Cover #5 - "Give Thanks"

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May I present you, my music mentor - @vincentchin. He was my band instructor way back, during my teens. And him being the more experienced one, I've always looked to him for guidance in my musical​ journey. Of course with the constant contact and shared experiences, the friendship grew to so much more. We've traveled​ to different parts of Asia together, performed and coached, joined all sorts of contests, and even looking into the film industry now. He's really a man with many ideas. He's also one of the most helpful and selfless individual around. Indeed someone I'm thankful to have in my life.

So while I'm still riding on this 'thankful/grateful' wave, here's an all-time​ favorite - "Give Thanks".

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son

And now let the weak say, "I am strong"
Let the poor say, "I am rich
Because of what the Lord has done for us"

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Proud of you CALEB! You definitely are the person that never leave the skin after your bean grows! Life is all about sharing, giving back. Keep what you doing, and looking forward for more from you!! :)))

thanks so much! first time I hear the analogy of skin and bean. hehe. I learn from you all. the pro! :)

Cool right :D Told you every night I have some crazy poetic, idiomic inspiration going on in my brain. Hahaha

hahaha! give that brain some well deserved rest! already chasing MRT everyday leh. hehe. on that note. would be great to hear more of there poetic, idiomic stuff in your posts :p

I rather keep that to myself, I can't let it happen here! It's wild. hahaha!

Man, is really so beautiful :') The sax sounds amazing, dovetails really well with the keys. Really feels like I'm sitting in the same room. One of my fav Don Moen songs too

oh man. this is a classic! thanks for dropping by. if you don't mind. I see that you might be pretty new around this area. you're in for an amazing journey ahead. hope to see you around more often! :)

WOW :D So nice !!! :D so sexy the saxophone. Both really good.

thank you so much. hope to read more from you :)

Thank you @calebleejl @vincentchin! T.T
This cover really moved me, despite all the struggles in life,
give thanks to God somehow always turn things around. :')
God is good!

glad that you're blessed :)

Definitely enjoyed this one!! Soothing and calming :) Your covers are always full of quality content !!! Keep it up Caleb ! Jam some day.

that day will come very soon! thanks for always dropping by. you guys are the bomb! I'm going to shut you down! is that right @darmerc21? ;)

Wow! the piano and the Sax just works so beautifully in tandem! Beautiful music! :)

deep lah your England. I no understanding :)

Hahah sorry xD means piano and sax player together very nice!

Wow, this is great !👍

thank you! :)

Whoa! That sax is amazing! Gotta stay humble, but he kills it. Great job you two.

thanks man! I recall you can play the saxophone as well! :)

Yes I can, great memory! I gotta get my smoothness back like he has. Very full sound, great musician.

you better tag me when you post a cover (if you don't mind)! you're from the Big Apple right? musician staying in NYC. that's the dream!

Unfortunately, no... I'll take it though. I could totally fit in, 😎. But I promise the sax tunes will still be worth listening to :). I appreciate the support! I'm currently living on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

ahh. I wonder what made me think that you were staying there. hahaha! can't wait to listen to your sax tunes. I just recently launched an initiative #steem-music. I would love to see if you can be a part of it :)

Would that be a tag for a feed? What do we mean by initiative in this community? Anyway I can help! No, idea what gave that impression, hahaha!

ahh. basically I'm trying to create a community that helps each other. as of now we identify each other with the tag #steem-music so it can be more visible. stay tuned for more updates on my blog :)

Wow, your mentor is really good!
This reminds me that it is perfect for just a quiet time with the LORD and allow me to focus on what is necessary, and not what I am up against.

Coincidentally today I went through something that truly challenged my faith as I did what I **had ** to do, and even with consequences of burning a big hole in my wallet, I choose to give thanks instead of being upset with it.

Making it a closure of a part of my life that needs to be concluded.
(It's linked in green)

Thank you for sharing your talent with us on Steemit platform!


I dropped by to read your post. I'm glad this song blessed your heart. that means so much more than any praise or financial reward. take care my friend. God bless you :)

Mentor indeed.

That soulful energy, man. Beautiful!

Very nice both of you!

thanks for dropping by. yes. he hates this but he's like the 'saxophone prince' back in Sabah. hahaha!

I know I'm late to the party but wow! Didn't know you were in band!

in a school band. you?

High five! Same :) What did you play? I played the flute

started off with clarinet. then moved to percussion ;)

Those days we always sang this at church. Both of you did so well for this. I admire you and @vincentchin.