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RE: Reggie Middleton responds to my post about "Analysis of the Veritaseum Scam"

in #money5 years ago

"Mike Mutha Fucking Tyson. HE IS BLACK!"

Citation Needed. =)

"Would Vitalik Buterin or Dan Larimer respond to some no-name blogger? Hell no...they are busy doing actual work."

I'm not sure we should fault him for this, assuming it's true.


I suppose you are right. But, I would expect a conversation on the actual product...not more talk and word games about his past accomplishes (if you google any of these accomplishments, they are all videos or articles from Reggie himself).

Yeah, I can't argue with you there. I don't know much about him or the project, so I am just trying to be unbiased while I listen.

I think a lot of people in the crypto space have been told they are crazy, or involved with scammers or ponzis a lot. I tried to tell everyone I knew about Bitcoin in 2012. Not a single friend or family member trusted me, other than my mother. Most of them said those key words I mentioned above.

Anyone who is working on an altcoin has probably been called that a lot. It might make them more likely to try to justify their credentials, so people will listen to them. It doesn't mean they are right, but I can empathize with the desire to list some accomplishments or past right calls.

Thanks for your article on this topic. It's interesting. I see Crypt0 just posted a video about this too, might be worth looking at. Maybe even be related to seeing your article, haven't watched it yet.

Agree with you there...majority of my friends/family think I'm crazy for investing in crypto as well.

Checked out the crypt0 video. He's talking about how bigger exchanges are maybe keeping Veritaseum out because they feel threatened by it. Not sure I follow the logic though, because Bitshares is on the major exchanges.

He might be quite interested in your article if you can get it to him.

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