The Get To Know Me Show - Thursday 11 October 2018 [recording] with @surfermarly, @creatr & @cryptocurator

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This week I had a special one-off show - The Get To Know Me Show with guests @surfermarly, @cryptocurator and @creatr.

This show idea grew out of The Get To Know Me challenge from @anomadsoul.

@surfermarly produced her challenge post and then in turn nominated myself, @creatr and @cryptocurator.

We decided to make a show out of it.

The Challenge Posts

This is Eric @anomadsoul's original challenge post :

Here is @surfermarly's post that kicked it all off :

And @cryptocurator's...

And @creatr's...

And this is mine...

My DSound Picks of the Week

Mingled in with the discussion I played a number of my top picks from DSound this week including...

This recording is also available on YouTube

This show is kindly sponsored by DSound.

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Hi @pennsif,

Thanks so much for hosting this lovely show.

I really enjoyed getting to know you and @cryptocurator and @surfermarly a bit better.



Thanks for coming along. I really enjoyed doing the show. It was good to get to know the three of you.

Thanks for putting on the show it ran like clockwork - I appreciate these must take a lot of putting together - good to #gettoknowyou a bit better. Cheers

Thank you for coming on the show - it was a most enjoyable and interesting show.

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