STEEMIT Open Mic Week 66 – “Got a Match” (Chick Corea) cover and improvisation! by @jetperalta

in openmic •  last year

hello steemians! this is my participation for the open mic week 66 contest. 

The theme to play is titled "Got a Match" from the album  The Chick Corea Elektric Band (jazz fusion style). 


playback taken from the youtube channel “Backingtracks JAZZ"

I hope you enjoy!     

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Majestuoso Cover, Felicitaciones!!!

excelente interpretación amor .

Wow, I saw luz's comment about you knowing how to play that keyboard and his comment was spot on. Great talent and skill!


thank you very much! it's great you liked it! That is the intention to make good music for the enjoyment of all!

awesome man, just awesome... hearing it on MSPWaves as I type.

Very good man

some hot fingers on them keys great piece... fantastic skill

Excellent man. You've got some skills.

Amazing piano playing skills @jetperalta

You made it to my top list this week. Check out the full review here

I'm a big Chick fan and that was a fantastic improv, my friend.

Buen trabajo, mi pana!