Reggie Middleton responds to my post about "Analysis of the Veritaseum Scam"

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on Steemit about how I thought Veritaseum is a scam. I was a 10 day old Steemian at the time...had very few followers (time flies when you're Steeming!). I got a few responses from active users that were for and a few against my opinion of Veritaseum and Reggie Middleton. I also got 2 responses from accounts who had never posted before ( @GetRichFast and @CBCalkins).

It seemed a little suspect to get pro Veritaseum responses from brand new accounts, but I moved on from that post because that was about 3 weeks ago.

If you want to read my original post, you can find it here:
Analysis of Veritaseum Scam

Who Cares?

Yesterday, I get a response from a user called @ReggieMiddleton who had also never posted before. The account was created about a year ago though. I am not sure if that is the real Reggie Middleton (founder of Veritaseum) or not. His comment to my post is below.

Below is the reply I got from @ReggieMiddleton

So, do you usually have a picture of a mostly naked white man at the end of your other articles on tokens and asset? If not, what prompted you to post this picture. Your bias is thick. Let's address your assertions. You start the article off with character attacks and unfounded asertions.
You state that our website is 95% fluff, yet there are literally 100s of pages of analysis and dozens of hours of video, and the legacy site has close to a thousand pages of content and relevant material. I don't see where it is lacking in content.

You say there is very little information of the stock exchange idea on the website (although I don't know what idea you are referring to). Yet, there are over a hundred blog posts on it over three different properties. In addition, the value trading app was up and running in the wild for nearly three years for all to use. Fake news, no?

You comment on what the website looks like. Does anyone of consequence truly care? Are we in the website business? You never mentioned anything that counts, even once. Did you comment on existing or historical revenues? How about margins? Any IP protections? Patents filed? Proprietary tech? What clients do we have? Strategic partnerships or relationships? What assets do we posses? No, instead, you'd rather discuss what the website looks like.
I feel that speaks for itself.

You don't seem to understand the value trading platform at all since you are consistently referencing stocks, but if you don't understand the plaform, how can you pass judgement on it?

You mention that I was on CNBC twice. Fact is was more like a dozen times, which is irrelevant. What is relevant is that I've proven my mettle with most appearances. I've won the CNBC Stock Draft Investment Challenge every time they had it - by a large and increasingly large margin.

I have also called over 86 moves publicly, including some of the biggst in modern history.

Your technical valuation is meaningless. Our volume of 2.5M daily on a (what you refer to as) rinky dink exchange exceeds the volume of other tokens on larger more liquid exhanges. That's bullish. In addition, it doesn't matter what the trade volume is when the fundamentals reign supreme. We make money and land large clients. You compare website design, but not value generating capability, yet you declare your name-calling missve a forensic analysis?
Further, you state the the Gnosis report was cut and paste from the website when in actuality it was a 26 page report that introduced an advanced and utilitarian valuation model - not the rudimentary "marketcap" that you refer to.

I took the time to respond to your character assination, musculur naked black man with a tiger appendixed "forensic analysis" because I want those who may be unfortunate enough to fall for your attacks as analysis to learn to ask real questions, and not rely on people's opinions of website aesthetics when juding a business or ongoing concern.

BTW, Veritaseum is currently the number 2 asset in the industry in market cap, the best performing token in the history of the industry, and probably trails only Ripple in revenue generation and only launced last month.

Veritaseum singed an MOU to enter into a joint venture and revenue sharing for what will be the best capitalized digital asset exchange in the world, slated to go live in September. This was introduced, with blessings to the Jamaican Central bank the Financial Services Authority (regulator). I even posted pictures of the meetings. Again, I welcome your scam challenge.

We're in negotiations to do the same with one of the top ten global exchanges.

Later this week, I will likely announce a HNW deal with a medical practice that demonstrates utility.

We're the most real token out there, website and all!

I don't know if that really is Reggie Middleton. I can't imagine why he would care enough to post on my blog that had 40 views.

If that really is Reggie Middleton, here is my response...

Spoiler alert, if you don't want to read anti-Reggie Middleton or anti-Veritaseum comments, then please stop reading.

