Monomad Challenge - il duomo firenze

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Back with a #monomad challenge entry. This great challenge created by @brumest and hosted under the @monochromes account.

...from a distance


This shot of Il duomo is taken from the gardens of the Palazzo Pitti. I think Firenze (Florence) is my all time favorite Italian city just in front of Rome. We have been here four times now and will go for another visit this summer, the vacation to Tuscany is booked for August.
Can't wait to go to this beautiful Italian region once more. Besides a visit to Florence we will be visiting the old town of Luca once more ass well as Sienna (will have a look is we can visit here when the horse races are held). And to finish this visit we will be staying a night in one of the cinque terre towns, this will be a gift from me to mu girlfriend. Can't wait to visit bella Italia once more.

Have an amazing day!

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Thank you so much @photofeed

Finally you are back, @tijntje 😊 - you have been gone for a while, but you have returned with quite a nice photo. It looks very good in black and white.

Everybody loves Rome and wants to go to Rome, but I like the other Italian cities more, as there would be Milan or Pisa and a few more, which I have visited quite some years ago. I have never been to Florence though.

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Thank you so much @johannpiber. Indeed I had a busy period and some lack of inspiration for posting. But I will be posting more and more from now on.
To be honest I like most Italian towns as they all have some beautiful old historical highlights. The combination of lots of historical places and no traffic in the food centre makes florence our favourite.

It's good that you are back, and I can understand you, because I need to motivate myself often enough 😉

I haven't been to Italy for many years, apart from my short visits near the border. We used to make holidays there before our children were born and also until they didn't want to build sand castles anymore. Then we switched to Croatia where the water is clear and everything is cheaper ;)

But I like these town as you say, and when I will have enough time when I retire I want to travel through Europe and visit also these beautiful towns in Italy, and I won't forget Florence.

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Neem there ITS such a beautiful place and great capture I actually like this more than in Color it’s more dramatic like Italians when they talk

Hoe is het met de mooie katten

Thank you so much! And a great comparison you made :D

Ja gaat super met de dames, wou vandaag weer wat shots maken van de dames.

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Beautiful black and white photo! The buildings are magnificent and the mountain view in the background is wonderful. Great shot! ;)

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