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RE: Psychopathic Shit That Humans Do Without Thinking - # 1 : Fishing

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I have no problem with fishing for food.

But I've thought the same thing about the sport fishermen. And their attitude about their superiority is disgusting in this light. Great analogy btw.

Claiming the don't remember, don't have pain or other excuse is how they feel better about what they do. People say chickens have pea brains and don't remember too.

I call bs on that one too because I have chickens that run for the gate every time they see my truck come home because they know the first thing I do is get out and give them my apple core from lunch.


Yes, there are countless myths about animals being far dumber than they are. Hard not to suspect that the meat industry is behind these myths. If animals are just dumb fucks, then they are surely meant to be nothing other than food..

It's kinda funny, you make me think about the past generations. They ate meat, but treated the animals better over all I think.

Now you are making me think of the native Americans. They supposedly use every part of the animal for one thing or another in order to honour its life, and pay for its death.

Them for sure, but even the animals raised for food were treated better 75 years ago. Cows would roam and graze, that 's what cows do, and when their time was done, they had had a good life, doing what cows do.

Today the animals are treated horrendously in cafo's which I won't go in to since you're doing a series it could be one of the things you have planned. And cows are fed corn, which is not their normal food and it's probably GMO corn too. Their lives are miserable.

I think every part of the cow is used for something too, like the Native Americans, but the difference is they way they have to live.

You're entirely correct. Clearly I spoke without thinking. I am sure that corporations are using every part of the animals. If they do not feed them to one another, they take everything they are not legally allowed to sell to humans and mash it up to make poison that they then market as "quality dog food."

It actually really bothers me that I am forced to be a part of the meat industry, because I have a large puppy, and I cannot be sure that that vegetables will provide him with everything he needs to grow. But, I would never buy him that cheap shit that they claim to be "food."

We, as a people, eat an awful lot they tell us is food that is not. As long as it tastes good people will eat it