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If you missed the Multiplier Update visit this post to see all the details.

With the new changes running for just over a week we are still observing how the new system affects our VP and rewards for all Qurator members. So far all has been pretty positive, but we will have to make some temporary adjustments while we are still polishing the new system.

We are going to list some updates and changes in this post. Please be patient while we get the system up and running to its full potential.

Updates and modifications

Moving SP

We still need to move all our SP from @qurator-tier-1-2 to @qurator. We will do this in small increments over a month, we can't take the full 30K SP in one go since it will put way too much strain on @qurator's VP.

Competition prizes lowered

In the past competition upvotes were equivalent to a 500SP delegation. With the new system it meant an upvote from a 5000SP account (500 X Mx10 = 5000SP). It is much higher than in the past, thus we will be decreasing it to 3000SP upvotes for 30 days.

This will apply to Photo Friday, Tasty Tuesday, and Toss up Thursday.

Note: Previous winners will not be affected, only the new winners.
This is still a decent vote of around $0.07 for 30 days (at current rates).

Multiplier and our Voting Power

Currently we are draining our VP a little faster than we hoped for, this in turn makes the Multiplier's value lower. Even though we are giving a Mx10 upvote with the VP being lower the Multiplier is not effectively 10. We need to find a balance to where our VP is recovering a little faster.

We will be tweaking the Multiplier a bit while we are adjusting the competition prizes, moving around the SP from @qurator-tier-1-2 to @qurator, and finally finding a new balance where our VP recovers a little better.

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If I put y'all back on my auto upvoter, can I pick back up where I left off?
A couple of months ago, in a fit of pique (thinking I was going to leave
Steemit altogether) I turned off all my auto upvotes for @qurator and @MAW.
I can reinstate them, for all the 1¢ my 100% upvote is worth

Yes you can, but the upvotes are calculated differently now. They are not assigned to any Tier like before. You can vote with any amount from $0.00 to $0.70/week and it will be multiplied by 1.1.
If you vote with 100% and the total value is less than $0.14 you will still receive around 0.02 upvote from us (Qurator) back.

I just checked, (had to reset my PW for Steemvoter) and I never changed, I have been upvoting @qurator and @make-a-whale at 100% all this time.
Never stopped.
MAW informed me that I must delegate 150SP now, so I will remove that upvote.

MAW is not a part of Qurator.
I just checked and we didn't not receive any upvotes from you in the previous week and there are 2 votes received from you this week. Those votes will be calculated on Monday.

When I checked in on my Steemvoter account, it was behaving
Very oddly, so @furious-one suggested I abandon that one
And move to the new beta, which I have done.
I don't know about the double upvote,
But you are getting 100% upvote
On POSTS. Now, I don't know
How many POSTS @qurator
Makes per day, so I hope
you won't bankrupt
Me ha ha

Thanks for keeping us posted on the Multiplier.

Our pleasure :)

Thanks for ongoing work on the system and updates @qurator

Hopefully it will all set and work smoothly :) Still few days of adjustments ahead of us.

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