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RE: Psychopathic Shit That Humans Do Without Thinking - # 1 : Fishing

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I used to be a fisher, and meat eater. But then I developed more self-awareness and knowledge about principles of psychological life, like morality. Looking at how dogs and cats are well treated, having had an animal companion, I saw the hypocrisy of treating some nonhumans morally with care, but others with disregard for their right to life and being free from our harm, as we simply kill them to eat their dead bodies, carcasses and corpses when we don't need to. It's madness once you look at it with eyes open.

Death-dealing is what we do. Billions and billions of nonhuman animals have their lives extinguished just because we deem it so. Doing the least harm we can, because we can, is a good way to stop doing many things because we can stop doing them. Just as slavery was accepted, there was a better way to live free from inflicting harm on other psychological beings that were of the same species. We can recognize the emotional and psychological lives of nonhuman animals as well.


I know, man. It's really fucked up. I'm actually doing a post on the meat industry later, but, it isn't just that. The amount that are killed in the name of science is still astronomical, and still no better in my opinion.