Psychopathic Shit That Humans Do Without Thinking - # 1 : Fishing

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This is the first episode in a series where I will attempt to shine a light on some really fucked up things that humans do, without questioning the morality of their actions.


Episode One: Fishing For "Sport" or "Leisure"

Imagine, if you will, that it is a beautiful morning. The sun is out and the sky is entirely blue, with not a cloud in sight. You are on the way to see family or friends, perhaps even on the way to work, when you notice a £50 note sitting on the floor..

You glance around to see if you can catch a glimpse of who dropped it, but there is no one in sight. You decide to pick it up, but the moment your fingers clutch the paper to lift it off the floor, a large, sharp hook latches on to you, piercing right through the palm of your hand.

Before you have even had the time to scream in agony, the hook begins to be pulled and you are dragged onto a nearby beach and into the water, where you - still in serious pain - cannot breathe and begin to panic.

After being pushed and pulled about for a few moments by a giant hand, and with you certain that you are going to die, and in fact eager for it because of the pain and discomfort, the hook is ripped out of your hand and you are thrown back out of the water onto the beach.

Does that sound like fun? I don't think so. More so, it sounds like an event that would traumatize you so much that you would never be able to look at, let alone touch a piece of money again.

Now I ask you to consider, how is that any different from what happens to a fish, another living creature, when one sticks a piece a bait on the end of a hook and throws it into the water?

I think if you give it some serious, unbiased thought, you will come to the conclusion that it's not so different at all. Except that the hook, in the case of the fish, goes in a far more uncomfortable place.

In spite of this, fishing is a very popular leisure activity among humans. Some do it for food, which I suppose, I can understand from their perspective. But, I simply cannot empathize with the man or woman who would consider fishing as something "fun" to do. And especially not the man or woman who would teach their child to become oblivious to basic morals by urging them to do something so fucked up in the name of "fun."

I would like to point out, that I have been fishing before in the past. Though, I never much cared for the fishing part. It was more a social thing, and while my friends were fishing I was typically having a smoke-out in the tent. But, I will not pretend that at that time it was morality that prevented me from fishing. I'm fairly certain it was just that I found it to be utterly boring.

Just like you, and probably every single person you know, I too had my sense of morality skewed by society, and it was only after years of questioning myself and retuning my moral compass that I began to think about things such as this. I think we all owe it to ourselves, and to one another, and to every fucking living thing on this Earth, to question the things we do before we do them.

To any that would justify this brutal, heartless activity by asserting that fish have shitty memories and won't remember the trauma, I should alert you to the fact that fish having short memories is a myth. A myth, that I suspect, was purposely pushed onto society to usher us to this point of inhumanity.

The next time you consider going fishing to kill a bit of time, I ask you to ask yourself;


If you believe that the fun you will get from it is enough to justify the the trauma that the creature on the end of your rod will have to endure, then my friend, you are a cunt. Truly.

In Episode 2 We Will Talk About Wreckless Procreation

Resteem to spread the word if you agree.


I have no problem with fishing for food.

But I've thought the same thing about the sport fishermen. And their attitude about their superiority is disgusting in this light. Great analogy btw.

Claiming the don't remember, don't have pain or other excuse is how they feel better about what they do. People say chickens have pea brains and don't remember too.

I call bs on that one too because I have chickens that run for the gate every time they see my truck come home because they know the first thing I do is get out and give them my apple core from lunch.

Yes, there are countless myths about animals being far dumber than they are. Hard not to suspect that the meat industry is behind these myths. If animals are just dumb fucks, then they are surely meant to be nothing other than food..

It's kinda funny, you make me think about the past generations. They ate meat, but treated the animals better over all I think.

Now you are making me think of the native Americans. They supposedly use every part of the animal for one thing or another in order to honour its life, and pay for its death.

Them for sure, but even the animals raised for food were treated better 75 years ago. Cows would roam and graze, that 's what cows do, and when their time was done, they had had a good life, doing what cows do.

Today the animals are treated horrendously in cafo's which I won't go in to since you're doing a series it could be one of the things you have planned. And cows are fed corn, which is not their normal food and it's probably GMO corn too. Their lives are miserable.

I think every part of the cow is used for something too, like the Native Americans, but the difference is they way they have to live.

