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Wackou witness thread

I would like to offer my services as a Steem witness.

About me

An experienced C++ and python developer in the field of music analysis and real-time audio processing (and occasionally sysadmin), I have started dabbling in crypto in 2013 and since then have been absolutely fascinated by it. After understanding Bitcoin, I quickly moved to other cryptocurrencies that, albeit younger and not as established, had the freedom to move and innovate faster. I settled during the summer of 2014 on the nascent BitShares project, and have been a witness (delegate at the time) since then. Not only have I been convinced by the technological superiority of BitShares, but the vision and the ideals aligned perfectly with mine, and the concept of DAC profoundly resonated with me. I have also been a Muse witness since the chain launched, and for all that I have learnt by studying graphene (the generic blockchain framework on which BitShares, Muse and Steem are based), I would like to give back by contributing code and helping build an infrastructure for these networks. All the code I write can be found on my GitHub, as I believe in open source / free software as a better way to develop software.

My Mission

Obviously, I plan to operate a reliable witness with as little downtime as possible. However, I also want to contribute to making the network as secure, safe and efficient as possible.

A bit of history: during the first days of BitShares, being a witness wasn't as easy as it is now, and forks like the Fork of Joseph were dime a dozen at times (anyone remember the 0.4.25-0.4.27 versions? ;) ). This prompted me to start writing a couple of scripts and tools which I soon decided to package, document and release properly as the bts_tools python project. I have since then expanded its scope and functionality to all graphene-based chains and try to cover all the tasks that are expected from a witness. For more details, please refer to the documentation on ReadTheDocs as well as the release post for 0.4, which is the first version to support Steem.

I am also currently running the following seed nodes:

  • bts: seed.bitsharesnodes.com:1779
  • muse: seed.bitsharesnodes.com:1781
  • steem: seed.steemnodes.com:2001

You can also look at the live status of the seed node which runs the bts_tools monitoring web app. There you can see that the server also runs seed nodes for the BitShares and Muse networks.

So if you would like to have me as witness and support further development of the bts_tools python package, please vote for witness wackou by using the following:

vote_for_witness <your_account_name> wackou true true


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