It's Official! MY VERY FIRST LIVE GIG as a solo artist!

in #music3 years ago


Here it is! Official proof that I am locked in to play my first show on May 4th!! :)

I can say without a doubt that I am not completely ready to perform, but I am working towards being fully prepared in the next month.

If you remember my older Post about saying yes and figuring out how later, this is the point of no return where it all becomes so real! You can touch it, see it.

Now other people can see my name on this poster and I am automatically held accountable for it.

As much as it scares me or makes me nervous, my subconscious is now at work helping me prepare for it.

Something changes when you make that decision and there is no turning back, because no matter whether it turns out to be a complete success or a trainwreck, one thing is for sure. It is going to happen!

Wish me luck with my first live gig and I am hoping to have a few friends do some Facebook live feeds and record video of me playing so I can make a post here for you all to experience it too!




Oh ya! I went Friday night to watch this month's artists and check out the venue, im gonna own it!

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Congratulations stay focused in preparing and have fun on the night and you will be awesome I jlhave no doubt

Thanks Jay! I'm sure it will go off without a hitch, I used to play as a guitarist in front of 1000 people at a time, just never sang for them

its just a natural step in your progression 👍👍👍

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Good luck, it would be awesome to see a video of you first live gig - despite your renovations I am sure it will be a big hit.


Lol renovations eh?! I know what you meant haha, I'll be sure to get some kind of video to share with you all I promise

That's really amazing my friend and I know you will do great 😉 take your time to prepare and just belive in your amazing self and you will Rock it! Good luck! 🤗

Thanks @saffisara I think it's going to be awesome!


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