You're entirely correct. Clearly I spoke without thinking. I am sure that corporations are using every part of the animals. If they do not feed them to one another, they take everything they are not legally allowed to sell to humans and mash it up to make poison that they then market as "quality dog food."

It actually really bothers me that I am forced to be a part of the meat industry, because I have a large puppy, and I cannot be sure that that vegetables will provide him with everything he needs to grow. But, I would never buy him that cheap shit that they claim to be "food."

We, as a people, eat an awful lot they tell us is food that is not. As long as it tastes good people will eat it

I used to be a fisher, and meat eater. But then I developed more self-awareness and knowledge about principles of psychological life, like morality. Looking at how dogs and cats are well treated, having had an animal companion, I saw the hypocrisy of treating some nonhumans morally with care, but others with disregard for their right to life and being free from our harm, as we simply kill them to eat their dead bodies, carcasses and corpses when we don't need to. It's madness once you look at it with eyes open.

Death-dealing is what we do. Billions and billions of nonhuman animals have their lives extinguished just because we deem it so. Doing the least harm we can, because we can, is a good way to stop doing many things because we can stop doing them. Just as slavery was accepted, there was a better way to live free from inflicting harm on other psychological beings that were of the same species. We can recognize the emotional and psychological lives of nonhuman animals as well.

I know, man. It's really fucked up. I'm actually doing a post on the meat industry later, but, it isn't just that. The amount that are killed in the name of science is still astronomical, and still no better in my opinion.

I have never done fishing in my life but I can so connect with what you have said... Don't know how people will take it but I, for one completely agree with this! Kinda surprised and happy that some people think this way too!

Well I suspect that many will disagree, and perhaps it may even lose me a few followers. But, I have never let anything stop me speaking my mind before, and I'm not about to start now. If it stops even one person from fishing in future, then it was time well spent.

I too am glad that I'm not the only one who thinks this way. Thanks for your comment.

Admire your attitude, really :) Keep this up @son-of-satire :) Looking forward to more !

I completely agree with you. I've never been a big fan of hunting or fishing for sport. It just seems wrong in my eyes. Thanks for pointing this out!

You know, your image has given me an idea. Adding human characteristics onto illustrations of fish being lured towards bait, perhaps with their families near by and shit.. Could be an interesting way to start making people think of things from this perspective. Thanks a lot!

That sounds awesome man, would love to see that!!

You may very well see one in a few days!

I'll be giving you half of any liquid rewards that post makes too, for inspiring me.

Hey thanks buddy I appreciate that! I'll resteem this post as well as that one :)

that's totally true its insane thanks a lot for spreading it keep on posting ;)

Cheers, mate. I intend to.

Great article, that is exactly why I don't fish :)

Glad to hear it, mate. Thanks for reading.

Fishing for sport always seemed retarded to me. I do remember as a kid wondering how freaked out the fish must be while going through that while watching fishing shows where they always "catch and release."

Sort of like an alien abduction. "hey, you won't believe what happened to me today!"

Loved this post!
As I said I was going to help get u noticed so I featured this article in my newest post of "MUST READ ARTICLES".
Keep up the great work!

Excellent piece! When so many of the 'catch and release' fish die from the effects of being hooked and yanked from the water, the pain/brain argument becomes slightly less relevant.

Ever heard of Maslow? He made this pyramid/hierarchy of human needs. Though this is nothing new I think about it often in cases like this. Basically the biggest human needs like food, water, sex, sleep, etc. come first and when u have those needs more or less in check u can go higher. Like need for safety, friendship, family, confidence, self-esteem and on the very top u have creativity, moral, etc.

To round things up …. U can’t moralise if you are hungry. Makes sense right? If you are hungry all you think about is food and don’t really give a damn about other stuff or people. I highly doubt I’d be writing poetry if I was starving for days.

The thing about morals is they can be very helpful in the eyes of society … they keep us in check but let’s turn the coin a bit … they are also one hack of a chain round your neck. And they keep on adding up and up and up. We got to a point where we can’t even say certain words because it is not moral to use them no more. I mean even you had to “excuse yourself” for stating your opinion on the subject. Did we get to sensitive or are our azzes just to full of food, water, sex and sleep … so all that is left is to moralise? :)
Do I think sport fishing is a bit stupid? Yes. But I also find going to the gym stupid – but I go regularly. :) Wouldn’t it be just better if I went in the woods and idk … chop wood? Two fly’s at once. Have wood and exercise. But there is no need. Lots of needs were left out and all there is left is doing stuff for fun fun fun. :)

Great post. Followed and upvoted.