  • First off, why do you care what a random, nobody, brand-new blogger on Steemit posts about your scam coin? My post barely got any who really cares?
  • The "white mostly naked man" in the picture that you are referring to is Mike Mutha Fucking Tyson. HE IS BLACK!
  • I still think your website is 95% fluff and it looks like a 90 year old designed it. What your website looks like does matter. You want to raise millions of dollars and want to be taken seriously, then act like presentation matters.
  • I see that you used GoDaddy to acquire your domain name Here's a free tip, hire someone to design your website. If you really want to use a GoDaddy website, then at the very least download one of their Joomla or Wordpress templates and make it look half way professional.
  • Yes, my bias is thick...if it smells like a used car salesman, looks like a used car salesman, sounds like a used car salesman, has a website like a used car salesman, posts like a used car salesman, then my biased opinion is that he is a used car salesman.
  • I didn't mention you were on CNBC twice, I said "a few". It doesn't matter though, my point is who gives a shit how many times you were on CNBC. They have a lot of guests on everyday. Being a guest on CNBC does not automatically qualify your ICO as legit. Neither does all of the other self proclamations you make.
  • You say you won the CNBC Stock Draft Investment Challenge every year they had it. Nice play on words! The particular contest you mention is a TV show contest competing against the other 5 or 6 CNBC TV personas. Only 5 or 6!! Who cares that you beat 5 or 6 people. Btw, every link or video about Reggie winning comes from one of Reggie Middleton's youtube videos or his blog. Nobody gives a shit about a TV show aren't competing against real people. You want to know who won the real CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge against lots of people? The first non-Reggie link I found says the winner was a waitress one year and a jazz musician the next year. Link is here:
  • You say my technical valuation is meaningless. Yes, the exchange that your coin trades on is rinky dink. It would be like you selling t-shirts out of your garage and proclaiming you are worth millions because of your sales volume. How do we know your buddy isn't buying your t-shirts, then walking around the back of the house, and putting them back in the garage? How about you get your scam coin on a grown up exchange, then I'll shut up.
  • The Gnosis report you posted on your website is cut and paste, playa. I read the 26 pages. The one or two pages that aren't cut and paste are your dumb ass revenue projections. Anyone that has taken a Finance 101 class would figure out that it's made up garbage. It has no value.
  • You keep talking about me attacking your character. Yes, I'll admit I did attack your character. You might be a nice guy in real life...but your online persona is of a douche bag. I'm not going to try and sugar coat it, I think you're trying to trick people...but nobody has to listen to me. I don't gain anything if people listen to me or not.
  • Based on what I saw from your horrible horrible YouTube videos and the lack of people talking about how your coin is a scam, I feel compelled to talk about it. Your videos really are terrible, and you are providing links so investors can see your vision? Why the fuck do you have a cheetah/leopard walking across the screen and a lady singing your name as the intro to so many videos? That shit makes me have no doubt that you are a scam artist, trying to sell over priced used cars to grandmas VeritiScam coin to unsuspecting buyers.
  • Nobody cares about the rinky dink revenue that you are claiming you will get. ICOs are not about revenue. And if they were about revenue, your coin would go bankrupt because your rinky dink revenue can't support the valuation.
  • Why is every video or article proclaiming Reggie did this or that posted by Reggie Middleton? Nobody else posts about his great successes. How many years has this guy been tooting his own horn?
  • In all seriousness, if the real Reggie does legitimately want me to shut up, then let's start with giving me a short paragraph elevator pitch on what your product is. One paragraph....not 26 pages and don't tell me I missed getting the keys to the internet in 1994.


I don't know if that was the real Reggie Middleton or not. I seriously doubt it is, because why would the real Reggie Middleton waste his time responding to a Steemit post from a new user that had 40 views?

If it is the real Reggie Middleton, then he needs to get some kind of a personal adviser. Would Vitalik Buterin or Dan Larimer respond to some no-name blogger? Hell no...they are busy doing actual work.

I do want to thank whoever is behind @ReggieMiddleton for letting me vent. This was great stress relief. If you invested in the Veritascam, then I'm sorry.


In your post you state: "I don't know if that really is Reggie Middleton. I can't imagine why he would care enough to post on my blog that had 40 views."

So uh, first off, you're undervaluing your own position. If anyone actually should care, then why shouldn't the real Reggie Middleton- (who it is very clear based on the language used in his response) the guy whose product and reputation you're dissing care? And if he shouldn't care then why should anyone else? You got to see the paradox there, no?

Well surprise, it looks like he does care. He sounds like a serious guy, with a long list of accomplishment in the traditional financial world that he brings with him into the crypto space. Seems like he rolls with a strong handle on what's being said about him online and actively invests some of his time in defending himself.

I haven't looked at the Veritaseum site or his videos and I probably won't get around to them any time soon because other people who I pay attention to, with high level awareness of what's going on in the crypto-space respect him and his work; and that's enough for me to want it to succeed.

As for the number of his actual appearances on CNBC, if you know anything about how public reputations are built and managed, then you'd know those things really do matter. You were disregarding the significance of his accomplishment as a noteworthy public figure in the financial world, and he called you out on it. And with regard to the stock picking contest, again you're dismissing the number of his opponents is an inaccurate assessment of the seriousness of the competition. He's not going against average Joes pluck from off the street, he's competing against 5 of the top traders in the industry, who appear on the network shows every day, because they live, breath and sleep financial trading. So try to come a bit more correct on the represent tip, ok?

