NeedleWorkMonday - Crocheted Aldi Quarter Keeper Keychain


It’s another wonderful #NeedleWorkMonday! Those of you that reside in the US have most likely heard of Aldi. Aldi is the main grocer market that my family visits. They have their own brands, are very affordable, have lots of organic and healthy products, and always have bargain deals on items for your home and personal needs.

When shopping at Aldi you must always have a quarter handy to rent one of their shopping carts. Sometimes we forget to bring one and have to go into the store to borrow one from a cashier. Well to eliminate that problem I decided to make a Crocheted Aldi Quarter Keeper Keychain! In the picture above I have my quarter ready to rent my shopping cart.



You may be thinking it’s a turn off that you have to rent a cart but it’s actually very innovative and one of the reasons Aldi is able to keep their prices so low.

Having a rental cart system =

No runaway carts
No employees needed to be hired to chase them
Putting carts back into circulation immediately after being used
Reduced inventory of carts needed by the market
Keeps the parking lot clear of carts increasing number of parking spaces

All of these things equals more savings for the consumers.


When you arrive you’ll see the carts chained together with this interlock system. You grab your quarter from your quarter keeper and insert it into the quarter slot...


then it is released for you to shop. When finished you simply chain your cart back up and your quarter slides out for you to grab! Simple and painless :)

Aldi also reduces their costs by:

• having shorter store hours
• requiring customers to bag/box their own items which means no need for them to spend money supplying bags or hiring more employees to bag (they do have reusable bags available for purchase
• having fewer workers at a time
• displaying products on the shelves in their original cardboard boxes

Checkout doesn’t take that long since you are bagging your own items. We have really grown to love Aldi and prefer a lot of products in their brand over others.


Now onto the quarter keeper process...


Start with 6 sc foundation stitches. Ch 1 turn and sc in every stitch until you reach your desired length.


It’s good to have a quarter handy so you can measure how long to make this piece. I wanted a tighter fit so I stopped here.


Once you have your desired length you will sc around the whole piece. You’ll want to use these sc stitches to hold the shape in place. Make sure to sc twice at the corners.


Now you’re going to sc inside the opening you created. You start on one side of the opening and work your way around to the opposite side. Slip stitch together with first sc.


Here’s what it looks like when finished stitching the opening.


Next we will create the loop for the key ring. Find your center four stitches, add your yarn and ch 1. Sc in same stitch and in next three. Ch 1, turn and sc across.


Do this until you reach about 10 rows then fasten off leaving a long tail. Add your key ring to the strap.


Sew the end of the strap to the beginning stitches to form the loop.


Your Quarter Keeper is now complete!



I took these photos so you could see a peep of the quarter but the pockets are deep enough to hide it completely. We shouldn’t have a problem with it falling out.


It took three attempts for me to find my desired size. I first went along with the pattern and started with 8 foundation stitches using an F hook. Then I tried 7 foundation stitches with an F hook and finally I went with 6 foundation stitches with an E hook. I like the smaller version better.


I took a few hours out of my day last weekend to make these because my husband thought they were a good idea and that we needed to have one. I definitely agree because we shop there often and sometimes forget to grab a quarter. I’m so glad I found this clever solution :)

Thanks for Reading!

All photos are my own.

pattern source


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Logo/Banner created by @rigaronib!


good idea, very convenient

It really is!

This is a good idea! I always loose fake coin to use shopping carts and often don’t have a coin. I wonder why I loose it as I keep it in my purse. I try to make mine 😊

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Me too... I suspect there is a secret dimension where all fake coins, hair ties and ball pens hide. Not sure, but I think Neil Gaiman wrote about such a dimension in his book Neverwhere :-D

Lol that’s so funny! I tend to loose mine or just forget to grab one. Oh cool please show us when you’re finished! 😃

That's a great idea.

I really thought so too and had to make some!

That is so cute! It looks like a mini hot water bottle.
We have Aldi too - I think they've taken over the world. Years ago I used to work on a magazine called Scottish Grocer, and we had a visit from some Aldi representatives. They told us exactly the points that you have listed, as to how they keep their costs low. They also said that each Aldi store had exactly the same layout, so that their stock delivery people knew exactly where everything should go, and that apparently saves them a fortune on logistics.
I think there is another cost-saver that they didn't mention. Their stores are almost always on inexpensive real estate, unlike their competitors, who tend to site their stores in the most expensive city centres. That gives them a huge advantage in the UK, though I'm not sure if it's the same in the US.

