* Everything is very difficult before it is very easy *

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We have all wanted to incorporate something new into our lives, but we have said the phrase "this is very difficult!" So many times that we have finished putting aside the new, to continue with the "old". Instead of continuing to try, we throw in the towel with an overwhelming ease. We do not realize that everything is very difficult before it is very easy.

Incorporating new habits into our lives is very positive. Learn something new, too. However, despite being aware of this, it is hard for us to get out of our routine and introduce some change. It is as if we find it hard to leave our comfort zone, the one we have built over the years. But if we look back, we will realize that nothing has ever been easy for us from the beginning. Everything, absolutely everything, has been an effort and a difficulty to start.

                       The learning process

If we look towards our first years of life, we will realize that we learned to walk, to speak, to add and subtract, to write ... Can we imagine throwing in the towel at those moments? It was very difficult for us to perform all those actions. We fell, we made mistakes, it was hard for us to internalize the knowledge ... However, now, they seem to us the easiest.

"Difficult. That is the word from which we sometimes cling so as not to try the possible ".

  girl with violin thinking that everything is very difficult

At the beginning, many challenges seem complicated because we have to go through a learning process. A process in which our willpower, our motivation, our desire and the goals we want to achieve come into play. Let's think about when we get our driver's license or motorcycle license. How difficult it was at first to attend to so many things at once! However, now we do everything almost without thinking, automatically.

Why after seven falls to learn to walk we continue trying, but for once we fail in a project we abandon it completely? Over the years, we seem to resist learning processes. We look for the easy, what costs us little work and what does not suppose a radical change in our life, although we know that it would benefit us.

We do not realize that the difficulty is normal due to the novelty, lack of knowledge and lack of experience. However, we get fed up with saying "I can not do it", "this is too much for me", "it's very difficult", "I'm not going to get it". If we can learn to speak, write, drive ... Why are not we going to be able to do this? What is the difference?

Everything is very difficult if we say "I can not"

The difference lies in the excuses we put ourselves for not introducing into our lives what would take us out of that automatic way in which we sometimes live. An automatic way that makes us experience every day without tasting it, without news, sure of what we are doing because it is the same, without much effort ...

However, sometimes we are under the obligation to undergo a learning process. Either get our driver's license, take a course that force us at work or make a master to specialize in a particular issue that will open more doors. In these cases, despite the difficulty we managed to persevere and achieve this goal. Why? Because we managed to get past that point where the difficulty stops climbing and we begin to take control of the challenge we face.

If we abandon the learning process, the difficult will never become easy.

Everything is very difficult if we say "I can not" or "I will not achieve it". Thus we self-sabotage, perhaps as an excuse for not getting what would do us so much good. This happens when, for example, we try to leave a bad habit (stop smoking) or when introducing something would change our routine (meditate every day).

We tell ourselves that we can not do it when in truth it is not like that. We would have to say "it's not that I can not, it's that I do not really want to". Because in our comfort zone we are very comfortable, without major worries, without major efforts. Start meditating, go to the gym every day, try to quit smoking, sign up for a writing course ... Everything If we realize, many of the challenges in which we throw in the towel have to do with our personal growth and with our own Health. It is as if we did not give importance to ourselves, as if we left ourselves in a second place by making excuses not to do what would be so good for us. Introducing new habits is something that costs. However, the benefits they bring are enormous. Because, although everything is very difficult now, it is normal for it to become very easy over time.

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the most dificult thing Its the first step, once you do it each step became easier, it is all in our mind!!!

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