Finally, what if the website isn't cutting edge design? So what if his video production quality is low. People that do big things in life and business sometimes let the less significant (read non-revenue producing) activities such as web design and video quality go incomplete. Yes it matters to some people, but it doesn't sound like you're bringing big (or any money actually) to the table. Plenty of people with real money seem to be flocking to Veri, and I don’t think they’re going to change their mind about it, because you said the website and some Reggie’s videos have low production value. Veritaseum is a significant accomplishment, both in technology and financial terms. Yea’s there are plenty of scams out there in crypto-land, but calling out the legit one’s for reasons with little weight to them, doesn't makes a whole lot of sense.

Hopefully you can learn something from the experience of getting called out personally on social media by a major player in the industry. Perhaps put more effort into your research, analysis and writings in the future. You know you can do better.

So you're saying you haven't actually done your own research, watched the videos, visited the website, etc. Sooo, what are we even talking about then?

"Mike Mutha Fucking Tyson. HE IS BLACK!"

Citation Needed. =)

"Would Vitalik Buterin or Dan Larimer respond to some no-name blogger? Hell no...they are busy doing actual work."

I'm not sure we should fault him for this, assuming it's true.

I suppose you are right. But, I would expect a conversation on the actual product...not more talk and word games about his past accomplishes (if you google any of these accomplishments, they are all videos or articles from Reggie himself).

Yeah, I can't argue with you there. I don't know much about him or the project, so I am just trying to be unbiased while I listen.

I think a lot of people in the crypto space have been told they are crazy, or involved with scammers or ponzis a lot. I tried to tell everyone I knew about Bitcoin in 2012. Not a single friend or family member trusted me, other than my mother. Most of them said those key words I mentioned above.

Anyone who is working on an altcoin has probably been called that a lot. It might make them more likely to try to justify their credentials, so people will listen to them. It doesn't mean they are right, but I can empathize with the desire to list some accomplishments or past right calls.

Thanks for your article on this topic. It's interesting. I see Crypt0 just posted a video about this too, might be worth looking at. Maybe even be related to seeing your article, haven't watched it yet.

Agree with you there...majority of my friends/family think I'm crazy for investing in crypto as well.

Checked out the crypt0 video. He's talking about how bigger exchanges are maybe keeping Veritaseum out because they feel threatened by it. Not sure I follow the logic though, because Bitshares is on the major exchanges.

He might be quite interested in your article if you can get it to him.

I, and probably most others, cannot prove that VERI is the real deal. However, do we have any indication that any of the blockchain assets are real? Iconomi, Gnosis, Golem, Augur? Are any of them headed up by a public figure? Do any of them have a working product? If so please let me know, I'm willing to listen. As for accountability, VERI and PPT are the only ones I know of that have a quickly approaching delivery date in August for big reveals. If they miss this we have a real world failure. I don't see that from the others in this space, those others could stall for who knows how long. So should I judge VERI any worse than any other blockchain asset? And if so, why?

I also like how Reggie was confident, and sometimes assertive, but never aggressive. His communication was mostly relaxed and lacked a passive aggressive undertone.

I agree with you on those that you listed, I try to stay away from speculating on projects that haven't been developed yet. But that's basically most of them.

To each his own as far Reggie's style. It turned me off so much, but it's subjective for sure.

Thanks for the comment and focusing on the actual issues!

Another Veritaseum zealot.. I can never make out if these guys are that bought in or are just shilling for Reggie. It's totally insane, Veritaseum has a maximum of 100 million coins at a price anywhere from $100 to $200 on Etherdelta. With a real marketplace and associated legitimate volume, that would put Veritaseum at essentially the same market cap as ETH. WTF?? All because Clif High says it's a winner?

90% of that guy's posts are about Veritaseum. I have to assume he works for Reggie?

I thought for sure someone would one good argument on this thread...but all I've heard is basically, "so and so told me this is gonna be great...I haven't actually done any research".

wow, i'm sorry for you if you haven't. I feel sorry for Poloniex and Bittrex and any other centralized exchange after Veritaseum goes live also.
I'll say this, people who got it at the ICO payed around $5 a token or less and most of them have already sold few tokens and covered their investment plus taken profits, now the coin has been selling steady through the crash at between 85 and 150 dollars.
In a world where there are things like 'useless ethereum token' and Dogecoin, you sound silly calling something like this a scam.

Reggie? Is that you?

LOL....he's everywhere!

I think it's a scam, you don't. That's okay...everybody doesn't have to agree on everything.

I don't know if it's a scam or real but I sensed a pump coming and got in and out and held a little just in case.
The point of my statement was, "don't feel sorry for people who bought it early and I do feel sorry for those that missed it and in this space you can get rich off a scam and poor off a good idea so what's the point in pointing fingers. BTW it's at $211.00 as I type.

