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I'd like to offer my services as a Muse witness.

You can read about the Muse blockchain here.


The main qualifications I'm putting forward are those laid out in the Muse witnesses thread:

  • experienced graphene witness (currently witnessing on BitShares, Steemit and Peerplays), has also been witnessing the original Muse chain for 2 years
  • author of bts_tools, a set of management and monitoring tools for graphene witnesses
  • maintainer of
  • started my career working on music classification and similarity for 8 years at the MTG

To know more about me, please refer to my original Steem witness proposal, which contains information that is still valid today.

Plan for the future

I am quite interested in the Muse project specifically, as I know that blockchain technology can make a lot of difference in the music industry, especially since the middlemen there are taking a huge chunk of the pie while providing little value for services that could easily be automatized using smart contracts.

The concentration of power, and abuse thereof, is taking away a lot of money that would be better used to promote small artists, and allow them to make a living out of their art. In that sense, I see in Muse not only a way to modernize and optimize an aging industry, but also a way to make it fairer and more inclusive for everyone.

So, what I plan to do for the Muse project will be to continue developing the bts_tools, and add full support for the Muse chain (there is a new release pending that should come out very soon). I will also provide accurate and reliable feeds for Muse dollars, as well as help in any way that I can to further support the project.



hey man,

pardon the off-topic comment…

I made a post today regarding a large-scale idea to advance Steem’s development, and it was recommended to share with the witnesses to help get this in front of the audience who’d be in the position to do something with/about it:

The $1 Billion Steem Development Fund: How Steemit Inc.'s Stake Could Be Best Allocated To Grow A Thriving Network Of Applications And Users...

would be cool if you could have a read, and IF you feel it’d be a great idea that’d serve the community, forward to anyone in particular you know who might be in a position of influence to advance the discussion.

either way, I thank you for your continued service to this (and the Bitshares) community. 🙏



I am sure you will get what you are looking for. I wish you good success @wackou


Muse... let's check it out!!! Thanks 😲👍🏼🎶

Very good post congratulate you great contribution for the page ... I wish you many success, my friend @wackou

Hi .. I'm new Here, I need a push , thank you for up vote this post

Thank you for share this amazing post!! follow me!! upvote and resteem! Best regards!

So music as a blockchain so that you can hold individual rights?

What if someone falsely uploads a song not attributed to them?

interesting question, and I'm not sure that Muse specifically will set out to solve it. The way I understand it is the following:

  • the problem that Muse intends to tackle is the one of redistribution, ie: who do you pay and how much, once you have the royalties coming in. Artists uploading a song (or a song identifier) will do so using a distribution scheme associated to it (eg: 50% composer, 20% guitarist, 10% bass, 10% drummer, 10% agent), and the blockchain takes care of splitting a single revenue stream accordingly
  • this does not imply (yet) that the revenue is "legal" or that the artist is who they claim to be

Muse will also have a "sister" project, called PeerTracks (, currently redirecting to the main Muse website), that should deal with these problems, also stream content and send revenue through the Muse blockchain and handle artist tokens (eg: vouchers, VIP passes, etc...)

The original project was announced 2 years ago and was a bit different than what is presented now, so I don't know exactly all the details as they are still trickling out. Thanks for the interesting question, though, as this is definitely a problem that the Muse team is going to have to tackle.

It seems like a good idea. - Every time I hear blockchain, I automatically think the project will be awesome.

This will basically be a Rights organization like BMI or ASCAP?

The way I understand it, yes, that's the first stage of the project. I think that the team has bigger plans than that, but I can't talk for them, and there's no official whitepaper yet.

Hoooolyyy fuck. I'm totally about this.

Interesting! Time to check out Muse ;)

voted and resteem witnesses! @wackou , hopefully upload to the first place! I would appreciate your vote in my participation in openmic week 66, thank you very much!

@wackou I would like very much if you could read some of my posts ... I really put a lot of love and effort into them. I only ask that vote for me if I deserve it, but you would make me incredibly happy if you at least read it!
Receiving your support is like a dream to me
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!

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