Obviously I agree with this. It's hard to imagine anyone reading this and not seeing your point. Okay, that's a lie, I can easily imagine it, I just don't comprehend it. ;)

No one really wants to look at the simple fact that in order for humans to survive, something else has to die. Whether that be an animal, a fish, a bird, a piece of fruit or a plant...
If we want to live, something else has to perish.
But then again, it's pretty much that way for all species. Even plants have to consume microbes through their root system.
It's called the Circle of Life. Be a part of it, without the guilt being thrust upon you...
It's not psychopathic to eat... :)

If you're going to send a smart arse comment, you should probably read the post first...

Very interesting point... I never had much of a problem with fishing, but switching the perspectives does make it seem pretty fucked up.

A similar note is anything involving eating Lobster... boiling the animal alive!! Holy fuck, that is cruel! Even though I have eaten lobster before, I'm getting pretty uneasy about it now.

Yes, you're right. Boiling lobsters is fucked up. But, compared to a lot of what goes on in the meat industry, I think being boiled alive over a period of a few minutes sounds like an easy way out.

True. At least it's not a lifetime of torture.

See your post mentioned here

Unless you plan on eating the wildlife, leave it alone. Try going for a walk instead. It's a better way to pass time.

I like your post and the discussion that started inspired by it! Thank you a lot!

refreshing post, thank you @son-of-satire! All life should be treated with respect even if we're going to eat it and I don't hear nearly enough people considering their actions in this way.

Yes. I have a theory that the meat industry is directly responsible for almost everything wrong with the world. I will write about it soon, but in essence, babies are introduced to this brutal shit before they can talk, and it just sets them up for a life of misunderstanding what is right and what is wrong. So it's no wonder that so many of us grow up to be out for ourselves and have so little compassion compared to what we should have.

You may be on to something here!

Fishing for sport may seem pointless and brutal and I can see where you are coming from. Harvesting seafood is one of mans earliest activities. Humans have loss their connection to their food as it has become unneccessary to survival. What have we lost in the process? I believe that when people go sport fishing it is their way of connecting with nature while still maintaining their modern perspective. Many sportfisherman believe that they are avoiding cruelty by catch and release. I harvest fish, shellfish, and crustaceans daily and it is the one thing that keeps me dialed into the pulse of nature in this distracting world.

Well as long as you are dialed in, who cares about the plight of the living beings that you are terrorizing? Your need to feel comfortable is far more important than theirs- so I totally understand.

I harvest fish and shellfish as a means of a living wage, to support my community, and to provide a nutritious protein for humanity. As a hidden incentive I have gained an appreciation for ecology and a deep care for the creatures I take. Everything you eat has a story and I feel the best when I eat the food that I harvest myself! Their is always some sort of "plight" for living creatures or ecology as a result of consuming anything.

For someone with such a high state of consciousness, you sure do come off like an asshole to your fellow people, unless of course they agree with you. at the end of the day, when the power goes out, the world is hungry, people who know how to hunt and fish and forage will live much longer then you and your plant eating friends. of yeah, how would you feel if you were this cute little carrot, all of the sudden your ripped from the ground by your hair, roots hanging out and all connection you had to mother earth was ripped away. then you get eaten by a psychotic snowflake that thinks you dont feel pain or are to stupid.

Seriously though, you are just as guilty for eating mother earths many offerings as me or anyone else. Get over yourself, your not better then me or anyone else who decides to harvest their own food.

Also, you obviously are not a scientist, biologist or anything that would justify the bullshit you wrote above. do some homework before criticizing large masses of people. or expect some recoil.

Go to youtube, Type in PBS EONS, and learn about plants, im sure you'll be vomiting before you know it.

Thanks to this post, I have made up my mind to start publishing both fishing and hunting content. I was worried about people like you bashing on it, but since this is an immutable blockchain, you simply cannot stop me. just as you cannot hide this comment from the public.

Son of Satire, Please grow up and smell the rosses, or umm I meant...the fish!

It doesn't appear that you read the post as closely as you ought to have.

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