* Are there differences in intelligence between MEN and WOMAN?

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Have you ever wondered if, women should earn less than men because they are weaker, smaller, less intelligent. " These were the statements made by a Polish MEP just a year ago. Unfortunately, we have all heard some unfortunate and documented comments that compared the intelligence of men with that of women.

The most widespread popular belief says that women are better in terms of letters, while men are better with mathematics. But ... what scientific basis does this comparison have? Is it true that there are differences in intelligence between men and women?

Men and women, who are smarter?

Some researchers have criticized the fact that sex differences are studied, because they believe they can promote false stereotypes and prejudices. In this sense, we think that prejudice also exists in the absence of data, so that research is the only way to separate myths from facts. This was what, in general terms, Diane Halpern, an American psychologist, stated when asked about this topic.


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The truth is that most studies conducted in relation to differences in intelligence point in the same direction. Based on the results of these studies, it has been observed that there are practically no differences in intelligence between men and women. In some these small differences are in favor of men, and in other cases in favor of women.

To study the differences in intelligence between both sexes, different instruments have been used. Some of the best known are the Cattell Factor g or the Progressive Matrices Test. But none of them has found a significant and systematic difference between men and women. However, what was found was that these similar results in the tests were sometimes associated with different patterns of brain activity. While women used more areas of the brain in charge of processing speed, men resorted more to the decision-making areas.

Differences in intelligence in specific skills

Above all, it has become clear to us that there are no differences in general intelligence between men and women, but what happens if we talk about specific subjects or fields? Are there differences between men and women in mathematics or in verbal tests?

In this case we could say that yes, there are significant differences. It has been observed that women are better at verbal tests, word knowledge, paragraph understanding and processing speed. On the contrary, men are better at spatial tests, sciences, arithmetic and mechanical understanding.

In addition, there is another important fact: the differences found do not seem to be maintained over time. If the trend is analyzed, it can be seen that these differences are decreasing: the average scores obtained by men and women are equal. It is at this point it would be logical to ask ourselves if the differences in specific aptitudes are really due to a lack of aptitude or simply to stereotypes. Can women obtain lower scores in mathematics because we have been discouraged / unmotivated to study subjects of this type? Can the same thing happen to men?

Differences in intelligence: Flynn effect

The Flynn effect gives name to a curious phenomenon. The truth is that if we compare the results of intelligence tests two decades ago with the results of those that are currently happening, we detect that in many places on the planet, if not all, the IQ (IQ) of the population has gone up. A phenomenon or effect that could be explained by global improvements in food, education, or the tendency to form smaller families.

For example, taking mathematics as a reference, it has been seen that both men and women have improved markedly in recent decades. In addition, as we have said, this increase has meant a decrease in the differences, so that, as far as mathematics is concerned, the improvement in absolute numbers has been greater in the group of women.


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This evolution of the results points, therefore, to the fact that these differences may be due to a cultural rather than a genetic origin. If this were the case, it is our responsibility and that of educators to stop promoting stereotypes and start motivating men and women equally, making it easier for them to decide for themselves what they want to study.

As we have already seen, the differences in intelligence between the sexes are very small, if not nonexistent. It is true that differences continue to be registered in specific skills such as verbal, spatial or numerical; but it is no less true that these differences seem to be smaller, which in some way would rule out a genetic explanation of them. If so, as a society the truth is that we would be playing a very important role for these differences to exist and it would be in our power to work to make them disappear. Let's take part in it.

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Well my friend, you know I am a fan of your posts since a few weeks I saw one of them. I am truly happy that finally somebody pay attention to you and can give you more reward with his upvote than me jejejeje (I always feel bad about that because your post deserve more) but well let's give you another comment telling why I love your post!!

"There is something we need to keep in mind always, machism!! Considering that a few years ago men were "better than women" but not because they were, men didn't gave the opportunity to women to demostrate their potencial, and as the years pass through there were more men that started giving women the opportunity they deserve and open their minds and change it.

But regrettably nowadays machism is a fact we need to fight. But is a relive that is just a little percent.

I Think intelligence doesn't pay attention to sex, age, race or culture, intelligence came with hardwork and sweat, came with knowledge and the need of learning everything we do not know and when we accept that we are not the best our intelligence became wisdow (yes like your other post) and we are available to improve, and learn more.