😂 It does look like a mini one! Yes from the responses I’m getting I see they are taking over the world! I don’t mind it though! Oh cool, I didn’t know about the real estate. The owners of this company really thought out some smart competitive tactics. It’s great to know we’re not the only Aldi lovers!

That's so cool and convenient!

It has been very convenient! 😉

This is a great idea, and a quick project to make with a group of people at an event or workshop. I love the miniature hair brush on your key ring 😍

Yes it would be a good project to complete with a group!! Hehehe thank you! I’ve had it for years as you can see I’m starting to lose the bristles! 😂

Yes you are right! I sometimes do not take a cart because there is no small money with me. this is a great idea !!!! as our girls say, you must have your copyright on this thing! :)

I’m glad you thought it was great too! If only it was my invention lol! I wish I would have thought of this first! 😅

What an interesting way to help you have what you need when you need it. I have never been to an Aldi, what a different way to handle carts. But if it helps keep the parking lot clear of carts in the way I am all for it.

Yes I found it quite unique and useful! You would love Aldi! There are never any carts left in the parking lot :)

Que lindo y muy util. @crosheille

I agree! That’s why I had to take time out to make them ;D

Thank you for the Aldi information! I would have been totally lost if I encountered a chained up cart. Nice way to always be sure you have s quarter.

Lol sure! When I first learned of the concept I didn’t get “why” at first but then it made sense to me. We’re so use to renting them now. Yes this last week was really nice having my quarter handy :D

That is a cute idea!! I love it!!
Thank you for share have a lovely week!!

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I’m glad you like it!! 😃

We are an aldi shopping family, that's a really great idea. For us we need TWO quarters, one for groceries and another for a cart full of children! Are these for sale anywhere?

Oh cool more Aldi lovers! It’s so handy and convenient. I found some really nice ones on Etsy!

I would love to make a couple for your family but I have yet to set up my PO Box so that I can start sending out merchandise. I hope you can find one you like from there :)

There is a Aldi in the USA – wow – the world is really globalized. I always thought this a typical German shop and I didn’t knew there are Aldi outside from German and Northern Europe. The features you listed like the groceries being in their packages or that you have to rent the cart etc. Are typical not only for Aldi but for all discounter in Germany. When I was younger and went into a shop in Italy I was totally amazed that the employees put my purchases into bags (as it seem to be common in the USA too)… I have never seen this in Germany.
So, as you have to rent the cart at every shop here, the fake coins are always needed and like @akipponn I lose them constantly. No idea how this could happen. Mostly I do the shopping with all my purchases precariously tucked on my arms…. So, your coin-purse is a wonderful idea!!! And for me completely new. I have never seen this done in crochet and I instantly have to make on.
Thank you so much for the pattern!

My husband was just telling me that Aldi originally started in Germany. It seems the company split and that’s when they came here to the US. Now I’ll have to read up on the history for myself. Yes they are taking the world by storm! So wow, all of your stores are like this? Interesting! All of our other stores bag your groceries for you and you don’t have to rent carts.
I think this holder will definitely be great for you! Please share after you make one!!! 😃

I love Aldi too! I discovered them when I lived in Europe and was so excited to see them bring it to the United States!

I never minded about the carts or the bags either and what you say makes great sense. I also love the save a quarter holder! It does keep the extra employees at bay! And I do love their savings!

I hope you and yours are doing well! Happy #Needleworkmonday!


Isn’t it awesome? So cool that so many of my Steemit friends love Aldi too! I definitely love the savings so I appreciate all they do to keep the prices low :D

Thanks so much for the tip! 😘

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I can't believe there's an Aldi in the USA!!! They certainly seem to be taking over the wold...what's next, I wonder, maybe Japan?
Love your practical idea of the little coin pocket! Now you are always ready to shop :-)

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I am learning they originated in Germany! I had no idea! Wow they are everywhere lol! Yes it’s very convenient :D

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Thank you!! ☺️

I also like the smallest version the best - very cute and great idea :)


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