping the migraine will not developed. But it does... Like yesterday. After writing I took medication and went to bed, but it was too late and I had migraines till the next day.
I have this for so long now, but I still cannot manage it in a sensible way. GRRRRR ( I am growling at myself)

Great job! I have to go to bed when I have a Migraine! So you deserve a pat on the back!

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Thank you so much, but believe me I also have to go to bed with migraines. I just have so often migraines that I want to avoid to take pain medication. It never works. I wait to long (do strange things, like crocheting a coin-keeper) and in the end I always have to take medication and go to bed.
I so hope you do not have this 💩 migraines often.

I used to have them often, and because of that, I qualified to have injections to prevent them. I also take CBD oil, which helps with so many things! Hope you will be able to find a good treatment option to help you.

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Oh no sorry you also suffer from migraines but good to hear you found a solution. Cbd oil is not free to buy here (but perhaps soon)...

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Thank you! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

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Thank you so much for sharing my post 🌈💕🌈

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Oh bless you! I can imagine how frustrating this was with having a migraine. I have tried crocheting with one before and it didn’t go well. I just put my work aside and rested my eyes.

I laughed at the name you gave your coin keeper! 😂 Although your corners weren’t squared off you still accomplished a mini cute coin holder! As much as I would love to take the credit for the pattern, I actually found it on Pinterest. I did make a few modifications but the pattern was not my creation. I’m so glad you gave it a try and now have one of your own! Yay! I’m even more excited that you shared it with us! Thank you!

I used an acrylic/cotton mix yarn that was soft and shiny. My ends really would have curled if I didn’t do the extra sc’s in the corners.

I love the pictures of you crocheting next to those pretty purple flowers ~

I think I will make another one, as I like your yarn choice much more. I guess mine is very (veeerrryyy) sturdy, but it looks so rough. And with the pattern, indifferent who invented it, before you, I have never heard of this and I really need it. As I have written to @akipponn I loose several of these plastic coins in a month and I always have to shop with arms full of groceries ... which sometimes even tumble down... not the best strategy. So, thank you for bringing this coin-keeper to my attention.
Next time I will make one without headache. As you stated, eyes and brain are not working properly with migraines. But as I have them so frequently, I often want to resist them or proof that I can function nevertheless (does not go well...)
And the flowers are lavender( the photo is very blurry, so that nobody can see the ugly roof of the next house). We have one window with a bigger window sill which I use as a „balcony“ as we do not have garden or a real balcony 😂

I think it would be great if you made another one! Why not have a couple to choose from? 😃

I’m so glad to know you will make good use of this and it will actually be convenient for you.

That looks really cute, and I like it both rounded and your style (a bit squarish), too :D

Poor you, migraines are terrible > __ < I hope they will not visit you very often, but when they do, I would think it would be wise not to take on too many creative activities...

Hope you are doing better now, @neumannsalva :)

Thaaaank youuu! Sadly I have very frequent migraines (so often that I had to stop to work... one reason I picked up writing and crafting on Steemit) And I still have not learned to take medications early enough. I always hope the migraines will stop/go away when I do something nice and relaxing. But they seldom do...
I hope you do not suffer from the same 💩🤯
Sending you hugs

Hugs and love for writing thru your pain.

Thaaaaank youuuu 💕🌈

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Yeah! You did it. It's on my TODO list I read about it in @crosheille's post last week ... It's nice Needlework Monday is a place to inspire each other :)

I love this project. I have never thought of such a coin-keeper before and I always loose my plastic coins. Always! I could make a video of me stumbling through supermarkets without a cart but a huge amount of groceries...I hope this will change now.

You're so strong @neumannsalva to continue working - crochet, writing, taking photos - through your migraine...and actually completing all the work in time for #needleworkmonday !!! Your're an inspiration!!!
Love how you almost immediately try out new projects you've seen, and this coin purse by @crosheille looks like a really handy thing to have!

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Thank you for featuring my post and for your awesome curation work 💕🌈

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Wow how did you make this cool comment?? And thank you 🙏🏻😊

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