I agree with you on that. You can make money off scams and ponzis. I just wrote about what I thought was fundamentally a crap coin. Just my opinion...what's wrong with me expressing my opinion?

Every post doesn't and shouldn't be a positive piece about how great a coin is...which is most posts.

nothings wrong with it, it's always easier to criticize something you don't understand than to take a chance on it.

I can apply the same thing to your statement. You are critizing my analysis because it's easy to do so.

disagreeing is different than criticizing, you are the self proclaimed critic, lol.
No hard feelings on my end, I am emotionally detached from my money and investments.

Hi @financialcritic,

I first came across Veritaseum in Clif Highs webbot report. It was stil in ICO-phase so I checked it out. I thought it was strange that Clif High was so into Veritaseum, because when I googlesearched I could not find much. The only thing I found was a not very professional website and some interview with Reggie Middleton which could not explain to me what I was investing in, would I have invested in VERI.

I was under the impression that there were 2 million coins in circulation. One million were being sold in the ICO and one million are in the hands of Reggie Middleton.

I decided not to invest because I had a bad feeling about it. Why is Dash labelled as a scam coin, because of a 10% premine of the inventer Evan Duffield and why is Veritaseum great when the inventor keeps 50% for him self? Why after 6 years he was working on this coin with no succes, than suddenly Clif High gives him a reference and the coin goes from $ 6 ICO price to about $ 200 in a short time.

What I believe is strange is that it's only tradable on Etherdelta. BAT for instance was tradable on a reputable exchange 30 min after it's ICO closed. All in all I am not convinced it is a solid investment.

Yeah...too much strangeness for me too. Smells bad.

That was fun. thanks for putting in the work. posts like this is why I think Steemit is going to do well.......after the summer slump in cryptos lol

It was good stress relief writing that one. I'm glad at least a couple people enjoyed it and agree.

Are you stressed from fomo?

Wow, what an exchange, haha. I was just starting to do research on Veritaseum - now I have your article to check out. Steem on fella!

I may have gone a little overboard with the road rage. Oh well!

Haha. It is blockchained now.

Reggie is well known has been interviewed many times, he's been on the Keiser report as well. Clif High says Veritaseum is one of the most important cryptos of the entire lot and will overtake Ether and will be $500 shortly and $5000 in a few years.

Our data sets continue to have Veritaseum rated as the real star of the crazy cryptocurrency 2017. It's luster will be outshone later, but does not fade as modelspace is progressed through the rest of this year and into mid 2018 (limit of anything laughingly like reliability). Stated another way, the data that describes the 'veritaseum' data sets first seen in late 2016 (in forecast form, that is to say with our predictive linguistics emotive engine – aka 'woo-woo') still maintains its current upward (emotionally) trajectory out to the limit of our view which is mid 2018.

As was forecast in previous bare naked Wealth reports, the Veritaseum tokens have both had 'private brokers', and 'rental pools' spring up. These trends are expected to continue until we have some (albeit minor to begin) social status for 'private crypto brokers', as well as 'rental agents' for the Veritaseum tokens. The data sets have extremely long range forecasts for both categories to be very lucrative professions in just a few years. And both show as involving Veritaseum at a core level for years.

It's highly unlikely to be a scam. I have followed this project from 2013/14, I could be wrong but I don't think so.

“ our predictive linguistics emotive engine..”

SMH at this. This whole thing has been targeted at people who have the most tenuous grasp on the internet, and indeed technology in general, and have no hope of understanding crptocurrency and related technologies.. in other word those who read the above sentence without their BS sensors going off. This is the core audience of this Clif High guy, Max Keiser, and their network of shills.

Do you do everything Clif High tells you to do?

Lets hope not. That wack job has been wrong about so many things.

I read his monthly Crypto reports and they are so accurate it's unreal.

and I say BTC will be worth 271,234.07 USD on July 27th 2018, ETH will be worth exactly 404,576.01 USD on April 3rd 2018 .... why? because ICAN! Which does not mean I will be right. As everybody can say anything and everything...
I would be way more interested HOW CliffHigh can back up his idea...
There is so many predictions about which Crypto gonna be how much worth in the future .... based on WHAT? ...
Or is it just to sound clever or like an expert? (maybe it is also a good marketing trick to get those who think they might have missed the chance when BTC was worth 1 USD..... and now they get greedy ....)

I think it is less important to shout out a number, but more important to understand the concept and the possible chance of a new technology. And maybe find real life cases.
An investment should be based on that. My opinion.

That may be just a tad OTT but I guess time will tell.

@financialcritic i don't think your a nobody and I'm glad we're friends on steemit.

I am also happy to see this dialogue. This coin is so overly hyped its hard to find someone who will take the time to analyse all the aspects of this venture. And why does the website suck soo bad? Sorry to say if the price crashes i will get a little bit purely out of fomo but as far as major investment I'm looking for more solid ground. Thanks for the post

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