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RE: Reggie Middleton responds to my post about "Analysis of the Veritaseum Scam"

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wow, i'm sorry for you if you haven't. I feel sorry for Poloniex and Bittrex and any other centralized exchange after Veritaseum goes live also.
I'll say this, people who got it at the ICO payed around $5 a token or less and most of them have already sold few tokens and covered their investment plus taken profits, now the coin has been selling steady through the crash at between 85 and 150 dollars.
In a world where there are things like 'useless ethereum token' and Dogecoin, you sound silly calling something like this a scam.


Reggie? Is that you?

LOL....he's everywhere!

I think it's a scam, you don't. That's okay...everybody doesn't have to agree on everything.

I don't know if it's a scam or real but I sensed a pump coming and got in and out and held a little just in case.
The point of my statement was, "don't feel sorry for people who bought it early and I do feel sorry for those that missed it and in this space you can get rich off a scam and poor off a good idea so what's the point in pointing fingers. BTW it's at $211.00 as I type.

I agree with you on that. You can make money off scams and ponzis. I just wrote about what I thought was fundamentally a crap coin. Just my opinion...what's wrong with me expressing my opinion?

Every post doesn't and shouldn't be a positive piece about how great a coin is...which is most posts.

nothings wrong with it, it's always easier to criticize something you don't understand than to take a chance on it.

I can apply the same thing to your statement. You are critizing my analysis because it's easy to do so.

disagreeing is different than criticizing, you are the self proclaimed critic, lol.
No hard feelings on my end, I am emotionally detached from my money and investments.

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