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There is an old aphorism that says that the gesture does not lie. Words and even actions can communicate something imprecise or that is not true. However, gestures escape the conscious control of most people, show the most authentic that we carry within and are able to reveal if the other is interested in us.

But sometimes it is not so easy and we can not decipher the other's attitudes or interpret their approaches. It is then when it is worthwhile to notice their gestures. That way we'll know if he shows interest.

For this, we tell you what are the gestures that reveal that someone is interested in you. Pay a lot of attention.

                                      The eyes

It is a gesture that lasts at the most a couple of seconds. But it occurs without exception when a man is in  front of a woman he likes. Lift your eyebrows a little and open your eyelids as soon as you see it. But only if you are very attentive will you be able to perceive that expression, since it changes rapidly.

But there is another sign that is closely related to the eyes and indicates that the man is interested in you. When there is attraction, the pupils dilate. A reaction that, in this case, has nothing to do with the amount of light in the environment.

                                       The lips

The gesture on the lips is another of those movements that occurs for a brief moment. But it is also very common when a man is in the presence of a woman who attracts him. It will slightly open its mouth. It is, according to popular language, as if it were "speechless". Of course, it is not an exaggerated or continuous expression.

                                  The posture

If he likes that man, he will be a little more upright in your presence. He will take out his chest a little and adopt an attitude as if he were showing off. If you put your hands on your waist, do not hesitate, you bring it flying.

                                 Self stimulation

Without realizing it, that man who likes you will be hypersensitive when he is with you. Unconsciously it will reflect what floats in your fantasies. That is why it is likely to touch your chin, cheeks or ears, as a way of expressing your desire to be caressed. It is also possible that he speaks in a somewhat more serious and strong tone.

                             Exploratory looks

For men it is difficult to be really aware of the visual inspections that they do to the woman they like. It is possible that you look in great detail at your face, or that you look from head to toe when you stand up. You can also be very aware of what you wear or the movement of your hands.

"We can have all the means of communication in the world, but nothing, absolutely nothing, replaces the look of the human being."
-Paulo Coelho-

                    The clothes get in the way

Playing with clothes is an unconscious expression of the desire to undress. If he likes you and thinks about you sexually, he will most likely play with the buttons on his shirt, with his tie or with whatever else he has on him. If you take off your jacket every time you are with you, you can sign that you feel at a point where your clothes are in your way.

  He is interested if there is more than kindness

A man who is interested in you will have chivalrous gestures that are not too usual. For example, it will gently take your elbow to guide you as you enter somewhere. You can also put your hand on the curve of your back when you walk by your side. As if you were going to escape and he wanted to keep you. These gestures are signs that he definitely likes you. And a lot.

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let me tell you that when I meet my girlfriend! I new I like her because her eyes told me!! I always said that to her!!!

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