Another thing to keep in mind is the environment and experience, sometimes the titles and degrees are smash by experience, because books don't always have the answer. World is always changing and we need to change with it or be discontinued.

In a few words, there is no difference between man - Woman and nobody, everybody can be intelligent if they want it, or be an athlete, anything you want, you just need to focus on it and don't pay attention about sex, race, age or culture, just people with the same capabilities"

Thanks for your posts @joelgonz1982

wow... you were inspired to write your comment .. I appreciate that you like my publications, I know that you are a faithful follower and as you say to me too, I'm sorry to not have the power to vote to reward my little followers that follow me in all my publications .. since my low vote value to 0.01 $ with the favor of God and my effort everything to change and my faithful followers will be well rewarded.

don´t worry my friend everything is gonna be ok!, I hope someday I could join to your project! I´m from caracas!

gracias.. el proyecto esta parado por los momento por falta de recurso.. todos los gasto en material lo estoy sacando de steemit, ya el local donde voy hacer el proyecto esta listo falta lo mas importante las computadoras.. que es lo mas caro..

Ojalá estuviéramos más cerca tengo algunas cosas que te podrian servir

face: joel s gonzalez j agregame

pasame un link no te encuentro XD

la foto de mi perfil es la de mi papa.. que en paz descanse

I'm afraid it's not that simple. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. They're from different worlds and it's not possible to compare between their intelligence)


Nice coincidence, I was googling the same subject a month ago and here I am reading this great post by @joelgonz1982, courtesy of @cryptogee!!!
I would refrain from taking sides here because I believe that there is far too much that is yet to be discovered and studied about human brain. Human brain is the evolution at its best and it's a black box. There is so much that we still don't fully understand. Most studies claiming men to possess higher IQ are based on limited test subject and limited social and cultural diversity...plus the assumptions upon which the studies are based are
So instead of making hasty claims of some gender possessing higher average IQ, I think a caution should be taken.
I came across this amazing article...

In the new study, a team of researchers led by psychologist Stuart Ritchie, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Edinburgh, turned to data from UK Biobank, an ongoing, long-term biomedical study of people living in the United Kingdom with 500,000 enrollees. A subset of those enrolled in the study underwent brain scans using MRI. In 2750 women and 2466 men aged 44–77, Ritchie and his colleagues examined the volumes of 68 regions within the brain, as well as the thickness of the cerebral cortex, the brain’s wrinkly outer layer thought to be important in consciousness, language, memory, perception, and other functions.
Adjusting for age, on average, they found that women tended to have significantly thicker cortices than men. Thicker cortices have been associated with higher scores on a variety of cognitive and general intelligence tests. Meanwhile, men had higher brain volumes than women in every subcortical region they looked at, including the hippocampus (which plays broad roles in memory and spatial awareness), the amygdala (emotions, memory, and decision-making), striatum (learning, inhibition, and reward-processing), and thalamus (processing and relaying sensory information to other parts of the brain).
When the researchers adjusted the numbers to look at the subcortical regions relative to overall brain size, the comparisons became much closer: There were only 14 regions where men had higher brain volume and 10 regions where women did.
Volumes and cortical thickness between men also tended to vary much more than they did between women, the researchers report this month in a paper posted to the bioRxiv server, which makes articles available before they have been peer reviewed.
That’s intriguing because it lines up with previous work looking at sex and IQ tests. “[That previous study] finds no average difference in intelligence, but males were more variable than females,” Ritchie says. “This is why our finding that male participants’ brains were, in most measures, more variable than female participants’ brains is so interesting. It fits with a lot of other evidence that seems to point toward males being more variable physically and mentally.”
Despite the study’s consistent sex-linked patterns, the researchers also found considerable overlap between men and women in brain volume and cortical thickness, just as you might find in height. In other words, just by looking at the brain scan, or height, of someone plucked at random from the study, researchers would be hard pressed to say whether it came from a man or woman. That suggests both sexes’ brains are far more similar than they are different.
The study didn’t account for whether participants’ gender matched their biological designation as male or female.
The study’s sheer size makes the results convincing, writes Amber Ruigrok, a neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom who has studied sex differences in the brain, in an email to Science. “Larger overall volumes in males and higher cortical thickness in females fits with findings from previous research. But since previous research mostly used relatively small sample sizes, this study confirms these predictions.”
Ruigrok notes one factor that should be addressed in future studies: menopause. Many of the women in the study were in the age range of the stages of menopause, and hormonal fluctuations have been shown to influence brain structures. That may have played some role in the sex differences noted in the study, she says.
The controversial—and still unsettled—question is whether these patterns mean anything to intelligence or behavior. Though popular culture is replete with supposed examples of intellectual and behavioral differences between the sexes, only a few, like higher physical aggression in men, have been borne out by scientific research.
For the moment, Ritchie says his work isn’t equipped to answer such heady questions: He is focused on accurately describing the differences in the male and female brain, not speculating on what they could mean.

It's a very interesting article.. thanks for sharing

I am glad you liked it...I am here first time on your blog and I loved your writing style...
I also hope you understand me sitting on the fence on the matter of gender IQ difference, I simply don't take sides until there is some concrete evidence.

if I understand you, friend ... each person has his own personality and that makes this world wonderful... both men and women think very different

The Book "Men are from mars women are from venus" is on my list...
Have you read it????

I have not read it friend ... I'll have to look for it to read it ..


I don't think there is much difference between the two. Being a medical student and a voracious reader of anthropology and sociology, I don't see much difference.
It is the socialization, exposure, schooling, number of previous experiences or any "genitic manufacturing defect" that makes some people more intelligent than others irrespective of sex.
Certain races used their superiority in previous but was proved wrong with time. Colonial period British were thought intelligent now what today. Post colonial period Amarican are believed, will they be in future.
I don't thik males have any genitic makeup better than females. If Stephen Halking was not having some systemic disorder I don't think he would have been much successful.
It is the experience of past what makes you the intelligent. The reason also behind the male dominance because he may had it confronted many times in his life than a female.
It has been proven if a male child is kept isolated he will behave like animal. Will not be able to even stand or speak, where goes his intellectual behavior that time.
If it is there I think which could be because of maternal genes not from paternal one though I myself refute with any of these cases.
On the lighter note I can see more accuracy and. Precision in the decisions of females than males but I will repeat it will always be the man who will seem intelligent because of patriarchy as well as more exposural experience.

Great article.

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This is an in-dept, thought provoking and well researched post, the rating and measurement of the intelligence level of one sex against another has sometime ago caused a serious argument which eventually went unresolved in the organization in work.
Personally, I think men are better in arithmetic and technically inclined fields than their female counterparts. This believe however has no scientific evidence as its was deduced from analysis of my environment.

Again, I know that there are a lot of factors that must be considered before a generally accepted and evidence based conclusion could be reached.

In general, the majority of men and woman have similar levels of intelligence. The way the acquire information and process it may be slightly different but doesn't make it any more of less than the other.

I do feel however that the bell curve on intelligence is much sharper on men than with women. Men occupy the outlier areas of intelligence and dominate both spectrums of extremely low intelligence as well as extremely high intelligence

I also think that intellegence is only a base but the way it is nutured by the person and their surroundings ultimately leads to how intellegent he or she can become.

I like your point of view. Thanks for your comment.

As much as I would like to think that intelligence is not a question of gender. I still believe women have more intelligence because my own view is that intelligence means asking the right questions while knowledge means giving the right answer. So the point is that women are more inquisitive , tends to ask more questions( even though few may be wrong but they are enough to trump men in that area) and this can also be linked to their high IQ, even scientific findings support this claim as they argued that women brains are 3 times bigger than men's own.

On another note, I feel men are more knowledgeable as they tend to make up for what they don't know. Thanks

I recently read an article that speaks exactly what you are saying, and a comment that was at the end of the article called my attention: women develop more intelligence, because in their youth they are more careful to study and feed the brain with great information, while the man in his youth is more pending of women and games and try to be popular at school or university .. Note not all men are like this ..

Very true not all men are like this but in the game of numbers women edge it out

mereka mendapat banyak wanita Asia yang dipilih secara acak untuk masuk ke dalam dua kelompok. Mereka memberi setiap kelompok tes matematika yang identik,

if you comment in English it would be great

they got many Asian women who were randomly selected to fall into two groups. They gave each group a math test identical,

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